Friday, February 13, 2009

Sharing Some Valentine Fun and Love!!


I'm a day early, but have a busy day today and tomorrow and may not be able to post!

I said I would show a couple of different ways to decorate with the little heart pins I purchased from Lilly, and here they are.

I found some deep red ribbon, tied a loose knot, pinned on the heart and added a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary. What do you think? It makes me smile!

Here is the pink cream and pink heart. I just got some coordinating ribbon, looped it and pinned on the heart. It could be hung on cabinet doors, door knobs, dresser knobs...almost anywhere for that special Valentine touch!

It would like so great surrounded by more pink, but my whole house is earth tones!!

I'll probably use two of them on gift bags. I'll post those later!

Last year I started a Keepers At Home girls club. (you can learn more about them here) We have had such fun with these girls, most of whom we did not previously know.

Yesterday we had a Valentine's party here and had a blast!!

Remember these wax and crayon hearts Maddy and I made? I took them from the window and hung them on the chandy for party decor!!

I want to share a Valentine one of the girls made with her Mom for me...what a sweet token of appreciation! And a lot of work!!

The lettering is quilled paper, fine beads adorn the edges, the pink strip is woven across the top, and there are little cut-outs and pop-up hearts, AND the Bible verse Ps 17:17, A friend loves at all times, written out in gold paint pen!

Simply lovely!

I am leaving you today with some sweet quotes about LOVE...that's what this day is really all about...sharing love (and spreading joy) :o)

Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters. ~~William Curry

Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.
~~Crystal Middlemos

Love is something you can't describe, like the look of a rose, the smell of rain, or the feeling of forever. ~~Kristen Kappel

If you would be loved, love and be lovable. ~~Benjamin Franklin


Have a wonderful day today, and a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!!

Be sure and pour out some of your special loving on those around you!!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Cute decorating ideas Becky!!!! May you have a terrific weekend! Happy Valentines day sweet friend! T

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Becky!

    I remember doing some quilling in the 1970's when I was in a University of MO Extension Club. I learned so many neat things while in the organization. We moved away and I didn't find an extension club in our new home town.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggy Friend! I hope yours is blessed and full of LOVE!

    I love the red on heart on the towel and the chandelier decor! And wow! that valentine is awesome.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a great Valentine post and I had no idea how tiny those hearts were. They are adorable and you made them more so.
    Roberta Anne

  5. What a wonderful and heart warming post.

    Just love the decorations, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Clare xx

  6. Hello Becky,
    It is always so refreshing to come by for a visit with you, You are so gifted with your hands, but most of all with your heart. You have done a great job and Maddy too. I keep saying that I am going to add more pink but earth tones just have a way of drawing me too!!!Let me wish you a very Happy Valentines Day!!!
    Blessings, Sue

  7. What pretty things to share~ Happy valentines day to you too~

  8. I love the pictures you shared with us! Love how you decorated with the cute little hearts you purchased!! Thanks for sharing the pretty things. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and lots of love comes your way!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!!

  9. Happy Valentines A Day Early!!

  10. What a lovely Valentines Post....doesn't matter that it is all your ideas and your card you receieved..very precious..have a day filled with love ....

  11. Happy Valentine's Day Becky! Your decorations are lovely and the valentine you received is just precious. I loved all the detail. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you! Elena

  12. Love how you displayed these adorable hearts! Thanks for the ideas. Have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!

  13. I enjoyed seeing all your pretties, and the handmade valentine you received. I'm glad you mentioned the Keepers of Home as I'd not heard of it before and I've now got it bookmarked. It sounds like a great think to do with my tween.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  14. Hi Becky! I love the quotes - beautiful. The towel with rosemary is my favorite!

  15. I LOVE those little pins - they are adorable!

    By the way, I have finally added you to the 5:16 list - sorry it took me so long! :)

  16. Becky~
    All of your pretty Valentines make ME smile!:)
    Thanks for the love quotes and pretty Valentine pictures. Enjoy your busy Valentine weekend!

  17. You know I love those sweet vintage images!!

    Happy Valentines Day to you my sweet blogging buddy! :)


  18. Your decorating ideas are awesome. I love how those wax hearts look. That sounds like a fun project. Thank for all your fun comments about my adventures with Stella. I am glad you enjoyed my posts with about her.

  19. Great post! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up!

  20. A very happy and blessed Valentine's Day to you and all who you love, Becky. Your heart mobile looks just beautiful.

    Fiona x

  21. Yes, Becky --- absolutely a God thing! Isn't He wonderful?

    I love all your hearts, especially the stitched ones! Very sweet!


  22. Me and my daughter Lindsey enjoyed looking at your blog... Thanks for taking the time to enjoy my love story... Great to meet you. Hope to hear from you soon.. Jaime

  23. Just a beautiful post, Becky! I love all your hearts, especially yours that makes us feel so welcome to come into your home and see your pretty things:)

    All the Valentines and the love quotes are just perfect for Valentines Day!

    Thanks for making me smile:)

    Linda C

  24. That quilled Valentine is absolutely adorable! I've missed so much over here. Just too busy to keep up with everything. Glad you had a nice V day!


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