Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh...There You Are!

Everything seems to be 'puter problems because
of that silly worm!!
Getting my home ready for our Keepers at Home club meeting
so I'll be back a bit later tonight with a post about an awesome
riverboat cruise I took yesterday!!


  1. You seem to always do the nicest things!!! I'm happy there wasn't nothing to the computer worm also! Enjoy your time with your club, I'll check back in later!!!

  2. What a sweet little picture. I have a MAC and I guess worms don't like us which is fine with me. I will come back tomorrow for a river cruise.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  3. What a sweet little picture☺

    Don't take too big a sigh of relief yet. Dh is in the IT field, and one of his associates took a call this morning concerning the worm in a computer....

    Can't wait to see the river cruise pics!

  4. What a gorgeous picture dear Becky!! Have a wonderful cruise and I can't wait to hear all about it! Fiona x

  5. Such a cute picture:)

    Can't wait to hear about the cruise!

    Linda C

  6. I'm here and all went well with the 'puter! Looking forward to hearing about your cruise.

  7. Hmm. Keepers at Home club. That sounds interesting. What is that if you don't mind my asking. :)

  8. Hi Nightingale!! Can I put in a request?? Would you PLEASE consider enabling comments on your blog??!!
    I would love to be able to leave one before I end my visit!! Of course...I will respect your wishes for your blog...just a request!! :o)

    Keepers at Home is kind of like a Christian Girl Scout group, except it is founded on Biblical principles and teaches the gentle art of homemaking, as well as other creative and recreational things. Awards are earned and there are different age groups. I set my age group and it is 8-12 year olds. It's an awesome program, and we're having a blast. We are working on our etiquette award now and they will use their skills to put together our mother/daughter tea for Mother's Day. You can check it out at

    Blessings sweetie!!

  9. What a sweet image! Is Keepers a new thing? I have never heard of that????



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