Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Did It! Wednesday Example

This is an example of something you can post for We Did It! Wednesday.

We literally did this today because of time issues we ran into! We had a good time making these cute wax hearts, and really liked the end results!!

They are easy, but do take a little more time than I thought they would, probably because of cutting the hearts out.

The picture below shows what we used to make them. The cookie cutters can be found at WalMart and Michael's for around $2.

Martha Stewart recommends using kraft paper but I didn't have any so I used a little better quality gift wrap. need a pencil sharpener, too.

You can get the tutorial by going to and looking for Valentine's crafts and decor. Tried to link the page, but it didn't work.

What we used:

My Maddy!!

Made crayon shavings

Ironed them between 2 sheets of wax paper, with gift wrap on top and bottom

Traced cookie cutter heart onto wax paper

Cut out heart

The dynamic duo!!

The rest of the hearts

All finished!! We hung the hearts in the breakfast nook window!

Same place with blinds up

Remember, We Did It! Wednesday is to encourage one on one time with your children, grown children, & grandchildren whether it's a shopping trip, a fun activity, crafts, a game whatever. Just show us some fun and give us some ideas to try with our kids!!

Don't wrack your brain here, just find something fun to do and share it!!

Hope you'll join in next week. Mr. Linky will be up by 10:00 Tuesday night so you can link up!!



  1. Those are beautiful.. perfect for valentines day..

  2. These are beauiful Becky! So are you and your sweet daughter!

  3. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing. I am not creative in the least, but can copy something if given good directions. I've been wanting to do something for Valentine's Day, but was afraid to even mention to the kids that it's coming up for FEAR they would want to do a craft. Now we can! You've saved the day!!!

  4. Hi Becky! You won! I drew your name! Email me your info and I will get your gift!!!! :)


    PS there have many many craft days that my daughter and I have shared... sweet sweet memories!

  5. Okay, first of all it looks like it would take forever to get the crayon shavings!! Did it take long to do that? Because the end result is just way too adorable!!! I love how they look by your window!!! AND, this is the first picture I'm seeing of you and you are not at all how I pictured!! Very nice! Enjoyed the picture of both you and your daughter. Seems like you both had a great time and a wonderful memory that she'll remember for years to come!! Hope your day was great!

  6. The crayon shavings go very quickly, and so does the ironing. The cutting out takes the longest. Maddy enjoyed making them, but really didn't like cutting them out after the first few.

    It is really easy and would be difficult to mess up. You could always make just big ones and wouldn't have to make as many.

    Give it a go. Sure is an inexpensive, but very festive decoration!!


  7. oh these are so pretty--what a great project.

  8. I love this craft,I would like to try it with my grands to do for their moms for Valentines day.The hearts are so pretty hanging in the window.

  9. These are very cute Becky! So is the picture of you and your daughter. :)

  10. I don't know how I pictured you, just not darked hair...that's it. I thought you would have blond hair since you live in Florida. That's so silly of me!!! But you definitely do not look your age at all!!! Very cool, young looking! I was shocked when you told me on my blog you were 50!!! Whatever you're doing, share it with us, please!!! Have a blessed day.

  11. Love how they look like! It seems also easy to do, maybe me too can try! (you look so nice, btw)
    Gracie at

  12. Wow, I love those hearts, so festive and happy! Great picture with Maddy, you guys look a lot alike.

  13. Just so wonderful!!! I love watching the time shared!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Just A Gal...

  14. What a wonderful post Becky, a great result from you and your beautiful daughter! What a really lovely girl. It is so great that you and she share these kinds of things, you are a wonderful inspiration to those of us who have little ones coming along a few years behind.

    I am looking forward, a few years from now, to taking part in this fantastic idea, and sharing something that me and Baby Kay have done together. At the minute it mainly involves tearing up the TV guide and finding pieces of toast that got lost in the carpet!!

    Blessings to you and your beautiful girl for the coming weekend dear one!

    Fiona x

  15. I love this idea with the hearts. I think I will do it for Mother's Day for presents for the daycare children to give to their mommy's.


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