Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh My My!

This last weekend rushed right by me!!
My head is just a spinning!!

Was yours good?

Mine was, but I was just a busy little Becky bee!!

I am getting set for the big day…

My Etsy shop grand opening!!

Be on the lookout for the countdown
to this most momentous day!! {the
good Lord knows how very long I have
waited for this!!}

And of course there will be a giveaway or two
or maybe even three…who knows??? 

You won’t want to miss the fun, that’s for sure!

I am loading it chockfull of all kinds of fall
wonderfulness and other kinds of goodies!! 

A couple more little sneak peeks for you!!!



The weekend was also a bit dreary…


lots and lots of rain…my little palm tree was even drooping!

So I took a wee break from shop stuff
to make my family some
lovin from the oven!!
Tollhouse cookies of course!!

They were pleasantly surprised…hubby woke up from a snooze
to the wonderful fresh-baked cookie aroma that filled the air!

That was Saturday…there are 2 cookies left.  Exactly why I don’t make them too often!!  HA!!!

SO sorry I didn’t get around to visit you gals!!  You know
I would be if it wasn’t for the flurry of  craftin’ that’s happening
to get this shop open!!  

Thanks for hangin’ in with me anyway!  As I have
always said,
“You are the best!!”

Have a joyful week!!
The countdown begins in a few days!!

Thank you so very much for helping raise my spirits the other day.  You are each so precious!

Love and big hugs,

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Needed This


Yesterday I was feeling kind of sad.  I was missing my Mom, my daughter Sam, my grandy Emily, and just the way some things
used to be. 

Do you ever feel like that? 

I don’t very often, but when I do, I get a bit weepy,
want to put on my slouchy clothes, have a
nice hot cup of coffee, and just recede into my surroundings.

It was such a pretty late afternoon that I do what I often do…
I went for a drive. 

There is nothing like chatting it out with Jesus
while taking in the beauty He created!

In the last week I have seen two spectacular cloud formations that
looked as if they were gateways to heaven.  They really did!  One was yesterday on my drive but I couldn’t snap a photo because of
traffic and no place to pull over. 

Oh how I wish you could have seen them!  They were truly amazing.

A little bit later on my way home I saw this…



And WAS able to snap and I just love how it came out!  I couldn’t believe that I captured it!  I took it quickly through the car window!!

God knows how much delight I take in His creation,  and I just
Oooo and Ahhhh constantly over it. 

I felt like He was showing me a glimpse of His glory when I saw this,
And felt His tender loving care for me and my aching heart.

Great God.  Simple pleasures.  Nothing better.
Hope your weekend is full of them!

I’ll be visiting with you over the weekend!
Love you lots!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not So Innocent!


Remember meeting this handsome little guy a
couple of days ago?


And my “one little acorn”?


Well, we left Mr. Charley out when we ran some errands, and when
we returned, my one little acorn had disappeared, and is still
missing!!!  Hmmm…..

Maybe he isn’t so innocent after all! 


He looks like he was already thinking about his little dirty deed, doesn’t he?  “Who me?” 

Fortunately, even though my prototype is MIA, look what I found
in my mailbox yesterday!!!



Oh can you hear my heart singing???

I ordered these from a wonderfully creative Christian artist named Michelle Palmer.  She currently has had some of her art made into a line of retail calendars, note cards, etc. and is just the loveliest person to do business with.

These little acorns are drawn on tiny discs of wood that are about the size of a nickel!   Each one is a precious work of art.  It was hard to choose which ones to buy…I loved them all!

Here are the others…the detail is amazing!

Michelle always ships your purchase quickly, and in her kindness she
also includes an extra little surprise in your package!!

How fun is that? 

Here’s my surprise this time


Two lovely aged tags!  And these are scented, too!  Love them, Michelle!

Michelle is continually adding new artwork to her Etsy shop, and it is always so lovely, affordable, and so very unique.

I’m not sure yet what I will do with these new little gems of mine,
but they sure make me smile!

I hope you’ll pop over and meet Michelle.  Be sure to check out her shop too!  I know you’ll love seeing what she creates!

Have a blessed day!  Time for school with Maddy!

Love ya!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning Cup of JOY!

I used to start Monday mornings here on my blog with
“Joy For Our Journey”.

Well, I am going to begin it again but have renamed it
”Cup of Joy”.

I start most mornings off with a cup of “Joe” and the
Word of God, so the new name just fits!  God wants to
fill our cups with joy today!


I read this morning in Psalm 37. 
Verse 8 popped off the page.

Particularly this part of it:

Do not fret—it only causes harm.

Hmmm….a command to quit fretting?
Could that mean I am sinning when I fret or worry? 
Well it certainly doesn’t glorify God, or actually
accomplish anything positive…ever!

FRET: to eat or to gnaw into; to cause to suffer emotional  strain; to vex, to wear, corrode, chafe or fray. 

Not too appealing, huh?
Are you allowing anything to VEX you?

I have to be honest…I have been…but today I gave it over.

When I saw the dandelion photo, I thought of all
of my cares just floating on the breeze…up and away
to the Lover of my soul; each care received by Him
and my burden lifted.  What bliss…what joy!


I love this little chorus:

I cast all of my cares upon You.

I lay all of my burdens down at your feet.

And anytime, I don’t know wha-at to do,

I will cast all of my cares upon YOU.

Don’t be vexed…cast all of your cares upon Him!
He will delight in lightening your load!

May your day be filled with loveliness and
your cup filled to the brim with JOY!!!

Big Hugs,


Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Little Acorn


Birds, pears, pumpkins, owls and acorns…I can hardly resist them!!

Not quite sure what the appeal is for me…but I LOVE them!

I have an oak tree in my yard, but the acorns are so very small.

So I decided to try and make some from fabric to scatter
about the house
and possibly put in my shop.

What do you think of my first acorn?  A bit prim, but
fun I think!


I am going to make them from wool and various other fabrics.
This one was a trial, and I didn’t make an effort to keep
my thread from showing.  The thread won’t show if I make any more.

Let me know what you think!!

Gotta run and get back to craftin’!

Love and big hugs to you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clean and Pretty Place to Create


When 24 yo daughter moved back in a few months ago,
all hopes for a ROOM to create in were kissed goodbye. 
It’s all good though!!

I have a lovely bay window in my bedroom, perfect
for a creative space!

I finally got all of my STUFF organized…
Can you believe it??

It started off —well, pretty badly!

All the stuff neatly stored behind the bench now…
well…wasn’t so neatly stored!
I had saw horses under the bench top!  UGH!
Then I remembered having these two little
cubby thingies and they were perfect to
replace the saw horses!!  But still not very
pretty to look at!


Then I remembered having fabric I bought
to make valances and pillows with at the old house.
Perfect for beautifying  my creation station!!


Still in love with the fabric! 

Now…organized and pretty, I can


without being in the middle of chaos!!  WOOHOO!! 

Close friend and blogger, Jess, at Jewels for the Journey
gave me this adorable sign, and arranged for me to
get the work surface from her Mom’s hubby a couple of 
years ago.  It was just awaiting it’s home!

And here is what it looks like now!


The big ugly white apparatus is my work light.  YES…I REALLY need it!

And here is my trusty bench buddy!  Those pens and bone folder are sticking
out because he has been trying to take them out! 

Charley is his name and he came back home with Mallory!!




Is he precious or what???

Most of what decorates my bench are special things from friends here
and bloggy friends. 

I feel like I get hugs from them all each time I
sit down to create!!

You knew there would have to be some birds around, right?

This pretty plate is from Liesa at Life By George.  She is such a sweetie and
a huge blessing to me!


I got this birdy at The Cabbage Rose, a fave place of mine located
in the Maggie Valley in North Carolina!  I couldn’t resist him!!  He’s
so unique!


A wonderful hanging heart from my buddy Nor at Life Blessings…she’s
a treasure of my heart!!


My beautiful handmade heart from Spencer over at Bellamere Cottage
She is one talented gal and a LOVELY person!


A few other delightful goodies….


A pretty handmade  scripture tag bought from dear Tami at A Girl’s Gotta Nest,
A pound cake candle from my buddy Nellie at Nellie’s Cozy Place…it’s almost gone…I love this scent, Nellie!
And a petite birdy pin cushion from Deborah at Deb’s Vintage Soul!  Deborah
gave one of these to each person at Claudie’s party. Soooo cute!

Everyone at Claudie’s party also got a pedestal plate made just for them by
no other than my sweet friend Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor.  It looks so great with some more goodies on it from Jess.


With all of the creating I am doing for my shop, I need to
be able to stay inspired, and this great new space to create in
makes it possible!!

When will the shop open?  SOON!!  As soon as I know…you will know, too!














Stay tuned…there will be more sneak peeks to come!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this  crazy year!!!
You all are the bestest!!
Love ya!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time to GO!


I read this quote this morning
and it really resonated with me.

Many times when we claim we are
waiting on God, He is waiting on us.

Does this speak to you at all?

Sometimes when God has said, “Go”, we
continue to sit, to bide our time.

Why do we wait when God says go?


Sometimes we simply over analyze things.
Sometimes our fears get the best of us.

The way may seem too narrow;
the odds too great to imagine taking
the risk.


And sometimes, we just can’t trust God
enough to lead where we can’t see.


Many years ago I was told that if we
observe nature, we will see that almost
nothing in nature sits still.


By God’s design, the very life of the
world He created for us to enjoy, is
constantly in motion.

Most things that sit still get stagnant,
erode, or are in the process of dying,
and end up withered and barren.


What if we always choose to stay where we “feel” safe?

All through the Bible God speaks to His people
telling them to GO!  Be on the move.

He has given us His power through the Holy Spirit
that lives in those who confess Christ Jesus.

He calls us to be conquerors.
Why do we settle for just barely skimming by?

Has He said “GO” to you about something?

He has to me, and I am GOING!! (after not listening
to Him for a little while) Thank You for forgiving
me, Lord!!

If He has said go to you, stop waiting
for more direction from Him…

Simply GO!  Get on the move ! Take
those first steps in the direction
He is leading and He will
guide you all the rest of the way!!

This life He has given us is an amazing adventure!

I don’t want to miss out on His best for me,
not even for a moment!!

Have a joyful Sunday!
Love ya!

Friday, August 6, 2010

WHAT Am I Thinking????


You know me…you know that I LOVE the summer and the beach and even the hot temperatures, so I ask…


What on earth am I thinking? 

I am thinking that…

There are only 48 days til

the first day of

What???  Where did that come from?

Did you say that?  I know I couldn’t have!

I don’t know, but since I am being tortured by this question, I thought it only fitting that I might torture some of you as well!  Isn’t that what friends are for?

Hope you can stand it!!  Let’s hold hands and jump in together, ok?  



Here goes!!



































{photos sources Country Living, Forest Wander, Univ of CO}

Oh the YUMMY goodness of it all!!

I can just feel it in the air this year.  I don’t know why, but I am already
noticing the changes in the sun’s position.  Maybe it is just my hope that hurricane season will come and go quickly without any consequence!

I don’t know…


Oh and HAPPEE FRIDAY ya’ll!!

Toasty Hugs,

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wishes and Misses

I didn’t author this, but this is my wish {prayer}for you…

A Day Just for You


A day of blessings filled to the brim,

a day of good things that come from Him.

A day of beauty, a day of grace...

a day of sunshine touching your face.

A day that keeps you in peace and rest,

a day that brings you all of God's best.


I have been feeling so very blessed, and
so thankful for the amazing love of God.

I have to tell you, though, that part of my
heart is 12 hours away and I have been really
missing these two more than I can say.


This is my Sam and her daughter Emily.
Things are moving along in their new location. I told
her I have been praying for God’s will
NOT for Becky’s will…as hard as that is sometimes.

My heart longs to have them back here, three minutes
away so we can enjoy beachin’ it together again, and
just hanging out.

Sam told me the other day that Emily was reminiscing
about being at the beach…how cute is that?

We talk often and that’s a joy for sure!


I have been hard at work on my upcoming Etsy store
and so much more.  I am so excited and so ready
for my grand opening!!  I’ll keep you posted!!!

Have I told you lately how precious each of you
are to me?  You sure know how to make my day!

Your friendships are simply the BEST gifts!

Lots of Love and Hugs!