Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smoky Mountain... "Idol"?

Hi Sweeties!! Ya'll just gotta know that it is killing me to
not be able to blab all about my family reunion!! much as I lack any real computer savvy,
I figured out how to post a photo on my
blog using my daughter's Mac!

GO ME!!!

Well, here is the "teaser"!!

Stay tuned for the whole story!! It's a hoot for sure!
Hopefully my 'puter will be back up soon!!

Love and HUGS!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig!!



We returned from my family reunion Sunday evening,
and have just been
settling back in here at home.

I simply must tell you that the cottage we stayed in was absolutely
dreamy, with a lovely view of the lake and the mountains...
ahhh... I can hear the birds singing even now!

I'll be on this Smoky Mountain high for a while!!

There was tons of fellowship and fun, but unfortunately
I can't share the wonderfulness of it all because
our computer is down with some wacky virus!
I am using #3 daughter's Mac and can't
upload photos or ANYTHING!!

So please be patient with me!!!

I sooooo want to share it all with you!!! Hopefully we will have our
'puter up and working by the weekend!

IN THE MEANTIME, I will be visiting you all as usual!!
It'll be great to catch up!

Make sure you smile today, and give some
lovin' to someone who needs a little, OK??

Love you all!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Willy!!!

I showed you a pic of this little guy last week
but I didn't tell you about him.

He is a Florida soft shell turtle, and his home is
primarily the water.
#2 daughter Mallory (23 yo) found him on our
property line on a 98 degree day. She said we needed
to "rescue" him and take him to the water. I felt sure
he could find his own way since the water is just up
the street from our house, but she insisted that we
must SAVE him! I simply couldn't pass up this
opportunity to indulge my daughter's sense of
responsibility for protecting this interesting

So...we discussed how to make this rescue happen!
We decided to put water in the cooler, turn it on it's
side and surely he would crawl right in, right??

This guy's neck when stretched out is about 8 inches
long so there was no way we were going to pick him
up and get bit!!

Much to our amazement...the plan worked.
We got him into the cooler, put the cooler on
a towel in the back seat of my car, and drove
around the corner to the lake so we could


Of course we had to snap a shot
of the rescue team in their moment of glory!!

Willy headed for the water immediately!!!

And returned to the surface briefly to show his
gratitude (I missed his head popping up,
but you can see the little ripples just above the
center of the pic) Quit laughing...this is serious
stuff here!! ;o)

So there you have it in case you missed it on the
headline news!!!


Have a great day!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bless Your Hearts!!

I just have to say that God has blessed me
with the creme de la creme of bloggy friends!
A very heartfelt thank you to all of you special
friends who commented, and lifted us up
before the throne!
We bit the bullet last night after coming up empty
handed in our search for good condition used washing
machines, and we bought one that was on sale
at Lowe's. We are in a time crunch, so it gave us
both peace of mind just to know it was
taken care of! Thank You Lord!!
And as far as my car...we still have no idea
what the problem is.


The bulk of it is solved for now! Our #1 daughter
will be using our #3 daughter's Scion for the trip!

Britt was so sweet and just offered the use of it!!
What a blessing to a mom's heart!
This little car is a blast to drive!! I feel like I'm
driving one of those short little busses!!
Thank you again for the blessing of being part
of your lives and for being such a lovely part
of mine!!!

You touched God's heart and mine!!
Love and hugs to you all!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have You Ever? I'm Sure You Have...

Well, here is the big question for today, Sweeties!
Have you ever had a time when you were excited
about something that was coming up, and were
busy with all the preparations, and one by one
things started to go wrong...
your money just kept flying right out of your
checking account?? $100, $200 or more at a
time?? A veritable FLOCK migrating to someone
elses account???

That is what is happening here!!

We have had more expenses recently than I
care to number, and my car, which our daughter
is suppose to be using for an upcoming trip is
ill and $260 later, is still not fixed,


Our washing machine just went caput!!

God is in control...this we know...

And are extremely grateful for!!


I covet your prayers for the repair of
my car, a great deal on a good washing
machine, new or used, and that the end of
this redistribution of our resources
would soon come!!

Ya'll are the best!!
Love and Hugs,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Hard Work Pays Off!!

When we moved into this home almost 4 years
ago, it didn't have a yard, sprinkler system,
was painted a yucky color, any landscaping was
old or dead and it had a huge
dead tree looming over the back yard! It was,
however, lovely on the inside!
Well, we fixed all of those things...painted,
added sod, shrubs, grasses, palms, and red lava
rock instead of mulch. We still have a bit more rock
to put in around the bay window area, and I want to add
more color than just my knockout roses,
(which you can't see clearly in this photo)
and it will be done!! YIPPEE!!

All the plantings are really beginning to mature
this summer and we are thrilled with how it looks!
I'll take some other pics of the full front of
the house with the cars out of the way
soon. We have a lovely crepe murtle "tree"
on the other side of the garage I want you to see,
but my camera batteries died!
The story behind acquiring this house is
a wonderful testimony of God's goodness,
and of waiting on the Lord. Almost every time
I drive into the neighborhood, I thank God for
His love and care for the details of our lives!


HUGS, Sweeties!

Monday, July 13, 2009

JOY For Our Journey~~Breakfast of Champions

Joyful Morning Greetings to You My Friends!
Hope your weekend was enjoyable and restful,
and that this day finds you ready to face with
God all that the week may hold!


I know that I am ready! WHY??
Because early this morning I consumed

Ohhh! You thought I meant this one, huh?
OK, well I couldn't resist this box with
adorable little Mary Lou Retton on it!!
Remember how she dazzled us all
back in the day?? All right...let's
get to the real deal!!

Well, I was referring to the REAL breakfast
of champions...

An early morning feast of God's Word, of course!!!
There is just nothing like sitting down with
my morning coffee and just gobbling up God's Word!
Let's look at the prophet Jeremiah for a moment.
In Jeremiah 15:10 this is what he says when he
is in anguish and being cursed by men...
Woe is me, my mother
That you have borne me
A man of strife and a man of contention
to the whole earth!

So in his agony what did Jeremiah do?
We find it down a few verses:


Verse 16

Your words were found,
and I ate them,
And Your word was to me
the joy and rejoicing of my heart,
For I am called by Your name,
O Lord God of hosts.


Is God's Word "joy and rejoicing"
to your heart?

If not, it can be!!
Too often we get busy with life, and don't
"eat" His Word daily. Then some crisis
comes and we find ourselves desperately
seeking Him.

Well, I prefer plan A!! Begin each day
feasting on God's Word and with

He is already wherever our day will take us,
and will prepare us for what it holds!


I don't think so!!!

It says in 2Timothy 3:17 that His Word
completes the man of God, and thoroughly
equips him for every good work.


Be sure to eat the breakfast of champions
(champions of God, that is) each day
and enjoy the sweet victory over all the
things in this life that can so easily
encumber us!!

We need our spiritual food as much as we
need our physical food!!

May your week be full of


Love and hugs,

Monday, July 6, 2009

JOY For Our Journey~~Our Extravagant Lord!!

Happee Monday, Sweeties!!

I am continually amazed by the
of our Lord!!
Let's see...
Ever stop to think
about how many things are
taking place in your body as
you are sitting sipping your
morning coffee or tea?
Hundreds, possibly thousands!!
Are you making them do that?
Did you know that scientists have
proven that each and every tree,
even of the same species, has different
DNA, just like we do??
Our amazing Creator fashions even
the trees one at a time, giving each
it's own God-ordained fingerprint!!
Oh the mysteries of God are far
too wonderful to even begin to

We can sure enjoy them!!
This week I want us all to
really take the time to look at
all our loving God has created
with new eyes.
Think about the absolute perfection
of all He has done, and meditate on
the Glory of God!!
Spend some extra time in nature,
and think about even your own
body and how He has blessed you
with life, movement, brains,
each breath you breathe!
I have included a bunch of
photos that showcase His Majesty.
I hope you enjoy looking at them,
and find joy in His
Truly the whole earth
is full of His glory!!

May you find joy inexpressible in
the amazing wonder and mystery
of the Lover of your soul!!
Love and hugs,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Why I Can Barely Move!

Hey Sweeties!!

Whatcha been up to today??
Well, I Can Barely Move!
Why, you ask?
Today me and hubby cut, raked, pulled down to
the street, loaded and unloaded at the dump
another 1/2 ton of overgrowth from two wooded
corners of our back yard!!! That makes a grand
total of 1 ton that we have hauled away
in the last 2 weeks!!
Silly me forgot to snap a before pic, but

This is what the left corner looks like now!!

Wherever you see sand...there were palmetto bushes
vines, and lot and lots of leaves and sticks.
It really was nice to look at, but will be even
nicer when we're done with it!!

This is a pic of the right side. We still have some
issues with vines to deal with here, a large stump,
a little bit of fence repair, and a couple of small trees
we will be taking down,
then I can begin designing the landscaping!!
YES!!! My favorite part!!!

All the brown stuff in the tree is dead vine!!

We have an additional 25 ft. of property behind
the fence that is designated as a conservation area.
This next picture shows the vine growth on the
trees behind the fence (that we aren't allowed to
maintain) and which consequently ends up in the
trees on the inside of the fence!!

So aggravating, but we're finally getting it
dealt with!

So there you have it. After doing major laps in the
pool, and 35 minutes of intense leg and
arm exercises yesterday...
I did this today, and now you know why

One thing I do like about aching muscles
is that you know you got a good work out!!
Tomorrow we are


What about you???

Love ya'll!!