Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miss Sassy Pants!!

Our oldest daughter, Sam, and our only grandy, Emily, were over here yesterday
and she was having the best time in Bird's room trying on her hats!!

I was able to slow her down for.. just... a... quick... few... seconds

and captured this shot of her:


And don't you LOVE those long wavy locks of hers??

Hope she brought a smile to your face!

She lights up our lives for sure!!

She is almost 5!!!!!  HOW could that be????

Love you gals!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Falling Apart

So...when is falling apart a good thing, you ask?

I worked with teenage youth at church for a number of years.
At one of our conferences, a former WWF wrestler named
Nikita Koloff said this:

If your Bible is falling apart, chances
are your life isn't.

Well, it's not falling apart really rapidly because it is made well.
But signs of heavy usage have been taking their toll on
my personal copy of this the
most wonderful Book ever written.

Notches in the leather top and bottom.

Pages lovingly taped back together after curious
hands had to see what Mom was reading.

The binding loosening and pages that move when they're turned

Little tears and never found pieces missing (same curious little hands!)

The quote (from 2002) written in the blank pages in the back of my Bible.

His Word is Breath and Life to me.
I can't even begin to imagine life without
His love letter to me! (and to you!)

Praying that our Bibles fall apart instead of our lives!!

My computer has randomly shut down twice (never happens!)
since I started writing this post.  Hmmm....

Big squishy Holy Hugs to you!
Have a JOYFUL week!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gotta LOVE the Farmer’s Market!!

Hey Girls!!  How are you all doing?
All here is good!

Well, Wednesday in Deland means just one thing…the Farmer’s Market!!

Soooo…since we were in desperate need of some fresh produce at a savings (not to mention some junkin’ fun!!) me, Maddy,  Sam and Emily saddled up the Camry and headed out!!

Now this market is HUGE, and when we arrived we were astounded by the amount of people there!  It was in the upper 30’s and the wind was blowing something FIERCE, but everyone was glad for some good ol’ Florida sunshine!!

Is there much that is better than fresh fruit and veggies, and the knowledge that you are supporting some small local farmers and businesses???  I don’t think so!!

If these pics don’t set your taste buds to tingling…


Onions, tomatoes, avocados, OH MY!!!


Fresh-picked two days ago Plant City, Fl strawberries!!  Mmmmm!
These are absolutely delicious!! $1.75 a pint!!



These little ladies are called Baby Bells.  They are small versions of the Florida Honey Bell Tangelos, grown in Umatilla, FL.  They are seedless and delightful to say the least! 5 lbs. for $2!!!


Let’s cut into one.  Always cut across an orange; not through the stem!


OH!!  I see you now!!


All cut up and ready for me to enjoy!!  So sweet and succulent!


Beautiful grape tomatoes!  Don’t you just love these in your salads??!!
$1 for a pint


I have a little thing for retro/vintage glassware, and adore this little bowl!


INTRODUCING… one of our new favorite things!!


YES!!  Mutt’s Nuts!!!  This is a small business owned by the friendliest little older couple!!  These are red skinned peanuts that they “FRY” fresh at the market in peanut oil, and let me tell you…they are AMAZING!!! 


I told the sweet gal that I tell everyone about them, and will  be giving some as gifts!!  They come in regular, garlic and cajun flavors! 

I almost forgot them!  My hunky hubby wouldn’t have been very pleased had I not remembered!!

Now as for the junkin…


Always fun, never enough time!!

BUT, this isn’t a photo of what I bought there! 

This is to give you a hint of some BIG changes that are coming to HITS!!

Stay tuned!!  All will be revealed over the next few weeks!!

I am absolutely GIDDY with excitement!!


Have a joy filled day and weekend, sweet friends!!

{Love ya a bushel and a peck!!}

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Buzz!!


Hi Sweeties!!

Just poppin’ in to let you know I have prayed for you and am thinking of you all!!

So here’s the buzz!!  I am healing well, have had some other unexpected little issues to deal with, and like many of you I am VERY COLD!!   :o)

There is pollen all over the place down here, but we are still having freezing temps…unusual for sure!!

I thank the Lord for helping me successfully fight off a virus that Maddy got, and for healing up this 51 yo body so well!! 1 1/2 weeks and it is back to my normal activities!!  WOOHOO!!!!

We’ve got a lot going on around here so you may not hear from me until Monday!!  Don’t worry, though, ALL is good!! 
Can’t wait to get around and visit!!  Miss you SO much when I don’t get to be in touch with you regularly!! 

I’ve read this on a couple of blogs and each day I learn more about how true it is…


I’m SO thankful for you!!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and know that this sunshine gal thinks you are just the




Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas in February?


Well it sure felt like it yesterday when I checked the mail and a box from far away arrived chock full of lovely goodies!!

My name was recently drawn as the winner of a giveaway over at my friend Spencer’s blog Bellamere Cottage!!!

Spencer is such a wonderfully talented, warm-hearted lady, and I’m so glad we met in blogland.  She has an incredible eye for whatever is pretty and cozy, and has gifted hands to help her create all manner of beautiful things for her cottage home.  Go say Hi, won’t you??!!

She sent me some of her handiwork and some other treasures and pleasures!!

She wrapped the box perfectly and doodled a lovely flower design all around my address.  Details…I just love attention to detail, and Spencer covered it all!!

Look at all of this WONDERFULNESS!!

Her precious note card!!


OOO---AAAHHH!!!  I wish there was smell-e-vision!!!  All these things smell amazing!!  What did you spritz them with Spencer??


I love this felt heart she made!  Look at the detail!!


Vintage ribbon hanger…{sigh…}


And if you look around the piece the buttons (look like vintage, too) are on, you can see little iridescent beadwork!! 

Going GIDDY over the delightful details!!


A cute photo frame with ribbon flowers!


BE STILL MY HEART!!  Handmade by Spencer potholders!!!
These just make my heart sing!!


A pretty little bit of charm…


Are you beginning to get a feel for Spencer and her talent??


ADORABLE vintage red checkered tablecloth!!
This has inspired me to get some pieces to use with it for coffee, or lunch with friends!



A bright cheerful dish towel from Crate and Barrel.  Yes, I do have a thing for pretty dishtowels.  Shhhh!  Not an addiction…just a thing, ok??!!


And finally, a sweet vintage handmade potholder that Spencer says NOT to use to handle hot pots!!  OUCH!!!  Just a pretty to enjoy!!


Oh Spencer…(I call her cupcake because she is so sweet!)
Thank you SO very much!!  You have no idea how this brightened my day!  You are a  sweet blessing, my friend!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies! 
Praying that you all will have a great week!!

Love ya!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Fun Giveaway!!!


Hi Sweeties!!

Today I am sharing an awesome giveaway with you.   One of my favorite authors and artists (I have most of her books) is hosting it! 

Her name is Karla Dornacher.  She is a lovely, warm spirited Christian woman, whose artwork and writings speak of the glory of God and the blessings of being His. 

These pretty scrapbook sets are hot off the presses and there is a set for each season!!  That means the winner will receive ALL FOUR seasons!!
How cool is that??!!


For more details and pics you can click here to go to Karla’s blog! While you’re there, hope you’ll check out her website and Etsy shop too!!   Her artwork is gorgeous!! 

Go ahead!!  Pop over and introduce yourselves…tell her Becky at HITS sent you, show her some love, and if you like what you see, (I know you will!!)become a follower!!  She has a big heart and is so sweet!!

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!! 

Big Squishy Hugs!!