Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miss Sassy Pants!!

Our oldest daughter, Sam, and our only grandy, Emily, were over here yesterday
and she was having the best time in Bird's room trying on her hats!!

I was able to slow her down for.. just... a... quick... few... seconds

and captured this shot of her:


And don't you LOVE those long wavy locks of hers??

Hope she brought a smile to your face!

She lights up our lives for sure!!

She is almost 5!!!!!  HOW could that be????

Love you gals!!


  1. Gorgeous little sweet pea! Lucky you to have her come an visit for a while. Hope the rest of your week is as wonderful. Tell little Miss Em to slow down with the growing just a wee bit. :)

    Take care dear!

  2. Emily certainly is a beauty!!! She brought me a smile for sure. Such a blessing to have those grands brighten our lives! Enjoy her; she will grow up and we will grow old soon!

  3. Becky;
    Those long wavy locks was the first thing that caught my eye.
    I'd have to get this picture enlarged and framed. It's too cute not to display in your home!

  4. wow, I LOVE her hair. Ella would love to have hair like her too! Aww, she's almost 5, they could be best-ies!

  5. Hi sweetie, Thanks for your words to me today!
    Love the photo of Em-she is a doll to be sure. BTW, when is her b.d? My 4.5 yr old turns 5 in April-although she is going on 10 I think.
    Made some great juice after I talked to you...thanks for being you. The Lord gave me the best friend possible.
    Hugs, Nor

  6. Emily is a beautiful little girl. So blessed you are.

  7. Wow, she is such a pretty lil thing!! Can't believe she is gonna be 5 yrs. old already.
    that is amazing!
    she sure made me smile. She reminds me of her mama so much, course, of you too. Cause you and Sam looks soooooo much alike.
    Hope you had a great day sweetie, I cleaned then visited in the late afternoon with an old friend, it was great to see her.
    Love ya, Nellie

  8. My hubby and I love the name Emily! Amanda was almost an Emily:) Your sweet Emily is a beautiful- look at her long beautiful hair- and those eyes:)

    What a sweety! And I bet she LOVES coming to her grandma's house!!:) Isn't it just fantastic?!!

    So happy for you dear friend!!


  9. She is adorable. My daughter had long curly locks like that when she was little. Now she does anything possible to flat iron those curls out! Here I sit with straight as a board hair, just wishin I had a little curl. LOL...
    Have you received your package yet?

  10. What a Ham! What a Doll! How very Precious!
    So glad that you are an up close witness to her wonderful life.
    Love you =)

  11. She is beautiful!!!!! And so cute in that hat!

  12. Cute as a button! Sharing your delight as you spend time with your sweet granddaughter!

    Always nice to visit with your, Becky!

  13. She is adorable!!! And I was thinking, "What great hair" before I got to the part about her gorgeous locks!

    Hope you're doing well! I LOVE the card you sent me. Very nice of you to think of me. The verse is perfect also! You are too sweet!!!

    Also, you have the most beautiful handwriting!!

    Enjoy your day. We are having a blizzard right now. But as long as the power stays on, we will be fine. It's beautiful.

  14. Oh My goodness Becky...She is ABSOLUTELY adorable...Her hair is just gorgeous, and those eye's!! What a little beauty. And you can just see her little personality with that and all. How she must bless your heart. Aren't grandies just the best? Sooo glad you know that gift! Have a super day...Hugs to you, Deb

  15. It's me again...I meant to say with that HAT and all, haha...I am soo ahead of myself this morning I am leaving off words all over the place...soo much to do today. OK, I'm off...Hugs

  16. Now there is JOY! What a little beauty she is and she looks like you, Becky! I love the catch light in her eyes, great photography! I am so happy for you! It is wonderful they live so close~what a blessing. I just wrote a blog post a few days ago to my grandkids on their special blog about that very thing.

    Lvoe that little one! Like preaching to the choir...I know you do!

    XOXO Bon

  17. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! She shines JESUS already!!

    I pray you are feeling better from the pink eye dear one. When I read your message on my blog I prayed for you.

    Love and hugs and we will definitely meet for a hug this year :)

  18. She is a cutie-patootie...great picture..we just found out that we will be grandparents of a *GRANDAUGHTER*...we have 7 grandsons right we are thrilled...

  19. Oh she is GORGEOUS! Her beautiful smile brightened my day for sure!

  20. Oh Becky she is beautiful! She has such a sparkle in her eye! Thank you for sharing her picture, it brought a smile to my face today! Hugs, Elena

  21. This is a fabulous picture Becky--such a sweet,joyful little face. I sure hope you frame this one! Have a super weekend!

  22. Awwww, how sweet! She's so beautiful, just like her Grammy! What fun! Happy Weekend dear friend. Love, Liesa

  23. my word, she's beautiful! i need to do a photo session with her! she'd make my work look awesome :)

  24. My sweet Becky....

    You BET she brings a smile to my face.....I remember LOVING the shot you had of her at the beach when I first started visiting you......She is a BEAUTY.....but what else would she be. Her grandma is just GORGEOUS!.....

    Huggies dear one...


    PS....thank you so much for praying for me. This has really thrown me for a loop. I have so much to do and I was finally all geared up.....hard to do much when things are hurting SO badly.


  25. She's a very beautiful girl! You must be proud of her...
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog,I really needed to feel surrounded by friends...

  26. G'morn, Becky ~ What a darling beauty you have there!
    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  27. My love to GOLDILOCKS! SHE'S A DOLL Becky!
    Looks good in hats too! She might have to start her own collection!

  28. Hi Becky, how darling your granddaughter is. I adore her photo in that hat. Her hair is gorgeous. Our granddaughter Ashley, now 15 years old has hair just like your grandy. She still has those long wavy curls. Then she irons it straight. A teen act for sure. Our grands sure give us the sunshine in our lives huh?

    Have you been in touch with Sheila about the blog meeting. It was changed to St. Augustine. Can you get there? I think it will also be on the 20th. I sure hope so Becky. I will be staying in Jax with my dtr. I am so looking forward to meeting you my dear blogging friend. Have a happy day!!!
    Love xoxo, Jeanne

  29. Oh my goodness - what a cutie pie your grandbaby is!! Hope your week is wonderful!!

  30. What a joy to have your granddaughter to enrich your lives Becky - am so glad to have got back in the blogging way and get over to read all your recent uplifting and beautiful posts. You are such a joy and blessing to people near and far! Fiona x

  31. Love that pic of her!! SO great that you can see her so often. We were just at mom's today and I love that Karina can spend so much time with her. I'm sure Sam feels the same about you and Em! Seriously we need to come and see you sometime this year. Em and Karina would have a great time together too and I'd love to see you all!


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