Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am taking a brief break from this...

To show you my beach! We went on Monday and it was absolutely glorious. There is just something about the beach and the mountains...the magnificence of God expressed in two completely different, yet stunningly beautiful ways!

This is the entry to the part of Daytona Beach we frequent. Daytona is a drive-on beach, and we've done that a few times. It's a novelty and fun, but your car needs to be washed afterwards to remove the sea mist and sand. We opt for parking above the beach with access to showers, potties, etc...

The sign as you approach the walkway down to the shore

Literally hundreds of seagulls were at the shoreline just basking in the sun. I couldn't get them all in without including other people in the shot. Sometimes they can be a nuisance, but these were great!

They were basking that is until this little granddaughter of mine stood up and stomped the ground!!

Then this was the scene

As they flew, I got my camera and was trying desperately to get a shot from underneath them. I cannot believe that even with the delay of my camera and how fast they were moving, I got this amazing shot!!!

On Daytona, you can get just about anything! Yes, this is an ice-cream truck!!

You can rent these golfcart thingys, ATVs, bicycles, chaise lounge chairs, umbrellas, parasail, you name it!!

Just don't think you can boogie down the beach too fast! It is patrolled regularly

These are the facilities which are very clean and well-maintained

If you want to be at the beach but not on it, you can picnic here with a great view

or sit here...

Well, that ends our trip, but remember there is always room for another chair!!
Wish you were here!!
Have a sunshiney day!!


  1. Becky:
    What a nice break from gray cold winter. Thank you for sharing.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics and thanks also for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  3. That was a lovely break from a wintry day out my window!! I'm with your granddaughter, I do not enjoy the birds! Looks like you had a wonderful relaxing day!

  4. I want to go TOO!
    Call and let me know where exactly you park in Daytona.

    Beach blessings =)

  5. Becky:
    Thank you for your kind remarks. If you would like me to send you a beginning quilting book I would be glad to as I have so many of them. E-mail me if you would like one.
    Roberta Anne

  6. Wow--thanks for taking me along to the beach! Your photos are great--enjoyed the warm sunshine:)

    Looks like your family had a great time.

    Linda C

  7. That looks so relaxing! I really enjoyed your tour of Daytona Beach. So did you get back to what you were taking a break from? Happy Day to you!

  8. Hey 'Nea! Sure did!! All done on the inside...now onto the outside!!

  9. Hey Becky! you did get some awesome shots of the beach. i love the ones of the seagulls. i am always trying to get pictures of them and i don't think i've ever gotten one as good as the one you have here! great shot! i want to just climb into that chair there and sit for a spell.

    we live up near gainesville...go gators!... and we homeschool as well. we are in our 10th year. i love it!

    talk with you more soon. i am following your blog now also. have a great weekend.


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