Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a Great Valentine's Day!!

To start my day off with a bang! hubby prepared an awesome omelet for us to enjoy!! And enjoy we did!! It was so simple, just onion and cheese with his touch of special seasonings!! He is so good at seasonings!!

Definitely kissed the cook!! ;o)

He got me these lovely roses and lillies! What a delightful fragrance!!

Then I ventured out and went to a couple of my very favorite places in a nearby town. Oh what fun I had!! Uppity Women is one of the shops and the other one is Somewhere in Time. Next time I go to SIT I will definitely take my camera! So many pretties!!

I found some things I really love...but I'm not going to show you right now!! I am going to participate in Tablescape Thursday this week, and will include them there!!

I can tell you this...I got a new BOTTLE!! Yes, I love glass bottles of all sorts!! This one is especially pretty!! Can't wait to show you!!

Here is the heart pin I purchased from Lilly again!! This time on a Valentine's gift bag for a close friend. These little pins are so versatile!!

I hope that you all had a lovely Valentine's Day today!! I don't think my day could have been any nicer!! Thank You, Lord!!

Sunshine, joy and hugs!!


  1. oh sounds like fun, Becky---my husband makes us cheese (diet) omelets every day...can you believe that, everyone thinks I am spoiled...but then we have some time together in the morning before he leaves...we are up at 5------he gets in the shower---I iron his clothes, make his lunch, always with some little note, get his coffee ready in his travel mug and give him a kiss for us..
    Our new Beautyrest bed was delivered I am pleased...ironed my dust ruffle--doing sheets quilts and everything so everything will be fresh...yep a busy a productive V-day--had Subway for dinner...I am looking forward to your tablescape and your new that sounds like F-U-N!!!!to me...
    Have a wonderful Lord's day.

  2. Awww Becky, what a sweet hubby you have!
    Your flowers are so lovely. I'm glad you had a good V. Day. Post a pic. of your new do!!! I'm excited to see it. I'm a beautician by trade... love good hair days!
    Have a blessed Lords Day tomorrow.

  3. Becky~
    You pick up those knitting needles Girl! And... Yes ~ Yay for yarn soup! Thought you'd like that one:)
    Your kind words on my blog were the perfect end to my already lovely Valentine's Day. Thanks so much.
    My hubby started out the day making breakfast for me too. Thank the Good Lord for Great husbands!!! {Your flowers are beautiful}.

  4. What a beautiful boquet yor husband got for you,it was very nice of him to cook breakfast for you also.I love the little heart pins you have gotten from Lily they are so cute.Can not wait to see your little treasures on Tablescapes.

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely day! I really love your header picture! Orchids are so amazing.

  6. I am glad you have a wonderful Husband! The flowers are lovely, two of my favorite roses and lilies! I went through all your post I have missed. I love the heart pins, they are adorable! Got to show Hubby the one on the practice race. He keeps running in from working on his feed bin to see if the race is on. lol And I was hoping he was moving the computer into the armoire today. He has it under the TV now, told him it was not a good thing! lol Thanks for all your kind words, I feeling a lot better, now if you want to help me sew a corset... lol I am putting it off. But with grands, all under 5 its tough to do anything. Well unless you are reading to them. Hopefully they will have a sitter soon. Both of my son-in-laws have jobs back. Then I will go to Physical Therapy. I have two baby chicks born today! Mama Hen, Diamond took them off the nest, had to put her and rest of the eggs in a coop, with the chicks. We had fun trying trying to catch them! lol

  7. Awh! Sweet Hubby! That was so thoughtful! I'm glad you had a great Valentines Day! : )


    p.s. I love those little heart pins!

  8. How sweet that your hubby made breakfast for you! My hubby's speciality is crepes for breakfast. He has to make tons and tons of them for us. He actually gave ME for Christmas a two burner griddle, but I think it's really for him!! Enjoyed hearing of your day!!

  9. You have a loving and thoughtful husband!
    Gracie at

  10. are too sweet! I am so happy you like the heart pins. You've made my day!! Happy Valentine's Day to a Sweetheart!
    <3 Lilly


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