Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paper Crafting Thursday-Handmade Cards

Kellishouse graciously hosts this event! Jump over there for more paper-crafting inspiration!!

Look what Kelli sent me!! She has a drawing each week for those who participate on Thursday, and she picked my name!! YAY!!
I'll show what I make with these pretty papers next week!!

OK, please continue to indulge me and my bragging on my Maddy!!
She got the idea for the grass from a Stampin' Up mini catalog, and the rest was in her creative little mind!!

Such a sweet Valentine! She entered her cards in the fair last year and got first place (and $5 cash)

Now one from me with a pretty purchased heart embellishment

I LOVE all the neat stuff you can purchase premade!!
Have a glorious day, ya'll!!
Hugs all around!


  1. I do pages and not too many cards but this would translate into a beautiful page, thanks for sharing.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Beautiful cards, Becky. DD and I have started recently making cards and we love it though we have to work more on that. And I also love that material you got from Kelli. She is such an inspiration and always has beautiful things to show.

  3. Maddy's card is precious! Love your valentine card cute!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Third time, maybe this will work? Anyway, I love that you won something so you can share with your daughter! Love the grass card with the flowers growing up behind! Very nice work! Are you on Facebook?? And you may find that this is the third comment I'm trying to send. Not sure what is going on. Please, I'm not stalking you!! Just trying to get one to take!

  5. I was browsing through your blog last night looking at pic's. Maddy is beautiful.
    I'm hesitate to say this due to all the stalkers, etc. in internet land, but do you have a pic. of you on your blog? I know you're beautiful too, cause I can tell you're so lovely on the inside! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, you are so encouraging. Have a blessed day!

  6. Great craft items , you are very talented.

  7. I was right, you are beautiful inside and out!

  8. What a great project to do together! All of the cards are just wonderful! I can see why Maddy is a prize-winning craftsperson!

    I scrolled on down and looked at your "We did It-Wednesday" post-- the hearts look so pretty in the light of your window:) That Martha-she just keeps coming up with them, huh? It really looks like a fun project.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful crafts!

    Linda C

  9. Thank you so much for the wonder comment you left me, it meant so much!!! You are so wonderful!

    Your card is wonderful and what a wonderful gift too!!!

    Have a Blessed Night!
    Just A Gal...

  10. Cute cards! I agree some of the pre-made stuff is incredible.


    P.S. bragging on beautiful daughters.... it's pretty much mandatory! : )

  11. Beautiful cards Becky! Maddie is quite creative! Blessings!

  12. What a gorgeous card and congratulations to Maddy!


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