Friday, April 10, 2009


Easter greetings to all of my SWEETIES!!
Wednesday, me, Maddy, and Kristina, aka the
Three Musketeers went on a very fun homeschool outing.
Here we are! It was the picture perfect day to be outside!

When we reached our destination, we were greeted
by none other than this rather fetching fellow!!

What an amazing bird!! God had a lot of fun designing this
handsome feathered friend! You'll see more of him
in all of his glory in a future post.

Here is another special "Mom"
who came along just in time to show off her spring

What on earth is BBB?

Becky behind bars, of course!!!

This is my question for all of you...
(except those of you who live in Florida, Sue
at BPTL, or anyone else I may have told where we went.
Sorry gals...that would just be too
easy, now wouldn't it?)

Where am I in Florida that I might be behind bars???

The first person to comment and guess correctly will
win a surprise!!

I LOVE shopping for giveaways, so be sure you
make a guess!!

If no one guesses, I will start giving clues until
someone gets it right!!


I will be MIA for the next week in order to prepare
for a kind of large bridal shower we're hosting
for one of my daughter's best friends.

Each day I will check in, visit a few of you sweet friends,
and then get back to the work at hand!!

May your Easter celebration be a joyous one, full of
praise for our Mighty Risen Lord and King!!


May Christ Jesus, the Hope of mankind,
fill your heart with love, joy and peace

Happy Easter!!!

Love and hugs to you all,


  1. First of all, love the new haircut! Looks really cute sis-tah! I love peacocks...I have always been completely fascinated by them. For years, I had some feathers in a vase and I could just stare at all the colors in complete awe.

    I have NO IDEA where you are. Are you going to make me work for this? Did I mention I have company this weekend? I have to have TIME to tackle this challendge presented before me! I'm going to have to put my thinker on, and make sure I have some java to get all my spark plugs working upstairs!

    Have a wonderful and joyous Easter with your family!

    Nancemeister BFF-Kansas Style!

  2. I have no clue where you would be behind bars like that!!! But I love the picture of you and the girls. You look so happy and carefree!!! I'm going to google and see if I can figure out this mystery. I hope you take lots of pictures of the shower and share with us all the hard work you are doing! I'm sure it's going to be a beautiful event!!! Love the bird, love the colors!!!

  3. Oh my - maybe you're at the zoo! Please give us a clue! (do I get points for being a poet?)

    Looks like a wonderful outing!


  4. Hmmm--somewhere in Florida is about as good as I can guess!

    Looks like you girls had fun. Your hair is really cute, too!

    Easter blessings to you and your family, Becky☺

  5. cute photos! no idea where you went but it looks fun! Happy Easter!

  6. JAIL??? Ha!!!

    Hi Becky. Love the post. Only you can mix God's beauty, bars, and Easter greetings in one post! ha. You're so precious. The 3 Musketeers look gorgous! Have a blessed Easter dear friend~ WHAT A CELEBRATION, OUR LORD LIVES!

  7. Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine would be my guess! Yes, I googled it....girl I know nothing about Florida other then my 4th Great Uncle Joshua Reed Giddings wrote a book called "The Exiles of Flordia" published in 1858. A little history for you.....he served on the Whig party...then Republican under Abraham Lincoln. One of my other loves....Genealogy!

    Have a great week.....enjoy the bridal shower!
    Hugs~ T

  8. Wow, I'm sorry to say I am very unfamilar with Florida geography. So, I don't know, except you are in a jail. LOL The peacock is so beautiful! Have a blessed Easter and successful week getting ready for the bridal shower. How fun! Bye for now. Love, Elena

  9. Easter blessings to you dear friend.
    Love and hugs, Noreen

  10. Hi Becky
    You can't be in sunny Florida, what with you all bundled up in those jackets!!! How about Alaska? LoL It looks like you all had such a great time. This is what life is about making memories with those we love. It brings back such wonderful memories for me with my one and only daughter!! Now she is living over 2500 miles away, I am so glad to have the memories to look back on. Have a great and fun week I would love to be there to help and enjoy the shower with you!! You have my prayers as you go about your preparations that all will run smoothly. Wishing you and your family a most blessed and joyous Happy Resurrection Sunday.

  11. I think I have a 'get out of jail free' card someplace. Do you want me to send it to you. Have no idea where you are. But hugs!

  12. I have no clue where in the world you could be!

    Happy Easter, Becky & Family!!

  13. A gorgeous picture of you all together, on what sounds like a great day out. I admire you ladies who homeschool from the bottom of my heart - I think what you do is incredible - I just wish there was more of it here in Northern Ireland.

    And for the record I think you are in jail because Maddy has decided that for your own safety you are guilty of burning the candle at both ends and doing far too much!! You are in jail for a well earned rest!! Maybe not!! :)

    Love and prayers to you all, on this, the most special of Fridays,

    Fiona x

  14. I second the motion on your new haircut. Looks fun, flirty and contemporary. My guess is, maybe the Jacksonville zoo?

  15. Well, I think the Seattle area (my home) couldn't get much further from your home and still remain in the continental USA!! I don't know much about Florida except there are sharks, crocodiles, AND alligators. I think I'll have to wait for the clues!! Blessed Resurrection day to you and your family!!!

  16. Becky~ I don't know about a place with bars, but I'm going with the peacock-- Peacock Springs State Park?? (googled:)

    We vacationed in Venice one summer. So that's all I know about places in Florida.

    Anyway- it looks like you girls were having fun1 AND I love your haircut!! So cute:)

    Blessings to you and your family on this Easter weekend of celebrating our Saviour's awesome love for us so that we could be called His!!


    Linda C

  17. Hi Becky...I don't know where you are, but thanks for coming to visit me! I love your blog and will be following. I'm always so glad to find another sister in Christ! Have a wonderful Easter!

  18. um, I know, I know!!!! but awww, man, I can't tell because I'm a Florida gal myself!!! :O)
    how neat to have a little blog fun!!
    Happy Easter- He Is Risen!

  19. Oh I wish I knew, but alas
    I do not.

    But I know this..

    Fondly, Deena

  20. this looks like fun and i won't spill the beans about where you were :O). have fun with your bridal shower! and have a blessed Easter, dear bloggy friend :O)

  21. I love the hair cut! I use to keep mine real short, but with all these surgeries. I keep it long so Hubby can fix into a pony tail! lol I love the peacock, I use to have five. Now I am going to guess, I remember a place around Cresent Beach on the east coast, that had animals. Its called Marineland of Florida. Then there is a Fort made from the seashell rock at St Augustine. I wanted to ride the buggy there, but had to go to Jacksonville for a new computer.
    There is another place, I can't remember the name, You drive out to this old place where they kept prisoners, the room are cold and some wet. I think they were some kind of stone. I remember walking on top of the grass above looking down. There is a spot where they use to have cannons. Very historical to see, Hubby and I can't think of the name. Now there is a Jail at Cross City, at an old miltary base at the airport, but it still in use and hold prisoners.Hope you not in there! lol It's for men.

  22. Have a Happy Easter! I am doing way better! Trying to do too much! I pulled it loose a wee bit today, but I am doing OK. Not hurtng as much just when I move the wrong way! lol

  23. I've been on a blogging break a medical hiatus. So now...I'm catching up, by enjoying a stroll through the posts I've missed.
    When we lived in So Calif,there was a museum..the Huntington Library. There were several gardens in the vase acreage. They housed peacocks that walked freely around the grounds. The birds were so comfortable with their freedom to roam they'd wander into the neighboring homes yards too. So it wasn't unusual for someone to come home from work and find a peacock in their driveway.
    Come by for a visit, the company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  24. Happy Easter Becky.
    Enjoy this wonderful day

  25. Hi Becky! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter! I don't have a clue where you might be. :)

  26. Hey, Becky!! I am guessing that you are at a zoo--maybe you know the zoo people, and they simply agreed to take your picture behind the bars of a cage--and empty one of course!

    Glad that y'all had fun!! Enjoy your week!!


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