Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Hard Work Pays Off!!

When we moved into this home almost 4 years
ago, it didn't have a yard, sprinkler system,
was painted a yucky color, any landscaping was
old or dead and it had a huge
dead tree looming over the back yard! It was,
however, lovely on the inside!
Well, we fixed all of those things...painted,
added sod, shrubs, grasses, palms, and red lava
rock instead of mulch. We still have a bit more rock
to put in around the bay window area, and I want to add
more color than just my knockout roses,
(which you can't see clearly in this photo)
and it will be done!! YIPPEE!!

All the plantings are really beginning to mature
this summer and we are thrilled with how it looks!
I'll take some other pics of the full front of
the house with the cars out of the way
soon. We have a lovely crepe murtle "tree"
on the other side of the garage I want you to see,
but my camera batteries died!
The story behind acquiring this house is
a wonderful testimony of God's goodness,
and of waiting on the Lord. Almost every time
I drive into the neighborhood, I thank God for
His love and care for the details of our lives!


HUGS, Sweeties!


  1. Beautiful, well-maintained, well-cared for home and looks like a much-loved one too! Kudos!

  2. Beautiful home. Love your blog title.

  3. It looks really beautiful!! I love it.


  4. i admire your hard work - you have a beautiful home and God is so good!

  5. Your home looks just beautiful Becky, may you know many, many more years of love, happiness and blessings under that lovely roof! You deserve it my friend! Fiona x

  6. It is really beautiful, Becky. I am a total house person...a roomie as opposed to a foodie I guess. A home speaks volumes of its owners I have found. Isn't it amazing how hard work and beauty often go hand in hand? Sowing and reaping we make our way through life and create our little heaven on earth.

  7. You have done wonders with the house & yard. It is so warm & welcoming. Sometimes it is so easy to ask why & in His way, He gently shows us the reason. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. what a lovely home..and you can sure tell that you care for it...the landscaping is beautiful...and I like the color you painted it...I'll be right over...

  9. This is when Before and After pictures can knock your socks off, but your After is just so pretty that you don't need a comparison!
    Is it possible to ever have too many flowers...don't even tell me if the answer is no...:o)??!!

    blessings and hugs,


  10. Hey, that's a nice place! Love the windows. :)

  11. Hi Becky! Your home is lovely!! It is sooo welcoming. I hope you'll show us the crepe myrtle when your camera is up and running. I always think they are so pretty. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my little giveaway. Your name is in the pot. : )


  12. your home is lovely, it looks very loved and cared for. I love crape myrtle, something so old tyme about it.

    Thanks for shairng your piece of gods earth with us.

  13. Hi Becky,
    What a goreous house. You have done a fantastic job, I cant wait to see more pics. It took us longer to get our house done (it still isn't done) and ours was a gift from God too.
    We need some before pics. Enjoy your day.
    PS - thanks for stopping by ;)

  14. Your house is beautiful! God is so good! Love, Elena

  15. Hi Becky, Love these photos-gives me a better picture of where you live. You've done a great job..kuddos to all of you. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I started reading this post the other night and was falling asleep while reading! I kept waking up and trying again and again and again until I just turned off the computer.

    So here I am today, 2 days later to tell you how pretty your house looks!! So completely different from homes up here. Ours is so rustic and yours is so manicured and elegant!!!

    Can't wait to see more pictures!! You're doing a great job!

  17. Becky, your house is so very pretty. Knowing how sweet you are makes it even nicer to think of how welcome any visitors must feel when they enter. I love the style, it's much different than any here in the corn!


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