Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Cup of Sunshine and Memories...

Just a little while ago I gathered the items needed to make
my special "Taste of the Islands" marinade for a
nice cut of London Broil hubby will be
preparing for dinner tonight.
Sweet, juicy oranges are one of the primary ingredients,
so of course some Florida Valencia oranges were my
first pick!!

These are the ones that most Florida orange juice
comes from!

As I cut into the first one...Mmm...
I was transported back in time...

Isn't it funny how certain smells can just bring back a
virtual flood of memories?

When I was a child, my Mama Rose, my Mom's mother,
lived in a part of Orlando called Oak Ridge. She had
oranges trees in her side yard, and when we visited,
it was the sheer delight of us 6 kids to grab the pole
picker and snag some of this amazing Florida gold!

We'd just hang out on the back patio or front porch
and enjoy these little tasty
sensations and the sticky hands that went with them!!

OH, the carefree days of my childhood, AND...


So fresh, plump and YUMMY...we would take
bags of them back home to Miami sometimes
and enjoy freshly squeezed orange
juice for a little while.

There truly is nothing like
a cup of fresh squeezed
Florida orange juice, well except maybe....

the joyful memories just the very smell of the oranges
bring back for this sunshine gal!

Have a sunshiney weekend, sweeties!!
You all are rays of sunshine to me!!

Hugs and Joy,


  1. Awwww.....what a precious memory!


  2. Good memories!

    I'm a big OJ fan since my childhood. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. We sure ate a lot of oranges growing up. They weren't that expensive as other fruit! Love the smell of them as well. They do remind me of my mother cutting them up for us as children! Enjoy your day and the sunshine!!

  4. What a wonderful memory! Those oranges look delicious!

  5. Becky, Great pictures and I really want an orange now.... Yum. I want to share a quick memory. When I was a little girl about 8 I visited my grandparents in FL for the 1st time. We picked oranges in her backyard one morning for breakfast OJ. Squeezing them one at a time into a pitcher for some fresh juice. What does a silly 8 year old from NJ say .... but " How much water and sugar do you add to this???". Honestly I have never seen my grandma laugh so hard. We still talk about it to this day. Have a wonderful weekend. Love Jaime

  6. A juicy delicious Florida orange sounds SO good right now! Enjoy one for me!


  7. I love those sweet childhood memories. They are precious!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. Yum! I love the smell of oranges! Hubby is making London Broil for dinner? What time should we show up? haha
    Would love the recipe for your taste of the islands marinade....sounds delicious.

    These are my favorite blogs Becky...I love to read and hear about childhood memories...there are indeed certain smells that take me right back to my childhood.
    Enjoy your day and your meal!

  9. Girl, you made taste buds have a fit! Yum.

  10. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. In your honor I have added "followers". I tried it once a bit back and it muddled things up (probably the person operating the computer uh hum), but I'm back in business. In turn I have to ask how you get the little pictures beside the blog you follow. (This question is coming from someone who BOUGHT "Blogger for Dummies". I'd rather go the the experts...the bloogers of the world!

    Enough about that stuff. I need to give you grief and I haven't even been friends with you for a week! What's all this talk about "Taste of the Islands" marinade and no recipe to share?
    You can't show us those gorgeous orange pictures and share happy memories and not pull through for us! I'm probably going to have insomnia tonight because I don't know it. You don't want that guilt on your shoulder do you? I didn't think so!

    Love your blog! Looking forward to getting to know you!

    Smiles, Nancy

  11. The orange looks so good,Becky! I love hearing the memories!

  12. I love how smells transport us. The oranges look so yummy.

    Roberta Anne aka
    The Raggedy Girl

  13. Hi Becky, I love fresh-squeezed orange juice--my Grandpa used to squeeze juice for me when I was little--so delicious!

  14. You've lived in FL most of your life then. I got to see my first real to life orange and lemon tree about 2 years ago on vacation down there. I was thrilled! I've never seen one for real. I love orange anything and you can't beat the scent of citrus! :) Hope ya'll had a great dinner! Sounds delish! :)

  15. Great memories...please do share the recipe for the marinade too! You got my taste buds tingly!!!


  16. Becky~
    You are more then welcome to add my blog botton to your blog I would be honored!!
    Thanks for the sweet comments!

    Smiles and Hugs~T

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. How is your Keepers club going? Please share the recipe! Oranges are one of my favorite fruits (the other is bananas).

  18. You'll have to pass along your "Taste of the Island" marinade recipe. Sounds yummy!

  19. Dinner sounds like it is going to be delish!!!!!

    Aren't the memories from childhood the best!!! They are my favorite things in the world. :) Thanks for sharing yours!

  20. I just wanted to say thank you for covering me with such precious words of blessings. They minister greatly to my spirit. You are such a joy to my heart..((hugs))

  21. Those oranges look soooooooooo good. I want to grab it out of the computer and eat it.

  22. Hi Becky,
    It seems like forever since we talked, I really enjoyed reading of your sweet memory being at your Mama Rose's home and enjoying those delicious oranges.
    I am looking forward to having that marinade recipe as I use oranges a lot in cooking.
    Thank you for all of your visits and for always encouraging me, and right back at you, even though we might not talk everyday i am thinking about you and wondering what you are up too ! I am so truly amazed at the connection that we have made and I know that it is the Spirit of God that has brought all of us here in blogland together! We serve an awesome God who is always looking after us and doing all of these wonderful things for us!! I will say it again I am so gad that HE has had our paths to cross.

  23. You could totally write a tourism commercial for Florida, girl! Kinda made me thirsty! :)


  24. Hi Becky,
    It's me....AGAIN. Your new BFF! Yes, I have seen those fairy doors and I love them and want them! I have one M.I.A. catalog I can't fin that has them dog eared somewhere and another catalog that I'm pretty sure is by my nightstand that I will rummage up so we can both sleep tonight knowing where we can buy one or at least who makes them!

    Smiles, Nancy

  25. What a sweet memory. I have found that to be true that certain smells unlock the most wonderful memories. Here in this part of Oregon, instead of the Orange tree it was the pear tree! We had fun picking and eating them! Have a wonderful week dear friend. Love, Elena

  26. Becky, my husband reads my blog, and he says that YOU are a ray of sunshine, a fact over which I concur!

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)


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