Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not So Innocent!


Remember meeting this handsome little guy a
couple of days ago?


And my “one little acorn”?


Well, we left Mr. Charley out when we ran some errands, and when
we returned, my one little acorn had disappeared, and is still
missing!!!  Hmmm…..

Maybe he isn’t so innocent after all! 


He looks like he was already thinking about his little dirty deed, doesn’t he?  “Who me?” 

Fortunately, even though my prototype is MIA, look what I found
in my mailbox yesterday!!!



Oh can you hear my heart singing???

I ordered these from a wonderfully creative Christian artist named Michelle Palmer.  She currently has had some of her art made into a line of retail calendars, note cards, etc. and is just the loveliest person to do business with.

These little acorns are drawn on tiny discs of wood that are about the size of a nickel!   Each one is a precious work of art.  It was hard to choose which ones to buy…I loved them all!

Here are the others…the detail is amazing!

Michelle always ships your purchase quickly, and in her kindness she
also includes an extra little surprise in your package!!

How fun is that? 

Here’s my surprise this time


Two lovely aged tags!  And these are scented, too!  Love them, Michelle!

Michelle is continually adding new artwork to her Etsy shop, and it is always so lovely, affordable, and so very unique.

I’m not sure yet what I will do with these new little gems of mine,
but they sure make me smile!

I hope you’ll pop over and meet Michelle.  Be sure to check out her shop too!  I know you’ll love seeing what she creates!

Have a blessed day!  Time for school with Maddy!

Love ya!!


  1. Almost like having a baby in the house again? Love those little acorn signs. Very pretty! Enjoy school, Michael starts next Wednesday and then Olivia begins the following Monday. So confusing have two in two different school districts. Enjoy!

  2. Love the little wooden acorn pieces! Very pretty work. Thanks for sharing your find with us Becky. I'll have to go over and visit.


  3. Oh, such pretty discs. And I LOVE the tags. She does very pretty work.

    And as for Charley, well, that's why our dogs always go in the crate when we leave the house. We would NEVER trust them alone with free rein of the house. We'd come home to complete chaos if we did...especially the two of them together.

    Have a fabulous day.


  4. Morning Becky,
    Love those lil wooden acorns, they are all so cute and the tags she sent as well. What a talented lady.
    Sorry about your lil acorn, hope it turns up soon in good shape!! Has Charley confessed yet???
    I bet it was the good ole smell of the burlap that got his attention!! lol
    These animals..... can't live with them, can't live without them!! lol
    They are just like people with varied personalities with good qualities and bad qualities. Think you need to give him a scripture on stealing!! lol
    Have a Sweet Day!!
    Love ya, Nellie

  5. What a stinker your kitty can be, huh? I'm sure you will see him carry that little acorn around soon.
    LOVE the little discs! So unique. The tags are also wonderful.

  6. Looks guilty to me! :) Tee Hee!

    Love the discs and the tags. Fabulous!


  7. Oh, you need to hide things from your kitty. She does look guilty!

    I saw your song words from Larnelle Harris at the top of the blog - I love Larnelle's songs as they are so full of praise and worship. I went to one of his concerts 16 years ago and it was awesome!

  8. Charley is adorable...and more than likely guilty. ;) However...that acorn was perfect for a fun afternoon batting it across the floor. Look under all the furniture! lol

  9. He definitely looks like the cat who ate the mouse, lol Guilty...No they do get what they want when we are out of the house, hugs and hope you find it, nice gift too, not sure what it is, Barbara

  10. Hi Becky, your cat looks a little less innocent now. HA! She hid it to play with in secret no doubt. I had a poodle who would take things to hide and after you yelled at her, later in the day she would drop her stolen items at our feet. Guilt in a poodle. She was our little darling.

    Love your cute acorns and the clever tags. I know you love to make tags so the gift was so like you.

    I have to tell you Becky, you a a blessing to me and many others. I love your enthusiasm.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  11. My cats are prone to taking things like that. You will find it when you move the furniture to vacuum. I find the craziest things under my couches and china cabinets... Have I told you that your Kritta looks like my Morgan? Is Kritta mouthy? I love your new acorns and the aged tags. I will visit Michelle's shop tomorrow.

    ~ Tracy

  12. Can't wait to visit Michelle's shop. Thanks for sharing! K

  13. I just love the acron discs ...thanks for sharing Michelle .. I'm on my way there now. Blessings to your night.

  14. I would definitely blame the cat he looks too innocent! I hope you can find it, it was really cute. Your new acorn disks are cute too.

  15. You!!!

    So glad you like your little acorns & tags~
    Thank you for such sweet, sweet words :)
    MORE Hugs!
    Smiles, too...

  16. I know - kitties seem to get into trouble when no one is looking!! I have a feeling my kittie walks around on the table and counters when we're gone - something NOT allowed!!! What a stinker!!! I love those acorn discs!! What are you going to do with them? I'm very curious!! I went to Michelle's place and her art work is beautiful - exactly my favorite kind of art - animals and flowers (especially birds!!) with wonderful detail!! Thanks for showing her to us!!

    Are you doing school with Maddy already? We're still on summer break but I'm getting myself in gear to start soon. I'd be interested in knowing what you do with Maddy since Ruthie and Maddy are near the same age.


  17. When we hear something go thunk in the night, we know it is our cat! If I know a cat, that little acorn is somewhere shredded! It was so cute though!

  18. Just too cute, poor kitty!! to have all these comments on What did you do with it?? You know better! Those little discs are very cute! Watch where you put them! That sweet, pretty kitty, may have another toy to enjoy!! Love and blessings!!

  19. Oh the cat story just makes me smile...how funny...aren't pets fun?

  20. Uh-oh! Surely not this kitty:)

    Such cute acorns--are you just a little anxious for fall?;) Love those discs!

    Actually, Amanda pulled some of my fall decorations while cleaning a closet (isn't she a jewel?!:)-- and I think I'll just leave them out- Sept is in a couple of weeks after all--right?!

    Take care dear friend.

    Love you!


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