Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Fragrance Are You?

I came across an interesting question the other day...

What fragrance are you distilling into the lives of those around you?

photo: Country Living

Needless to say, this question captivated me.

I mean,  I would like to think that I am always dispensing goodness,

love, peace, and joy, but...

I don't think it would have STUCK with me if that were true!!

I talk a lot to our Keeper's at Home girls about how  important

the family is, and how God wants us to first be a lovely fragrance

to those we live with, and then everyone else.


Isn't it just so much easier to be wonderful to everyone else??!!

This little question has definitely made me examine more closely

my attitude in my home, and interactions with my family.

I have found that there for improvement!!

What about you, sweet friends?

Are you dispensing a sweet smelling aroma continually in your home?
(and  I don't mean that you have an aromatic candle burning!!) ;o)

May God have His perfect work in us and our homes!!

***I recently won a lovely giveaway from Tara at New Day New Seasons
that I am so excited to show you, but after I shot my photos, my
camera battery died!  As soon as I get it charged I will share!!

May your hearts be filled with joy today!!

Love ya bunches!


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning! This is a great post and I'm gonna try to be sweet-smellin' from now on!

  2. I would have to say love, kindness and loyalty. What a lovely "smell" that is.

    Hope all is well with you. Loving all the breaks of sun we are getting. Spring is on the way! Yippee!


  3. all the fruits of the spirit are on the top of my list of sweet smelling priorities!

    ciao bella....


  4. Hi sweet fragrance to the Lord, Becky you are a pleasing aroma in your life, in your home and to those who know you best. I am always blessed by talking to you-today's post was no different. Thank you for your wisdom-it so helped and I'm trusting and walking by faith, not by sight.

  5. Hi Girlie,
    That was a terrific post, and something we always need to ponder. Like you said it is so much easier to be nice to people for just a short period of time, than 24 hrs. a day. We sure need Jesus, don't we?? That is the only way we can do it, that is for sure!!
    I am pooped... I went to wally world and publix grocery shopping, then came home and put most of it away, then remembered I needed to do Jim's birthday card yet, so I got started in on that, at least I got the front and back done.
    So guess I will write the inside and sneak it in
    when I can get around the computer when he is not in here, that should be fun!! lol Since he
    works in here Thurs. and Friday.
    Hope Mallory is getting settled in well. Are the animals getting along any better?? Hope so.
    Love ya, Nellie
    Hope we can talk soon.

  6. Hey sweet Becky!
    I actually did a post last year similiar to yours. Great minds think alike?
    Sorry to hear about your camera! Hope you get it fixed soon.
    You feeling better these days?

  7. Becky I too have been thinking a lot about that recently. What is my aroma around here when no one besides my hubby is here to see it? Am I always the "smell" I should be? SIGH...I am afraid not. Much room for improvement I am thinking too. As for you, there is such a sweet smelling dose of sunshine and happiness coming from your blog page, it is one of my very favorite places to be. = )

    I have been soo sick these last few days with a BAD BAD cold and case of bronchitis. It has got me good, and I am all the way down. It has somewhat stirred my anxiety as well. Might be some of the meds they have me on. But I would appreciate a prayer to two if you get the chance. Thank you. Love from your wheezing, coughing, stuffy eared friend Deb who is trusting the Lord as always...

  8. Becky, I just love your blog and of course you! It is always like a breath of fresh air and very sweet smelling! It is better than an aromatic candle because it comes with your light within as well. Anyone who lives near to you is blessed, especially those withing the wall of your home! Home is where we should always share the very best of ourselves.

    Love and Blessings to you!


  9. Ooo!! What a good question and what a great reminder!! I fear a need to improve - I have been cranky lately - sigh - I just hate it when I get like that!!! But God is good and I know He is helping me to change daily!! I just love Him for that!! And I love Him for forgiving me for my crankiness!!! Thank you for the reminder in such a sweet and winsome way!! Hope your evening is wonderful sweet Becky!! As always, I am inspired by your joyful living for the Lord!!!


  10. Ahhh, the fragrance of Christ!
    May HIS grace, peace and hope "waft" from our lives!
    Blessings always ~

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  12. What a great reminder that we need to examine our fragrance in our home. Sometimes mine is good, but there is much room for improvement. Thanks for sharing. Jackie

  13. Phil odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God.

    Thanks for the post, what a blessing....your sweet fragrance rubs off on the others who know you!

    I thought of you alot yesterday...the kids and I went loafing in Tupelo. There are alot of butterfly and bird motifs out there this spring; everything from dishes to windchimes to pictures! All so springy and lovely. I thought of you each time I'd see a bird! See, your sweet fragrance is rubbing off!

    Thank you for the comment on KJV Blog Dir. God is surely good. And I celebrated my 45th birthday Monday, March 1. All we've done since last Sat. night is Meet and Eat! lol. I had a sensational birthday, one I'll never ever forget. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful. It was really very overwhelming and humbling!

    Hope you have a terrific Thursday dear friend.
    YOU light up my life!


    PS. Love the perfume bottles pic.

  14. Such a wonderful post and wonderful reminder! I try to be patiend with my family as much as possible. Occationally I get mad and feel bad for getting angry. I ask the Lord to forgive me and my family and I ask the Lord to help me and He does! Blessing to you today dear friend! Elena

  15. Hi Becky! It is so nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. I truly appreciate them.

    Reading through your blog, I find that you and I have much in common...our love for the Lord, 30+ years of marriage to the loves of our lives, 50s (although I am a bit older), Florida, homeschooling...etc. I look forward to knowing you better...

    As for your recent post... What a thought provoking question! Am I sweet smelling all the time? Do I always reflect God's grace and love? Sadly, I have to say NO. But I know that I am a work in progress. It's kind of like my paintings...with the first brush strokes, the foundation is begun...then layer upon layer, color is added.Each creation takes a lot of time...some rubbing out, some retouching, and some complete redoes. But with God as the artist, I know the end result will be beautiful!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  16. This is a great,thought-provoking post Becky. It's easy to take our loved ones for granted, and we need to guard against it. Have a lovely weekend dear!

  17. Hello Dear Becky,
    What a very sweet and fragrant post! I too need to examine what fragrance I am giving in my home.Thanks for reminding me to examine myself.
    I am so glad that things are settling down. I know your little furry friends had quite an adjustment, I know how territorial they are., we experience this all the time here on the farm.It is not fun when you are going through it with them, but once they have settled in you find the humor in their antics. lol.
    Thanks for coming by and visiting me, and as always your are such an encouragement to me.
    Enjoy your week-end,
    Hugs and Blessings,

    It has been to long since we chatted, Thank you for all of your well wishes and prayers.

  18. Here's the due explanation about scamorza Becky....

  19. the way things are starting out in our household this morning - i think i could work on that, too. thanks for reminding me :) love you! have a great weekend. alice

  20. Hello Becky
    Well only 8 more sleeps before Julie and I head out of here. I hear the weather is getting a little warmer : )
    You got me thinking this morning about "my home". I haven't been very good lately. I'm consumed with packing, arranging, getting food ready, dogs ready so when I leave, things might go smoothly. I should have a big old smile on my face, but I'm getting those frown lines on my forehead. Oh wait thats a sign of again LOL
    Can't wait to meet you on the 20th. I have heard only great things about you.
    See you soon.
    Please keep warming that State for me OK?
    Love Clauidie

  21. Wonderful thoughts, Becky! I always love visiting you, and I hope I am dispensing something like orange blossoms, but it might be more like burned toast this week. ;-) Thank goodness the Lord forgives us...


    Sheila :-)

  22. i love this post! its so thoughtful and lovely! as are you! thank you for your encouraging words my friend you are a blessing to me...

  23. It's so hard for me to figure out what fragrance my home or even myself is portraying these days. It's so hard lately. I'm sick again. Must be the stress. I'm trying so hard to hold it together that I think my body is just reacting. I went back to the doctor yesterday for this cough that will not leave my body. He gave me another antibiotic and it has made me so sick. I thought I was having a heart attack. Thankfully I read the paperwork from the pharmacy and realized it was just a reaction from the medicine and called my doctor and he ordered something else. But I haven't been able to do much of anything the past two days and this weekend is so busy for me. I just don't know if I can keep up.

    Anyway, back to your topic. I want my home to be one that shows that God is in control, no matter what else is going on, He is on the throne in this house.

    Great post Becky. Hope you're doing well. I think of you often.

  24. Well Helloooo Ms. Becky!
    That is a very thought provoking post. I want to smell like some fresh cut grass! I don't know that I've been a breath of fresh air to those around me. Might need to get the lawn-mower out and get some business done at the homestead! I just happened to watch the travel channel with Samantha Browna nd she went to Italy and had a custom perfume blended just for her. Just think, God put his unique stamp on all of us and we have our very own unique scent!
    Here's to the bouquet of life!

    Hugs, Nancy

  25. A very interesting post, something for me to really ponder.

    I've missed seeing you. Hoping to get back to blogging soon.


  26. Great post! Have a great weekend.

  27. At first thought I said Poem'. Then I read deeper, yes, I think we all can do more improvement, I had a lot of time to think, as I sure you have recovering from surgery. I see what I need to do to help my family, and for me to start a new beginning.
    I tried to call you to check in on you.
    I back where I can visit more. I also following one of my dreams, instead of putting life on hold, I going to live it. I started a Tea Time Tuesday on my blog and would love for you to join me, as each day when I look at our Tree out my French Doors, I am reminded of you.

  28. My fragrance is ever changing as I am a work in progress. But I am trying my best to make it sweet.

  29. My Sweet Becky.....

    Oh, honey.....I just know you're a yummy fragrance in the home....but you did make me think about how things are smellin' here! I think I'd better work on that a little bit. :-)

    I got your totally stunning card in the mail today. What a lovely and dear work of art. You are quite the artist! I loved it. Positively loved it. Thank you sooooo much. Even the Hubbs was impressed and said yours were better than mine! He's right, you know.

    Have a wonderful day....

    Big smoochies.......


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