Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Did It! Wednesday-Strike a Pose!!


This is a new event and it's purpose is to promote quality one-on-one time with children and grandchildren, no matter their age, and to share ideas of fun things to do together!!

Some examples are an outing, crafts, cooking, literally anything you do for fun with the little people and not so little people in your family!

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment with your first name, and I will add your name with a link to your blog. Be sure to link back to here, so visitors can see what everyone else did, too!! Hope you'll join in!!
Please feel free to take the button in my sidebar to add to yours!!

1. Sue
4. Lilly
5.You're next!!!

A couple of days ago Maddy and I picked up her cousin Kristina to come over for a visit. These two were born 3 weeks apart, and are as close as sisters!! It is just so cute!!

I had some chores to finish, but told them when I was done, we'd go somewhere they wanted to go. They chose Target!!

Maddy is the youngest of our four daughters, and has 2 older sisters (20 & 23) that are quite the fashionistas!! She has this thing for fidoras (is that how you spell it?)

Here they are just a hammin' and glammin'!! We had a blast!! They totally cracked me up!! This is my Maddy!

and Kristina!!

They love playing dress up! Maddy has a wig collection and they dream up characters to play. My favorites are Wanda and Indiana. I'll have to do a post on those two characters next time they visit!! I'll give you a little preview...Wanda is an elderly, gum crackin' southerner who can never find her ointment!! It is a HOOT!!! Quite the imaginations!!

But back to the Tar-jay Divas!!

Can't you just feel the fun they had??

Kristina sporting "shutter shades" that match her shirt!!

That was all of the hammin', but I just made it their time and took them around to whatever they wanted to look at!! No purchases were made except my new ergonomic mouse pad!! (LOVE IT) But a good time was had by all!!

Hope this made you smile!! What have you guys been up to?



  1. Becky,
    Seeing this brings back so many memories of time spent with my daughter,Susan. I know you all had a blast. They look like they really have fun together. You all are making memories that will last a lifetime
    And as always thank you for stopping by, and your sweet words of encouragement I always look forward to visiting with you.

  2. Looks like fun! They even look like sisters!

  3. Aw it looks like they both had such a great time! I remember doing things like that with my friends when I was younger!

  4. How sweet they are!! My Maggie would fit right in...she's 10 and loves dress-up and Target!
    God bless, Lilly

  5. They really seem to enjoy the visit to the store!

  6. You are so sweet to take your dd's cousin shopping with you and to make sure she is getting some family time. They look like they had a blast! I'm dating myself here, but I had a pair of those shuttered glasses in the eighties.

    Thanks for the invite to participate. I've got to give it some thought....

    Have a good Wednesday ☺

  7. This takes me back to the time when I was your daughters age and we would go to the mall...Trying on hats and glasses...being silly...and most important...scoping out the cute boys.
    Your daughter is adorable...she has her mothers smile.

  8. by the way...when I said "we would go to the mall" I meant my girlfriends and I.
    I'm sure you realized that...however I have not had my coffee yet so my brain is running on idle. LOL

  9. How cute are those girls???? I should have posted my hubby changing our light fixtures today so I could participate in your theme, but as you know it's my son's bday, so I had to give the blog to him today!!! I'm thinking for next week!!! I'll be back to check on the other ladies who participate!! Oh, wanted to know, the flowers that you post at the top of your post, are they from your garden??? They are so pretty!!!

  10. Target is great too. It's really the time spent together that matters..

  11. I love this post. The girls smile had me smiling the whole time I read it. I am participating in we did it wednesdays and Lindsey is picking where we go today... I will let you know in my blog later w/ a few picks what she decided... I am glad your girls (friend included) had such a good time. Happy Wednesday to you both.

  12. They look like sisters too! What a fun thing to do and they look like they were having a ball.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    from Roberta Anne

  13. The cutest! Love the post!

    Have (another) awesome day, Becky!


  14. Love today's post. I'm working to think of something so we can participate. Would making it through the day with out having someone fall off a chair, or breaking out in a quarrel, or actually getting through our entire planned curriculum count?!? LOL It's survival of the fittest around here!

    God bless you for pouring into your neice's life. May the returns be great as she is provided an example of stability and love!

    Hugs to you today, friend!

  15. What a fun time! I love the poses...and those glasses that matched her shirt wre adorable!! Need to run to Marshall's and the thrift store ....looking for containers to hide stuff/junk in the study that I'm redoing! Have a great day!

  16. Becky~
    These girls are just precious. They even look like sisters. I will be praying for Kristina.
    So glad she & Maddy are so close & had such a great time just going to Target.
    What would we do without the laughter of children?
    I'll look forward to some of their dress up pictures in the future.
    Much Love,

  17. Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving such a sweet comment, I appreciate that. It is a pleasure to meet you. Your blog is beautiful...I love the music and the scriptures in the sidebar.
    What a fun post this is...those girls sure know how to have fun...they are so adorable in their hats and sunglasses...I know they make your day...
    Hope you have a beautiful day...I will be back again soon...

  18. I love the photos! Especially the one of Kristina with the shades that match her shirt! Ha! Too cute. I can't help but wonder what people in the store were thinking as you were clicking on the camera. LOL!

    Here's a link from me. It's an older post but I haven't had the girls much lately. :)

  19. Dearest Becky, your blog is always filled with so much love and positivity, especially where your daughter is concerned. It is a real joy to read it, and for me to think about the days ahead with Baby Kay, and hope that she and I have the same kind of special, close relationship that you and Maddy have. She is a joyful credit to you, and she is blessed to have you as her wonderful mother.

    Hope you are having a great week Becky,

    Fiona x

  20. That sounded like a lot of fun! They sure are cute and have big imaginations. What a great idea to do, that is not too far away and doesn't cost a lot but I am sure the rewards are out of this world! Your friend, Elena

  21. Totally made me smile! I have a cousin that I am sooo close to, just like these two goof balls. Can't wait to meet Wanda and Indiana! :) LOL

    Hey! On another note!!! So glad you got your big prize!! :) Can you tell I was nervous they would break...he he he. I can't wait to see what you do with them on Friday.
    Many Blessings to you!

  22. Well those two look like they could be sisters,it is so nice that they are that close and have such fun together.It looks like the girls had a blast.I can not wait til my grand daughters are that age.

  23. Hi girl, just to put my following here to link up- so i get to drop in on some of the activities here as well !

    hugs.. Silver

  24. What a cute post. Your girls are adorable and it is so good to see kids have such good "clean" fun. Love it!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I warn you...vintage tableware is addictive. Once you get started...you will never find a stopping point!

  25. Becky, what a sweet post! I wandered over from Thankful Thursday to wish you a happy day!


    Sheila :-)

  26. This is such a cute post, Becky! Loved it!

  27. Becky~ These girls are stylin'!

    Such cute pictures and look like so much fun:)

    You are a great mom and aunt! You all are making great memories!!

    Linda C


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