Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What "Speaks" to You??

My Mama Rose was an amazing interior
designer. She would always talk about design
elements that "spoke" to her. There wouldn't be
anything in her home that didn't "speak"
to her.

I got a few of her genes, but am nowhere near being
in her league when it comes to interior design.
I do, however, know what "speaks" to me!!


collage by In the Tuscan Style

The Tuscan style of design incorporates a warm,
rich, earthy color palette with wood and metals
that in combination, give a kind of time-worn,
yet elegant, welcoming feel.

Over the next few weeks, I will have some
posts that show what I am working on in my
home. As with most of us, it's a work in progress!
I hope that when all is said and done,
the feel will be somewhat "Tuscan"!!

So many out there LOVE the shabby chic or French
country design, ...which I love also, but my big burly
man...NOT SO MUCH!!

SOOO...Here's to Tuscan!! Any other Tuscan decor lovers
out there?? Do sound off!!

A Tuscan living room

A bit lighter color palette

Light and more formal

This Thomasville bed would go perfectly
with our antique dressers!! YUMMY!

Tuscan in the bathroom

Wrought iron is almost always part of Tuscan decor

Earthy and brightly colored vases and urns
also characterize Tuscan decor

Here is a video from Rate My Space of a Tuscan makeover
on a couple of rooms
(turn down volume on my playlist at the bottom of the
page to hear audio on this video)

SO....What design style "speaks" to you???

Have a great day!!
Joy and Hugs,


  1. I love the pictures! I copied the living room one because we are planning on doing some remodeling around here as well, only knocking down the living room and dinning room walls and expanding them. I have no idea how to set this up but loved that picture! Will be so interested to see what you have planned!!! Enjoy your day Becky!!!

  2. I love the Tuscan palette. I was in Tuscany a couple of weeks ago. I am redoing an old mariner's house on the coast. Mostly by myself, I removed the lath and plaster, moved walls, rewired and I am now crackfilling and painting. In Tuscan colours, of course. It is a work in process.

  3. Beautiful! My style is really eclectic I love frech country, old world, cottage, colonial....they are all mixed togeather in my house!! Looking forward to seeing your house project pictures.

    Have a beautiful day!!
    Hugs~ T

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  4. There is something thaat is so classic and timeless with this style. Thankyou for sharing.

    XX Clare

  5. Becky, I am sorry I have been away for so long from my favorite friends here on blogger. First I want to say I am sorry for your tragic loss. Tough times ahead for all that are left behind. I do also want to mention that I love love love the picture in your header. I can imagine being on the beach dancing with her. I learned a lot from this post about the Tuscan look.... I to be honest did not know what that looked like. Thanks for sharing. In my relationship my hubby is the interior decorator. I am not so good at that ... Much love to you and your family today. ... Love Jaime

  6. These pictures are lovely- I can see why you'd like them:) Very warm and inviting!

    My style is "Early Passed Down" I guess. We have a mix in our home and a lot of the nicer pieces came from hubby's parents since their passing. I love them because of the family history, so I have tried to mix and match items to make a cozy home:)

    I enjoyed the video! Thanks for sharing this, Becky- Have a wonderful day:)

    Linda C

  7. Hi Becky,
    Wow!! I love the Tuscan look, but I would have to get rid of everything and start over,LOl. It is so rich looking, and feminine but also meant for a man to feel comfortable, So good luck with you re-do, have fun and I am so looking forward to seeing the changes. But I did gets some ideas today that I think might work in my home.. I think of myself as Eclectic, if I even spelled it right.LOL

    I love the fresh look on your blog and have been thinking about redecorating mine, it seems like that is the only thing that I can afford these days.LOL

  8. Not sure what you would call my style. Laid back, country (texas) and colorful. Whatever makes me happy.

    Have a FaB day Becky!!!

  9. I appreciate all decorating styles, however my style is farmhouse/primitive. I love old farmhouses and rustic antiques, but I don't like a cluttered look. It's easy to have too much when you like antiques!

    The Tuscan style is beautiful!


  10. I love posts like this Becky - ones that give a real insight into the other sides of the people we meet in these strange technological ways, and that colour in the part of them that we do not know so well!! My taste is fairly simple and functional (and child-friendly at the moment!) but I love clean modern lines, wooden floors and exposed brickwork! Farmhouse chic, but without the animals to look after!! Fiona x x

  11. There is really no style that I don't like...I enjoy everything...I love visiting homes and enjoying their style.

    But my own personal style is definitely Tuscan! Though I do admit I tend to be a tad eclectic. Rustic, warm, and inviting. Inside I like the open, airy feeling. Windows are left uncovered to take advantage of natural light. I love copper pots from a wrought iron rack, using terracotta containers as accents and storage, and majolica dinnerware.

    Outside.... I love walkways, driveways, and garden paths set with stone or brick. Nature taking its course and grass growing up between the stones. Water element...there is nothing like sitting on the back porch, sipping a galls of iced tea and listening to a waterfall.
    I like Kars reply...I am a Texas girl... Laid back, peaceful...just whatever makes us happy!

  12. Tuscan is beautiful to me. The only decorating theme I have going is lambs and shepherdess in Mary's room and I use grapes in alot of stuff in our living room and bedroom. Thank you for sharing those beautiufl ideas. Have a wonderful day dear friend! Elena


  14. Oh Becky!
    Tuscan is my language! I'd say out of all styles that is what I am drawn to. I LOVE wrought iron and have to control myself whn I see things made from it. I bought a wrought-iron candleabra for outside. Can't wait to string it up from a tree and have it dripping with freshly rolled beeswax candles. Of course one of my favorite movies is "Under the Tuscan Sun". I also get weak in the knees for those big giant cookbooks featuring Tuscan style food, with pictures of the olive trees and farmer's markets...which brings me to another favorite movie "Enchanted April"...if you haven't seen it, as my BFF, you HAVE to find a copy and watch it. It's just LOVELY!

    Hugs, Nancy

  15. Hello Becky. I've been praying for your family. Wish you were coming to convention. My daughter is graduating, so we won't miss it. :)

    Yeah, someone emailed me and told me she liked my blog but I bounce around too much. ROFL I thought, "Thanks for the feedback, but it's my blog and that's the way my brain works. It bounces around a lot. You gotta follow the bouncing ball to keep up with me. LOL

    My style is feminine, eclectic, flea market, earthy, primitive, vintage, funky and fun...whatever I like, it decorates our home. I mostly like antiques and vintage.

    See...just the way my brain theme at all...LOL

    God bless you today. Take care. (((hug)))

  16. Becky, I love Tuscan~~~I really love Italian food. Best ever!!! I love gilt chandlier's made in Italy. And the style works so well with French! I love all things pretty and with a history.~~~~ Thank-you for your visit and following me around~~and I SEE YOU ADDED ME TO YOU BLOG LIST!!! How kind of you! I'll add you to mine this evening but right now I must go post about a Wonderful Artist and Doll Maker!I'll be back soon!!!! Becky I love your Blog and I love how open you are about your faith!!! Sweet Blessings, Deborah

  17. Hi Becky,

    Thank you so much for your sweet words and for visiting my blog. It's funny but I had just wanted to email Mrs. H but she didn't have her email available so I just put it out there. Ha, ha. Why not? I am so glad you visited, I love your blog!! My hubby is a big fan of Tuscan, me too but I do confess a love for some touches of French Country. I have some roosters in the kitchen I just love.

    I'm so sorry about your tragic loss. Prayin for you guys.


  18. Oh my daughter and I saw the front doors that are in the video at Lows last weekend! I love Tuscan. It would be way to expensive for me to change at this point though.... I'm into the country... DEEP!:)...
    Sorry about the baby burdies not hatching! That is very disappointing. :(
    Have a Great Weekend!


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