Monday, July 6, 2009

JOY For Our Journey~~Our Extravagant Lord!!

Happee Monday, Sweeties!!

I am continually amazed by the
of our Lord!!
Let's see...
Ever stop to think
about how many things are
taking place in your body as
you are sitting sipping your
morning coffee or tea?
Hundreds, possibly thousands!!
Are you making them do that?
Did you know that scientists have
proven that each and every tree,
even of the same species, has different
DNA, just like we do??
Our amazing Creator fashions even
the trees one at a time, giving each
it's own God-ordained fingerprint!!
Oh the mysteries of God are far
too wonderful to even begin to

We can sure enjoy them!!
This week I want us all to
really take the time to look at
all our loving God has created
with new eyes.
Think about the absolute perfection
of all He has done, and meditate on
the Glory of God!!
Spend some extra time in nature,
and think about even your own
body and how He has blessed you
with life, movement, brains,
each breath you breathe!
I have included a bunch of
photos that showcase His Majesty.
I hope you enjoy looking at them,
and find joy in His
Truly the whole earth
is full of His glory!!

May you find joy inexpressible in
the amazing wonder and mystery
of the Lover of your soul!!
Love and hugs,


  1. So true Aunt Becky!
    We have enjoyed being outside this weekend picking black raspberries that have ripened on our property.The kids love loading up in the trailer that we pull with our lawn mower and helping to gather the harvest of black raspberries.I recognize some of these lovely pictures you posted...:)Can't wait to see you soon!!!((hugs and blessings))

  2. Amen, Becky, AMEN!

    Loved this. Thanks for taking time to praise Him and for letting me join you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Becky, I am so glad I stopped in. I have been feeling low the last few days... Your post lifts me to the highest! Glory to God! Thank you for such a praiseful joyful word! I need to go pen something. Bless your heart! Have a beautiful week!!!!

  4. Hi Becky,
    Loved your post and am so full of joy cause
    that is exactly what we have done this past
    week, and as always it has inspired and enthused and filled me with hope and inexpressable joy.
    Tried to leave a comment yesterday but don't know if it got thru had some trouble, hope this one goes.
    Love ya, Nellie

  5. I am awed beyond words .. Exquisite!! TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. What an amazing post Becky....You always have a way with words. I wish I could say what is on my mind as well as you.

    Your pictures are just beautiful.

  7. Hi Becky, So true and your photos are so amazing. Thanks for directing our thoughts to where they should be-upward! Let us praise His Holy Name together.

  8. Oh this is a beautiful blog Becky...I think about this all the time. I often wonder what the Lord thinks when people just run around with their lives and never stop to look around at the beauty he provides for each and every one of us. There is so much to be stressed over these days...but just stop for a moment...sit down and just look around. Look at the clouds, the blooming flowers, a storm as it passes through. A butterfly, and ant carrying something 3 times its size. I could go on and on...but just thinking of those things helped me take a big deep cleansing breath...and it is all thanks to our extravagant Lord!

  9. Thanks for the reminder and the beautiful pictures, Becky! Our God creates nothing short of masterpieces!


  10. Praising HIS Awesome Name together!
    What a joy!
    May your week be blessed and your heart
    filled with HIS Joy.

    Love always ~

  11. We are fearfully AND wonderfully made, and yes, it is amazing.

  12. Just seeing how my hubby's wound is closing up is amazing to me! God did make our bodies to do amazing things! I never thought that big old hole would close and it is, slowly but surely, it is! God is amazing! Love the pictures and they way you made us all think of how awesome our Lord is!! Enjoy your day!!!

  13. Oh, Becky- what a great post!!!:) God's love for us IS extravagant!!! His amazing attention to our every need- "inclining his ear" to hear our prayers--(this is from Psalms).

    I love thinking of that word picture- the Creator of the universe leaning down to hear my prayer...Wow!--Extravagant!!

    You've done it again!:) Brought his love and Message front and center for me today--love it:)

    Have a great day!


  14. Becky, simply beautiful! And to think He made it all for us! I am thankful we don't have to comprehend it to enjoy it. As I have gotten older I have realized that part of our taking things for granted is that we are so busy we forget to pay attention. I learned this losing 30 pounds this year and knowing that I just wasn't paying attention before. I am amazed at how this seeps into everything. So thank you for the reminder~this week I am going to pay better attention to His beautiful gifts all around us!

    Love and thanks~

    Bonnie :-)

  15. Hi Becky,
    Great post, I enjoyed the pictures so much, while looking at them I was thinking what an Awesome God to have created so many beautiful and different creations just for us to enjoy. Thank you for reminding me to stop and reflect on His wonderful creation.
    Have a great week.

  16. Wow!! So beautiful!! Such a good reminder! Thanks for your prayers for my husband's hand - he is doing better and the nurses he works with are keeping a good eye on it for me (they're fussing over him like 12 grandmas :0)!!) Eugina Price wrote a trilogy about St. Simons Island and I guess she lived there - I think her books are getting hard to find - The series is Lighthouse, New Moon Rising, and Beloved Invader. I own several of her books - she's written about the history of Florida and Georgia as well. I could lend you what I own if you can't find them :0)!! I bet you can "see" her stories better than me because you know the area - her books are so descriptive though I think I know what Florida and St. Simons looks like anyway!! :0)

  17. What a gorgeous post Becky! You always manage to see beauty and hope and optimisim in most everything around. A wonderful, uplifting reminder to look around and soak in the wonder all around us. Love and prayers dear friend - thinking of you this week and always x x

  18. Great post Becky! Enjoyed your pictures! They're beautiful. I often look at the scenery around me as God's beautiful artwork for us to enjoy. It is amazing how He cares for each of us and even down to each seed He has created. Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts today.

  19. quite lovely photos. it is amazing to look at things and think how wonderfully made each of us is. God is great.

  20. Dear Becky, Such a beautiful post and loved the pictures. My husband and I talk often of the wonderfulness of our Lord and his amazing creation. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Have a blessed day sweet friend. Hugs, Elena

  21. Hey Beck,
    Searching for my friend in the "blogoshpere."
    Please give a jingle.

  22. becky, i just love reading your blog! you always have great things to tell us and remind us of. you are always upbeat and uplifting. and your photos rock :O) love you! alice

  23. Lovely, Becky...hope you can see me all the way down here. How funny that your beach picture looks exactly like the Tybee beach picture I found online! Maybe it is...who knows?

    Someimes i am more amazed that we don't just go around with our mouths hanging open all the time, at the glory all around us and in us!!

    blessings and hugs,


  24. O Becky, this blessed my heart so much and I enjoyed the beautiful photos.

    Love ya.

  25. Have a great time in NC with the reunion dear! Not sure if I can hold out that long without seeing one of your wonderful inspirational posts for the day. Just don't throw peanut shells and take an eye out! Not a story we want to hear about. :) Crazy girl you. :)

    Don't you feel like a dork when you wake up realizing that you've drooled on the pillow?! Don't even want to know what I looked like before I woke up. Sad sight. :)

    Anyhoo, have a great weekend and a great trip to NC. Email if you want. I'll answer back! Link is on my profile.

    Love and hugs!

  26. What a great post! We serve an amazing God! Just got back from Florida and my brain is so full! lol


  27. Hi Becky....

    Oh yes, He is amazing, isn't He? I've spent some time thinking about all those little things too....and about life. How everything works together. They were talking about sharks on the news the other day. I just kept thinking, why don't they just herd those sharks away from beaches where people swim. It seems sharks keep the whole balance of things in the sea in order. Everything would be out of whack without them. AMAZING. I so enjoyed this're such a sweetheart.


  28. I sure do miss you when you disappear! ;-)


    Sheila :-)


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