Thursday, April 16, 2009

Historic St. Augustine!! And the winners are...

Isn't this handsome male stunning???
I had never heard of a white peacock!
We couldn't get enough of him!!
He is helping me annouce that two of you, my
lovely bloggy friends, guessed correctly where BBB
(Becky behind bars) was!!
Castillo De San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida!!
Congratulations Tami and Lady Katherine!!
Both Tami and Lady Katherine will be sent
a special surprise!! Please email your
addresses to
and I will get them out next week!!

Here is one of his cousins on the roof of a small
shed like building.

Maddy and Kristina at the entrance
to the Fountain of Youth
More on that in St. Augustine the sequel!

This is one of the neat old doors at the fort
Very cool!!

Here is a shot inside the fort. This fort was never
destroyed in battle!!

These are cannon replicas. The history that goes
along with this fort is so interesting. Google it
and enjoy the read!!

The entrance...only one way in and out!
There is a moat perimeter, but it remained mostly

My niece Kristina doing her time

Maddy desperately wanting her freedom!!

Here is that fetching fellow again at the
Fountain of Youth .
I had never seen a peacock in a tree either!!
Showing off for the girls!!

Let it be said that St. Augustine is also home to
a rather delightful blogger named Mrs. Magpie!
Maybe we'll get to visit her next time we're there.
I hear she is just as wonderful in person!!

PLEASE visit her blog if you haven't!!

She truly is charming, fun and so creative!!
St. Augustine part 2 coming soon!!

Blessings and joy,


  1. Good luck with the bridal shower, Becky. I hope you have a wonderful time on Saturday!

    We used to have wild peacocks in one of my old neighborhoods, but I have never seen a beautiful white one. I can see why you couldn't take your eyes off of him! Wow!

    Stay Cozy & Have fun,

  2. Wow! What a beautiful peacock! Looks like you had a great time on your outing. I've never been to Florida, so thank you for the virtual tour of St. Augustine! I also love the beach scenes in your banner. Thanks for your sweet comment on my garden! Hugs and God Bless!!

  3. :) Looks interesting. Even though I've been in St. Augustine several times, I've never gone to that attraction, just went by. That's a great photo tour you posted though. Love the beach scenes too. Never got tired of seeing, and hearing the ocean. :)

  4. wow those peacocks are gorgeous! great photos of the fort. congrats to the winners.

  5. Beautiful peacocks! What a neat fort. My son would love it!


  6. Gorgeous peacocks! I love to tour old forts...Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC is my favorite. Just to stand there with your eyes closed, takes one back to what happened there....or at least I try to go back. So much history!

    Have a beautiful day my wonderful friend!!
    Hugs~ T

  7. Congrats to the winners!! Beautiful photos!! Makes me feel like I'm there:)

    Can't wait to see more!

    Thanks for your sweet comments, Becky! They make my day:) I hope you are having fun with getting ready for the shower. Those are such special occasions and I know you are working to make it a great memory!:)


  8. The peacocks are so pretty! I love looking at them. Their colors are gorgeous! Looks like everyone had fun on your outing. I love going to see places like that. It's very neat to see history. :)

    Have great day Becky! Keep smiling! :)


  9. i love going to st. augustine and walking around. we always park the car down by the fort in that little parking lot and just walk and walk and walk. in my younger days we used to rent bicycles and ride, not any more - i got a little bit old for that :O(. love your photos! and, i'll agree with everyone else - i've never seen a white peacock either - so beautiful!

  10. What a fun post! That white peacock is stunning! I hope you have a sunny and lovely day! The sun has finally arrived here as well --- it sure took a long time!


  11. We used to live in Manderine and went to St. Augustine all the time. We liked their beaches. How are you doing? Are you going to the convention in Orlando?

  12. Congrats to the winners. I couldn't even find anything on line!!! Love the peacocks, they sure are pretty!!

  13. Those are incredible pictures Becky!! Looks like a wonderful trip, and I have never seen an albino peacock before!! Peacocks are just gorgeous - and lots of people here keep them as pets - as a pair. The colours are amazing, but the white ones are just as spectacular!! Love and blessings to you all, hope you aren't working too hard!! Fiona x x

  14. Hi, Thanks for coming by! I had forgot about contest! Don't you just love St Aug. I want to go back and ride in the carriages. lol I could have done that here Christmas in a nearby town. Too cold. lol I find your email address and email you my address. I can't wait to get a surprise from you! Is it a Tree? lol I got to show you the one I see in my pasture. It is huge!
    Off to email

  15. The peacocks were stunning. I have heard of white peacocks but I have never seen one. My mom loved peacock feathers and for most of my growing up years she had a big vase of them by our piano in the living room. St. Augustine looks like a wonderful place to visit. I hope your went well with the bridal shower that you put on. Take care, Love, Elena

  16. Our neighbor has peacocks and for bottom heavy birds they can really fly when they need to. The white one is really awesome.

    From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

  17. OH MY, the white peacocks are gorgeous! I have never seen them either...looks like you enjoyed yourself!


  18. Morning friend....that white peacock if beautiful...I never even knew there was such a thing! Looks like you have a wonderful trip and I love 'Mrs Magpie'! lol lol She is just the sweetest thing...hope all is well on your side of the mountain and that you have a great weekend..that header pic is precious!

  19. It seems that you had beautiful time...


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