Monday, March 22, 2010

Party On!!!

It was a picture perfect Florida day!

Blue skies as far as the eye could see!

A great day for a party!!!!

The view through my windshield on
I-95 headed myself in the car, {AMAZING!}
beautiful music playing...
anticipating meeting some wonderful
                               new friends and some beloved bloggy friends
and praying that we all arrive safe and sound!

And safe and sound we were!
                                       Our gracious hostess was no other
than the Quintessential Magpie herself...and let me tell you...
she is an ABSOLUTE JOY!!

She really decked the halls for a festive birthday 
celebration for a lovely bloggy buddy named Claudie!

Just look at the decorations...goody bags and all!
Perfection!  And yes!  We wore those blossom headbands!!
HA!!  What a sight we were!!

A close-up of the table settings....charming to the last detail!
                                              In true Magpie fashion!!

We all had a great time!  I'll show you in my next post
all the goodies I brought home!!

We walked to the restaurant, and
were treated to a delicious lunch by Mr. and Mrs.
Magpie, and then headed back to the house for dessert
and the rest of the party!!

I met my delightful bloggy friend, Jeanne, from Backyard Neighbor,
Deborah from Vintage Soul, a sweet gal named Lisa from AKA West,
and Teresa from Georgia who I think just started blogging!

We ate and laughed and laughed and ate! 
Mrs. Magpie served
up a wonderful chocolate ganache cake and we also
had a cheesecake that sweet Jeanne brought! 

Oh and I almost forgot...Stichin' Stella came along, too!
She had quite the time, but managed to stay out of trouble...
I think!
If you have never heard of her I will post a link so
you can see her visit with us when someone has some pics!! 

Sadly, I had to leave first...WAHHHH!!!...but I will be
in for more fun on Tuesday!  Mrs. Magpie, Claudie and Julie
are headed down here to my neck of the woods so
we can all go on an airboat ride and have dinner!!

What a treat!!
What a great group of gals!!

What a party that would be!!!!

Remember what I said...


So glad to have you all as friends!!!  You bless
me each and everyday!!

Have a joyful week!!
Love ya!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Full Heart!

Some pretty tulips Mallory got for her birthday...
just had to share them with you, sweet friends!

Yesterday I had the amazing blessing of gathering with
some bloggers I had never met in person!!

It was fantastic to say the least!!
My heart is full of joy!

I didn't take but a few photos, and none of them
were of these wonderful ladies!!  However, Julie,
from Canada, is a great photographer and took TONS,
so I might be able to post hers. 

I spent my time talking...imagine that...
and it was such fun!!  I'll share soon!!

Hope your "spring" is coming along nicely!

Mine is so busy since my new year started off
with surgery!!  But it is all good!!

Have a joyful week!!

Love ya bunches!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life!

Good morning sweet friends!!

Oh how I have been missing you all! 
I simply haven't had time to blog! 
Everything is a bit nutty around here,
but going well!!
Thank You, Lord!!

I am telling you what...never in my wildest imaginations
would I have EVER known the amazing blessings
that would be bestowed upon me through this thing called


I have made some incredible friends, had the privilege
of praying for you all, have laughed with you, cried with you,
learned from you...I could literally go on and on!

My life has been quite hectic lately, and when I got the
mail a few days ago, there was a delightful surprise from
my friend Liesa at Life By George!
She knows my love for birds, and enclosed 2 lovely
birdy things, including a plate with these on it!

Thank you dear friend!  What a joyful blessing and
encouragement you are!


I have, over the past ten years or so, been slowly developing
a deep love and appreciation for vintage things of all kinds!

The changes I said that are coming soon are centered
around this passion of mine!
It's the story, you know...the story behind each thing, no
matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Look at these buttons and this lovely pin.

I simply adore wondering whose clothing these may have
adorned!!  I practically squeal with delight at the
prospect of using them in a new and different way, and
helping others to appreciate the character and history
 of these charmers from the past!

Please pray for me as I work on all of this!
It is exciting, indeed, and I will share as soon as
I can.

I love you gals!!  Prayed for each of you this morning,
and hope that all is well in your heart, home, and life in general.

Have a blessed day, and thank you for all you add to mine!!

Bunches of Love,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Casting Call

I woke up this morning with this little chorus playing in my
mind, and it just delighted my heart...

I cast all of my cares upon You...

I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet

And anytime I don't know wha-at to do,

I will cast all of my cares upon You.

{Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.}
Matthew 11:28

He knows us each by name...

He is THRILLED when we rise
from our bed each morning.

We are the focus of His love
all day long.

Who wouldn't want to live for a God like that?

Do you know the love of this wonderful Savior?

If per chance you don't know this amazing love,
or would like to learn more about Him,
please email me anytime...

Praying that you meet with Him today, and truly


Love and hugs,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Share and Tell!

Happee Sunday, Gals!!  Hope you all have enjoyed a lovely day!!

I am excited to share with you a wonderful giveaway I won
from my delightful friend, Tara, over at New Day New Season!!

Tara is such a sweetie and is oh so very talented and creative!!

She makes pendants out of dominoes!!  How cool is that?
This is the one I won!

I have to tell you I LOVE it Tara.  I wore it the other day with my
jeans and denim jacket and it looked GREAT!! 

I know, a picture with me wearing it would have been much better,
and trust me, I TRIED, but they all came out awful!!

To prove it is indeed a domino!!

I also won this fused glass necklace made by Tara's sis.
The talent gene runs strong in their fam!!
I make glass beads so this is right up my alley!

And finally, this WONDERFUL wire and bead cross. I
have it hanging in my family room and it gets way too much
light for a really good photo, but it looks so pretty in there!

Tara made this, too!!

A close-up of the detail!  So cool!!!

Thanks so much Tara for hosting this awesome giveaway!
What a huge blessing!!
Hope you'll stop by and show Tara some

Have a joyful week!!
Love ya!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Fragrance Are You?

I came across an interesting question the other day...

What fragrance are you distilling into the lives of those around you?

photo: Country Living

Needless to say, this question captivated me.

I mean,  I would like to think that I am always dispensing goodness,

love, peace, and joy, but...

I don't think it would have STUCK with me if that were true!!

I talk a lot to our Keeper's at Home girls about how  important

the family is, and how God wants us to first be a lovely fragrance

to those we live with, and then everyone else.


Isn't it just so much easier to be wonderful to everyone else??!!

This little question has definitely made me examine more closely

my attitude in my home, and interactions with my family.

I have found that there for improvement!!

What about you, sweet friends?

Are you dispensing a sweet smelling aroma continually in your home?
(and  I don't mean that you have an aromatic candle burning!!) ;o)

May God have His perfect work in us and our homes!!

***I recently won a lovely giveaway from Tara at New Day New Seasons
that I am so excited to show you, but after I shot my photos, my
camera battery died!  As soon as I get it charged I will share!!

May your hearts be filled with joy today!!

Love ya bunches!