Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Extra!! Extra!! Read All About It!!

Well Sweeties, it is almost May!!!

Can you believe it??

How ya'll doing??

All here is good!!

If you are reading this you are no doubt one
of my bloggy friends who I admire and whose
opinion I value.

So, will you please help me and answer a
couple of questions??

My oldest daughter is Sam. She is over-the-top
creative and together we have been considering
opening up a handmade online boutique.

Here we are acting silly for little Miss Emily!!
(I know, I should have a more poised photo,
but I don't!!! We have the other ones stuck on
the old computer!! I'll get one soon!!)

The only thing we know for sure...it will be called

(drum roll, please)


It will feature handmade items made by us, and
also by my 11 yo daughter Maddy.

Here are my questions:

1.) When you see that a blog you're visiting
has an Etsy or Ebay shop or selling
blog, do you take the time to
check it out?

2.) Have you ever bought anything from one
of the above?

3.) Do you think you would be more likely to
make a purchase from an Etsy or Ebay
shop or a selling blog?

I so appreciate you taking the time to help
me with this little survey. I really do
value your input, and any suggestions
you might have!!!!


I also want to say thank you for all of your
sweet comments on my "Clean Slate" post.

I am so delighted that somehow God ministers
to some of you through what I share.

When people hurt, manipulate, use you or
otherwise mistreat you, realize that there
is only so much you can do
and just "let go" of the rest.

God's grace (unmerited favor) is shed abroad
in our hearts so that we may show
the same grace to others.
YES, even (especially) to those who have hurt us.
Don't carry it around and let it steal your joy!!

Hope your week is coming along splendidly!!

Blessings and Joy,


  1. Yahoo...you go girl!

    I do click on the ebay/etsy/selling blog links and have bought from them too!! It was a trial thing for me, I still have my etsy but my selling blog is doing so much better then etsy ever has.....it could be that there are so many others selling on there too.


  2. Hey! Been wondering where you were! Glad you're back and everything is going well. Love the picture of you and your daughter, it looks like you were having tons of fun when the picture was taken! When I see that blogs have etsy shops, I do visit them. I haven't purchased anything from them though. I'm not real good at purchasing on line! I will definitely check yours out and maybe you'll be my first purchase...who knows?? Hope you get more comments with a little more help than what I can give!!! Enjoy your day!

  3. I love Ebay. Never have heard of Etsy. Sounds like a good project to work on with your daughter that you'll both enjoy... :)

  4. Becky that sounds so cool! The only blog I have seen an Etsy shop is Kelli's blog "No Place, Like Home" I have gone there and checked her beautiful things out, but I have not bought anything. I think it would be a great idea to have a link on your blog to a seperate website with your craft business. I have heard that Etsy is good because people go there to look for handmade items. Maybe you could do both. I will be praying for this project that all the details will come together! Love, Elena

  5. Hey how is it going.... Oh I guess you just said it is going good... sorry... Glad to hear it... Well here is my 2 cents... but remember you asked ~wink~ LOL

    1.) When you see that a blog you're visiting
    has an Etsy or Ebay shop or selling
    blog, do you take the time to
    check it out? I do visit Etsy shops over Ebay... I do buy things on Ebay, but I only go there when I am searching for something... Etsy I buy from too and enjoy the creativity of it... What I like best about Etsy over Ebay in our situation is set price and no waiting to see if I win... Plus when people shop at Etsy they are looking for home-handmade creative pieces of art from talented people, like your family!!!

    2.) Have you ever bought anything from one
    of the above?

    3.) Do you think you would be more likely to
    make a purchase from an Etsy or Ebay
    shop or a selling blog? Both take paypal... but to be honest when I go to a blog with a EBay logo for their items I do not go and explore it at all, Etsy I do...

    Don't know if that helps at all on not...

    Looking forward to seeing the items... whereever you decide!!!


    Just A Gal...

  6. OH as for the selling shops.... I don't know if I have ever seen one... so not sure about that...

    Have a great night!

  7. If I see a picture with the Etsy shop that looks interesting I will look at it. I have never bought anything from any of them though! Sorry if this is not any help. I have never bought anything off of Ebay either. I love to do crafts myself though, so if I see something I like, I like to figure it out and make it.

  8. Hey Becky,
    I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY check out your etsy shop!
    AND OHHHH yeah I have in fact bought from someone. I have bought on ebay a LOT... and Etsy rocks too.

    Anxious to see your handmades!
    Love the photo of Maddy on your sidebar in the cool shades. lol Princess Penelope has stolen my heart. I can't get over how TEENY the legs look on your bird photo to the right. No wonder birds fly instead of walk. heehee
    Have a dayYYyYYyyYY!

  9. I have bought from ebay and etsy. I do click on the sidebar etsy buttons.

    All the best in this adventure, Becky!

  10. Hi, Becky Love the name, maybe it should include what you would be selling, I had a florist and a Nail Salon and a Tanning/Nail Salon. Yes I love Ebay, and now shop on Craig List too. I do sometimes go to blog Etsy shops, and yes I have bought from them, but not as often as Ebay. I also love the site Make Mine Pink, You have your own website made through them and they advertise in magazines, for you. I get updates every Friday and the shops I most like I get an email update on what they are selling that week, and not its not all pink. I love this site so much! PS did you get my email about my address?

  11. Hi Becky, yes to all of your questions. I would buy from Etsy before Ebay. I have enjoyed the Etsy shopping even though I haven't purchased alot. Best wishes to you and your darling daughters.


  12. Hi Becky,
    I am sorry for coming by so late tonight, but late night is when I have to blog.

    I think this is such a great idea, I say go for it. I so admire people whom God has gifted to be able to create with their hands.
    I would rather have something someone had made than something that had been massed produced. It has so much love in it too.

    And just think this would be something you and your daughtrs can do together. I know if my daughter had lived near by we would have done something as she is so talented.I will be praying God's blessings,
    on your new adventure and am looking forward to seeing and hopfullyl being able to buy, blessings,

  13. Hi Honey...
    I have been crazy busy for past couple of days, so sorry I couldn't visit sooner.
    I have tried to buy from selling blogs (never fast enough)...I buy from eBay all the time...I have bought from Etsy occasionally. I do check out the bloggers eBay or Etsy stores if I like what I see on their blogs...
    That said,
    I can't wait to see what you have to show us!!!!
    Good for you!


  14. Oh I think that is a wonderful idea and doing this with your daughters is a bonus!

    1.) When you see that a blog you're visiting
    has an Etsy or Ebay shop or selling
    blog, do you take the time to
    check it out?
    It really depends on what they are selling..but often I do at least check it out.

    2.) Have you ever bought anything from one
    of the above? Yes, I have.

    3.) Do you think you would be more likely to
    make a purchase from an Etsy or Ebay
    shop or a selling blog?

  15. I have done all 3....and yes I check out what people make and love buying from friends...
    my preference is to buy from those who sell via their own SELLING blog..why..it cuts out the $$$ Etsy and Ebay both make....when you can do a blog..and sell from that, I think that is wonderful..that is just my opinion...and others have ideas that I am sure are wonderful...
    weigh it all....see what works, you know you can ALWAYS change you mind...and btw..love the name...
    Press on..can't wait to see your treasures..


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