Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heart of the Home Tuesday / Clutter Busters Part 2

The Clutter Personality Test (click here if you missed it) last week revealed that most of you have the same issue as me...perfectionism...that paralyzes us because we don't want to take on anything unless we KNOW we have the time to do it properly and finish it.

How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time...

Just beginning is the hardest part...once we get started, gratification will take over, and we will get a deep sense of pleasure in how much more smoothly our days will unfold.

Here are some multi-tasking ideas that help us take small steps toward managing clutter and achieving the organized home we desire!!
(excerpts One Minute Organizer/Donna Smallin)

While cookies are baking---12 minutes in the kitchen :
~~Plan dinners for the week and write a grocery shopping list.

~~Organize your junk drawer. Toss the stuff that's really garbage, like toys from fast-food restaurants, dusty plastic silverware and wrappers from used packs of batteries. Then use a compartmentalized plastic tray to separate loose stamps, paper clips, coins and things that aren't really junk.

Here are pics of one of my utensil drawers I organized:

before (bleh!)

after: (Ahhh!)
(white tray from WalMart)

~~Organize your pantry: throw out expired cans, stale bread and cereal boxes with only crumbs left.

~~Spruce up your spice drawer or cabinet: put the spices you use most toward the front, and throw out "mystery" spices without labels.

~~Chop up some fruit and make a fruit salad for tomorrow.

During TV commercials---4 minutes in the family room

~~Organize a DVD shelf or book shelf, and make a donation pile of movies your kids have outgrown and books you won't read again.

~~Venture under the couch to hunt dust bunnies.

~~Put all toys (including the dog's) in a toy box or basket in the corner of the room.

~~Recycle old magazines, and put those you intend to read in the magazine rack.

While the kids are brushing their teeth---5 minutes in their bedroom

***You may want to wait to do these things with your kids***

~~Organize the sock and underwear drawer, tossing anything that no longer fits or just doesn't look wearable anymore.
~~Put all stray stuffed animals into baskets.

~~Turn down the bed, pull down the shade and turn on a lamp. You're all ready for bedtime stories.

~~Put all stray tapes and CDs into their cases. To get your child involved, buy a colorful plastic carrying case for him to store his lullaby and playtime music in.
~~Lay out an outfit for the next day.
I'll be sharing more personal pics in the next few weeks...junk drawers, video/dvd storage, closets, bedrooms etc...
I have always had the "bones" of organization, but it can get easily out of hand with our busy lives!!
I am actively implementing these strategies, so join me each Tuesday for the next few weeks as my home becomes an "Oasis of Organization"!!
Joyful blessings,


  1. What a great post! I think I'll tackle one of my drawers tonight while I'm waiting for stuff to cook, etc. Love the before and after shot. I did do a little reorganizing in my cabinets a few weeks ago, but need to tackle my drawers as well.

    Sorry your daughter was involved in an accident!! Hope she's okay! My 16 year is going out again today looking for work, well, we're going out as I will be driving her!!

    Hope your day is going well and you're enjoying nice weather!!!

  2. Becky, come to my house, PLEASE! LOL! I have a sign that says, "I'll worry about that tomorrow." I need to worry about that today! This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice (and clean) in it! :-)



  3. Great post about a few minutes here and there can get the job done. This summer I am sending my drawers to the wood shed and expect to get them back with little wooden dividers in them that are big enough to hold my cooking tools.

    Tuesday Tidings from Roberta Anne

  4. Great post Becky! I am not one to sit still to long unless it is in front of the computer, a good move/show on tv or visiting with friends! How there is something to do all the time with only two adults in our home I have no clue, but there always is. Thanks for the wonderful tips!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. This is such a useful post Becky - even taking 5 minutes to think about tackling one small thing is a help isn't it. When Baby Kay goes down for her nap the first thing I do without fail is tidy all her toys back into her toy bucket and immediately I feel like things are better! It is so handy to read some other ideas - but I have a question. Do you actually come to my house to make the cookies while I do my 12 minutes of tidying, or do I have to do that myself?? :)

    Have a wonderful day dear Becky - blessings to you all!

    Fiona x

  6. Great tips Becky! I already have most of these in place. I've always organized my junk drawer and my do has her own plastic toy box too. Now if I could just teach her to put the toys away herself... :)

  7. What great tips on organazation! Your drawers look great! When the commercial comes on I hit the blog! lol for I am so behind. I have grands still and they stay on my computer. Thanks for all the lovely notes!!!!

  8. These are great Becky. I have a tip if you don't mind me adding one.

    This was especially helpful when my kids were younger and their things (mostly toys) ended up in every room. I used to pick up their belongings out of my bedroom and take them to their room...problems was...once I did that I would get side tracked doing something in that room...then I would find something that needed to be in the living room and then I would get side tracked in there. So I got me a large hamper and when I cleaned my room...anything that didn't belong in there I put it in the hamper...once i was done with that room...I drug the hamper to the next room, unloaded anything in the hamper that belonged there and put what ever didn't in the hamper...etc etc.
    That way I stayed focused on one room at a time...rather than getting caught up in every room an not getting anything done.

    Did I explain that OK?...did it make sense? Anyway...I hope it did. It really helped me.

  9. Hello Becky,
    Great tips I love everything to be in its place, but have never figured out how they get so disorganized from time to time, and just think there are only two of us living here. LOL!!!

  10. Great tips, I'm going to be tuning in each Tuesday to see the new ones!

    Hope your dd is ok after her accident!

  11. Who had an accident? I hope everything is ok?

  12. Great post, Becky! You have been busy:) This "take a few minutes" strategy sounds like a good plan.

    Your drawer looks awesome! Have a great day:)

    Linda C

  13. My frequent lament is "Oh, if I could only get organized!" I have that same perfectionism problem you mentioned. I keep waiting for some big block of time to open up so I can tackle the stacks of books and piles of papers and find the perfect place for everything. I just need to admit it: that big uninterupted block of time ain't never comin'!!! You are so right, little baby steps consistently every day. There's hope in that strategy! Great post!


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