Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart of the Home Tuesday / GOT CLUTTER??

CLUTTER! ACK!!! Did you feel the earth move?? The very mention of the word makes me shudder!! I abhor clutter, yet it still sneaks up on me!! How about you?

In this article by Cynthia Ewer, (excerpted http://www.organizedhome.com/) she says that the battle against clutter begins in our minds...that we have a clutter personality!!! OH NO!!!

~~Well, I certainly found mine...take a guess at which one is me!! The one who comments and guesses correctly first will be sent a sweet little gifty of some sort!~~

WHAT'S YOUR CLUTTER PERSONALITY?? Which of these internal voices strikes a chord?
The Hoarder: "This might come in hand someday!"

If cabinets and closets are crammed with egg cartons, cracked margarine containers, and old magazines, there's likely Hoarding behavior underlying the clutter.
Hoarders need to be remind themselves that resources will always be available.
Reassure yourself! Stuff will be with us always, and start to unload!!

The Deferrer: "I'll think about that tomorrow!"
Those of the deferral mindset are guilty of the great set-aside. Bills, notices, old newspapers, items that need cleaning or repair, and household projects are all set aside to be dealt with another day.
Deferrers need to be reminded that tomorrow has no more time or energy than today--and that deferring decisions drags down each new day with yesterday's unfinished business.
The Deferrer's answer...take action...momentum will follow.
The Rebel: "I don't wanna and you can't make me!"
Rebels were forced to pick up after themselves as children; as adults, they're still rebelling, as they did in their youth.
Rebel clutter can be anything, but often centers on household activities. No, the Rebel won't put his or her clothes in the hamper, cereal bowl in the dishwasher etc...
Rebels need to remind themselves that the war is over.

Tell that inner Rebel, "It's okay--I'm the parent now, and I want a house that's nice to live in.

The Perfectionist: "Next week, I'll organize everything--perfectly!"
Perfectionists are wonderful people, but they live in an all-or-nothing world. They do wonderful things--when they do them!

The Perfectionist can't abide doing a less-than-perfect job. Without the time to give 110% to the project, the Perfectionist Clutterer prefers to let matters--and the piles of stuff--slide.

Perfectionists need to remember the 20/80 rule. Doing 20% of every job will take care of 80% of the problem!! Make peace with doing 20% and they'll get moving!!

Well, which one are you... c'mon...'fess up!! Almost every home has a little clutter lurking somewhere!!

Next Tuesday we will get to some serious decluttering methods!!

Remember an organized home is...well...just way easier!!! (usually happier, too!)


Mr. Linky will be up at 10:00 EST for We Did It! Wednesday!! Hope you'll join in the fun!!


  1. Total guess: Hoarder???
    I am a Perfectionist.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Are you a Perfectionist!?

    I have to admit to it I lean more on the Perfectionist side myself! I really have to laugh about it....I was just working on todays study for ladies Bible study and Beth Moore was talking about perfectionism and how God isn't interested in our steller preformance but in our hearts....boy did it hit home for me cause I am always worried about doing it right.

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

  3. I am a perfectionist one Becky - and I need to wise myself up a bit. I usually end up feeling so overwhelmed by wanting to all done right, and done now, that I end up in a tailspin going nowhere! I like that idea of making peace with my 20% - it's a lovely philosophy.

    You explain it so beautifully I am guessing you are also a perfectionist??

  4. I think I am a little of all--that is scary!!

  5. Hmmmm...Are you a Perfectionist Hoarder??? :-D
    I know that I am a Perfectionist Hoarder. I really like that 20/80 way of thinking. I will start today! heheheh

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Becky...Clutter is a nasty word for me too...ICK!

    I can't say I fit any of them perfectly....but I am probably closest to the perfectionist...Hubby is a HOARDER!

    There was a time in my life when I was overwhelmed with clutter....but those days are gone. I have no problem tossing things. If there is something Mr. Hoarder doesn't use anymore but resists tossing..I put in in a cabinet in the utility room...if she doesn't ask about it for say a month then it's gone. Once a year I have a burning...old bills, papers from work and school...burn baby burn!

  7. I meant to say "If HE doesn't ask about it for say a month then it's gone"

  8. Hi Becky, My guess is that you might be a perfectionist. I am a perfectionist and have been allll my life. I don't like clutter,does that mean my house doesn't get cluttered!!!!LOL!You bet it does!!!
    Great Post.

  9. Good word, Becky. I, too hate clutter, but I seem to have one corner of my kitchen that is the clutter magnet. When I get tired of it I throw it all in a box and go through it when I discover I'm missing something I know I kept "somewhere"! The perfectionist in me is in complete control of the contents of the box and at least I know where to look!!! Loving your Tuesdays. Thanks and blessings to you!

  10. Someone's already guess Perfectionist, but that's the one I think too. That's what I am for sure! I want everything perfect at one time! Sakes alive, and to get it that way can kill a person! ha.
    Happy Tuesday to you and yours.

  11. WELL, Tami at Aunt Mimi's Creations was the first to guess correctly!! PERFECTIONIST!! Yep...guilty!!! My Dad always said "If you're going to do it, do it right the first time!" I always knew he was a perfectionist to the enth degree, but never thought I was! LOL!!

    It took me until I was 49 to realize I had this problem!!

    Over about the past ten months, I have implemented the 20/80 rule, and it has helped me so much.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! I have a few elephants left, so I am talking mostly to myself ya'll!!

    Tami, just email your snail mail address to holidayinthesun_1@yahoo.com and I will send out your surprise by the end of the week!!

    It's funny how many of you were right!!

    Clutter buster for life!!

  12. I would say you're a perfectionist. As for me I guess I'm more on the rebel side, sliding onto the hoarder sometimes......I know, I'm a mess!!!
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  13. I am a cross between the Deferrer and the Perfectionist, with a touch of the Hoarder thrown in for good measure. Dh is a full-blown Hoarder. I'm guessing that you are a Perfectionist.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  14. I don't know what I am. Everything is a mess. Probably I am a Deferrer. Procratinating a lot! Yep that is me. I need to do....nah I don't feel like doing that either.


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