Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Great Day at the Beach!!

Our last trip to the beach was so delightful!!

Just look at this little fellow!!
We don't get a whole lot of these
but I LOVE watching them!!
He would try to outrun the waves coming in!!
Too cute!!

As you can see it was a beautiful day.
It was a bit windy, and there were bigger
waves than normal so we didn't venture into
the water

Little Miss Emily loves the beach as much or
more than I do!!

It's so great to "see life" through her eyes!!

It reminds me constantly to find JOY in the
little things!!

The clouds started to roll in, and it got a little
too cool with the wind coming across the water

I mean the water temp is still in the high 60's!!

Emily started feeding the seagulls so of course
I had to get a few pics!! They are really pretty

And what fun it was to look down the beach
and see a beautiful bride getting pictures taken
on the shore. Click photo to see her better!!
She was holding her dress and twirling and posing.
Remember the elation you felt on your wedding day??
It just brought back all of mine and made my day!!

THEN, on the way out, we drove past a hotel and
there she was out front!!

We HONKED several times and all waved to her,
and she jumped with delight waving to us
with a big smile on her face!!

Such a fun day!!

OH!! And my header picture...
it was shot the same day.

As any good Nana would, I made a public
spectacle of myself by whirling around in circles
chasing Emily with the camera.

I was sure I didn't get any decent shots...

Blessings to you Sweeties!!
Have a glorious weekend!!
I'm heading out to do some planting!!


  1. Wow, what a perfect day. I love seeing brides getting their picture taken too! Loved all your pictures. The beach in Florida looks like so much fun! Have a beautiful weekend. Love, Elena

  2. what a great day! we love the beach a lot too!!!

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blo :-) Looks like you had a lovely day by the beach. I so miss the beach, I used to live 2 minutes walk from Snells Beach in New Zealand - it was so lovley.

  4. Becky, You have such a sweet spirit. Before I even click on your blog I am already smiling. I don't know to many people with such an optomistic point of view. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Much Love. Jaime

  5. Sounds like a great day at the beach! Wish I were there! Thanks for havin' a fun time for me, though! ;)

  6. love you, becky! thanks for the prayers for Kali's regional speech! we sure appreciate it. i'll let you know how things go :O).

  7. Becky,
    Your little Emily is so are a good Nana...we do make spectacles out of ourselves for them sometimes don't we? But, I wouldn't want it any other way...
    Hope all is well with you!


  8. Hi there! Yes! My team did win. It was a crazy score 10-5! I love baseball season :0)
    I so enjoyed the visit to the beach. I love the coast. This time of year my hubby and I usually venture to the central coast but we had to postpone our trip til later, ah well. What a beautiful little girl in that header, she is just so full of delight. I love it!
    How great you got to see a bride on her wedding day. It's so special. My hubby and I always seem to grab hands when we see a new bride and groom together *sigh
    I hope you have a fantastic day!

  9. Hi Becky! I am so glad you stopped by and said Hi.... you are just so sweet! Love your pretty blog, it feels so peaceful here..... Wishing a Blessed Day!

  10. Love the pictures! And how beautiful of a bride on the beach and jumping for joy at how happy she was! I was pretty happy on my wedding day but so much stress leading up to it, it was not the joyous day I had always envisioned. I love how clean the sand looks!!! Amazing! Enjoy your day!

  11. What a sweet post and the beach looks so wonderful.

    Have a Blessed Sunday
    from The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  12. Happy Sunday Becky. This looks like the perfect beach day!!

  13. Girl I just love reading your posts-they make me happy! Do you know your joy is contagious and spreads over the shine!
    Have a great day-I love seeing Emily-she looks so much like you!
    Talk to you soon.

  14. Awww- thanks for taking me to the beach with you!:) I enjoyed myself- so beaufiful!!

    We had lots of rain here this weekend, so I appreciate the pictures all the more!!

    Your granddaughter is so sweet! I'll say again that your blog banner picture just makes me smile!!


  15. You have some beautiful photographs to treasure, thank you for sharing them on your blog. What a gorgeous beach and amazing day that must have been for a bride.

    CJ xx

  16. Hello, my dear friend,
    Hope you are having a very restful Sunday afternoon.
    I loved all of your photos of the beach Miss Emily reminds me of our two youngest granddaughters, loving the camera, Becky, she is so adorable, and I know just as sweet .. I would so love to have mine here more often. but I will take what I can get!
    That looks like a beautiful place to spend the summer!! LOl Go and enjoy it, you are so blessed to live so close to the beach.

  17. Hi Becky - she is such a cutie! Love all the photos and looks like it's was a beautiful day. Praise the Lord!

  18. Thanks for your heartfelt kindness. It really means alot. I will be coming back =)

  19. What a wonderful day Becky! The pictures are great and Emily is adorable. We love the beach as well but we haven't been there this year yet.
    Have a wonderful Monday


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