Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh My My!

This last weekend rushed right by me!!
My head is just a spinning!!

Was yours good?

Mine was, but I was just a busy little Becky bee!!

I am getting set for the big day…

My Etsy shop grand opening!!

Be on the lookout for the countdown
to this most momentous day!! {the
good Lord knows how very long I have
waited for this!!}

And of course there will be a giveaway or two
or maybe even three…who knows??? 

You won’t want to miss the fun, that’s for sure!

I am loading it chockfull of all kinds of fall
wonderfulness and other kinds of goodies!! 

A couple more little sneak peeks for you!!!



The weekend was also a bit dreary…


lots and lots of rain…my little palm tree was even drooping!

So I took a wee break from shop stuff
to make my family some
lovin from the oven!!
Tollhouse cookies of course!!

They were pleasantly surprised…hubby woke up from a snooze
to the wonderful fresh-baked cookie aroma that filled the air!

That was Saturday…there are 2 cookies left.  Exactly why I don’t make them too often!!  HA!!!

SO sorry I didn’t get around to visit you gals!!  You know
I would be if it wasn’t for the flurry of  craftin’ that’s happening
to get this shop open!!  

Thanks for hangin’ in with me anyway!  As I have
always said,
“You are the best!!”

Have a joyful week!!
The countdown begins in a few days!!

Thank you so very much for helping raise my spirits the other day.  You are each so precious!

Love and big hugs,


  1. Hi sweetie, I'm so very excited for you Becky! The Lord so delights in all you do, can't wait to see His plan unfold for you. Wish we had been together this weekend, I could have used your joy.
    Love you lots girl.

  2. This is soooo exciting Becky! I love your sneak peek...

    Scott and I just said last night that our weekend flew by. But, we enjoyed every second!


  3. Good Morning Becky, Ok the other day you were talking coffee? and today it is those yummy cookies, OMG! just mail me one! Ha! So happy for your shop! I just know that God has got a wonderful blessing for you on this new journey! Believe it!!! Can't wait for the give-a-way. What fun!! Blessings for a Happy Week:).

  4. Oh, how exciting that your dream of a little shop is coming to fruition. I'm sure you will do great.

    Did I tell you that Gary and Garrett have an Etsy shop... for their woodworking. It's amazing...they've sold to Europe, Asia, and Australia, so they feel like an international company!!!

    And I understand what you mean about quickly-disappearing cookies. A have a teenage son in the house, and he seems to have an inward radar that tells him the very moment cookies are pulled from the oven.

    Have a lovely day, my sweet friend. And I'm rejoicing with you about your new store.


  5. Hi Becky!!
    what a delightful surprise!
    where have I been?
    Didn't know about your shop..
    But I do know now.
    It will be a smashing $UCCE$$!
    anticipation ..
    I'm just so excited for you!!..
    we'll have to chat more later
    warm sandy hugs..

  6. oh, what an exciting time for you! i can't wait to see the finished products.

    lovin' those cookies - would really taste great with my coffee right now.

  7. I am soo excited for you Becky!!! Can't wait to see it all...Just know it's going to be wonderful...the cookies look great..Have a wonderful week. HUGS

  8. can't wait for your shop to open! i'll be checking it out for sure! have a great week. i'm headed to maryland in the morning to spend a couple days watching kali teach communications classes and i am soooo excited! love you! alice

  9. Blessings, blessings on your much fun!!! Being creative is just wonderful and so lifts my spirit...and cookies too, well how much better can it get.

  10. How very exciting for you Miss B! May God bless your beautiful, creative hands.

    I'll be SURE to visit!

    Love to you~


  11. Yes, best of luck to you. I know it's going to be very special.

    BTW, could you send some of those cookies my way?

  12. Hey Beck,
    So are you a buzzing bee today or a tenacious bulldog???
    Thinking of you at 1:30am!
    I'm so tired but can't sleep =(
    And it's off to GRANDMA LAND early in the morning.
    I'll call when I return.
    Sending my love always, Jess

  13. Laughing about "Becky Bee"!

    It's going to be so fun to be a part of the grand opening of the etsy shop! I know that everything will be wonderful.

    And we can't keep a batch of Toll House cookies around here any longer than you can. Good grief!!

  14. Hey there lil Beckybee!
    You have been a busy gal!

    Congrats on your new Etsy shop!
    Looks like you have some fun goodies there!

    Wish I could have one of those cookies right now. lol They look delicious!
    Take care,
    Love Lea

  15. Hope your shop does very well, Becky! Those cookies look sooooo good.

  16. Hi Becky! I'm so proud for you!! The sneak peep at your wonderfulness looks great! Shoot! I was going to ask you for a cookie but I'll bet your hubby has eaten the last two! :)
    Thanks for voting for Chloe Dawn.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. Hi Becky,
    I can't wait to see whats in your store!!! How fun for you.. I have been thinking of doing a small ESTY shop.
    My goodness your cookies do look yummy. I just love, love chocolate chip cookies.. I turn into the cookie monster.LOL
    Have a sweet day, Big hugs~Elizabeth

  18. That is so cool! I look forward to your Esty shop opening. I now it will be good:)

  19. Hello!!!! So funny, I made the same cookies this weekend and my family went crazy over them! Glad you had a nice weekend. Can't wait to see your shop. Everything is always so beautiful that you've sent me. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on that beautiful bracelet you sent me! Enjoy!

  20. Hi Becky, Can't wait to see your Itsy Shop.
    The cookies? Have to turn the other way because of diabetic.
    I love to make homemade gifts. Working on several right now. I know you will do good.

  21. Just stopping by to say hello :)

    I hope your well and yet again your blog has left me smiling.

    Clare x

  22. Looking forward to your etsy goodies - how exciting! Blessings and hugs to you!

  23. Looking forward to the unveiling!!! You have my love and prayers dear friend!

  24. Hi Becky, I too have had a busy week working in our yard. An exhausting task and it left little energy for blogging.

    I am so happy you are getting close to your grand opening. I will be there to welcome you. I can't wait to see your crafty treasures.

    BTW, your photo of the sky is outstanding. Sometimes you just can't capture the look your eyes can see. This time you DID!!! Good job Becky.

    Love, hugs and prayers for you successful grand opening.
    Jeanne xoxoxo

  25. Hi Becky,
    I am so looking forward to your etsy shop, I know it is a dream come true for you. I knew you had to be up to something good,My best to you. YOU GO GIRL!! I am not gifted with my hands, but have the utmost admiration for those that do. It is truly gift from God.
    Much love,

  26. Dearest Becky,

    I am so remiss in catching up with you, one of my most favorite friends in blog land, I'm sorry. I think of you so often and I especially get that "blue day" you had a few weeks ago. I get them all the time too. Without technology I would have perished long ago of sheer loneliness and missing all our kids and grandkids. And my Mom and Dad...that is a whole other thing.

    Fortunately it passes and you feel better soon after one of those days. Since I missed you on that day a few weeks ago, here are lots of cyber hugs for the next time. {{{{ }}}}

    Stay close to the Lord and keeping making your beautiful art. It will make you so happy! I am so looking forward to your opening!

    Love you with all of my heart, Beck!

    Blessings, Bon

  27. Oh I am so excited for you and to see your upcoming new Etsy Shop and all of your creations. The little snippets here are beautiful. I just opened my Etsy Shop the last few days of May 2010. It's been a dream of mine also to have a place to show the creations I love making.

    Waiting in anticipation!
    Lee Ann

  28. I just love the little birdie! Hope you've had a very blessed summer, Becky! Hugs, Shyra :o)


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