Tuesday, January 27, 2009


GIRLS...Can we talk??

Let's face it...it's no secret that the woman of the house is the one who sets the tone for the home. In other words, we as women are the "Heart of the Home". So, when you think of your home, what pops into your head first? Joy, peace, ease and comfort, OR chaos, clutter, irritation and frustration?? Is the heart of your home beating rhythemically, or is emergency CPR needed??

Honestly, more often than I'd like I find myself in the second category, although most who know me view me as someone who "has her act together". Believe me, there are still cracks in this pot...but God is good and cracked pots are His specialty!! :o)

I am diligently working on simplifying our home, and organizing everything! My Tuesday posts are going to be dedicated helping us make our homes the havens and sanctuaries they should be for our families.

I will be sharing tips, ideas, timesavers, photos, my befores and afters, dreams and schemes, and anything else I can get my hands on from where ever I can get it!! There are already some wonderful women out there with great ideas and I will be sharing them as I find them, too.

Here's an HGTV pic of my dream homeschool room!! We school at the breakfast nook table!

Isn't this a delightful space? Just looking at this craft storage area gets my creative juices flowing!! (HGTV pic, too)

Donna Smallin of the "One Minute Organizer" makes these suggestions for multi-tasking and time management:

While popcorn is popping-3 minutes (mmm!)

In the kitchen:
~Organize the day's mail — toss the outer envelopes and inserts in bill statements along with junk mail.

~Organize a drawer; if there's not a lid for a container, toss it.

~Be brave as you open the fridge to play "leftover roulette," popping open mystery containers to see what's still edible, suggests Donna. Also, check out the expiration dates on condiments and half-full jars of spaghetti sauce.

~Rifle through that overflowing coupon box and toss the expired ones. Then file new ones by category and date.

~Take out the trash, and make sure the recyclables are in order.

~Empty or load the dishwasher; wipe down a shelf while you're at it.

So, ladies, if the heart of your home is in need of CPR or just a little tweaking, come back next week for HOTHT~~~Heart of the Home Tuesday!

Have a sunny day!!


  1. For the most part my OCD takes over am I am always making tidy and nice so my home is usually calm but a girl can never have too many homemaking tips so I will be waiting. I loved the photos too!
    Roberta Anne

  2. Hey, what a great idea! Am so looking forward to your pictures of your before and after. I am constantly organizing our house and am always looking for new ideas. AND, we here always have a leftover night!

  3. As a fellow homeschooling mom, I find that my home is never quite "perfect" because there are *always* children around. I know this is a blessing, but sometimes it seems that if I could just send them away I would actually have a chance to get caught up!

    I have to be careful not to let my heart dwell on that thinking. We all function better in a tidy house, but Mom's heart needs to be the tidiest of all.

    I loved the three minute suggestions (we love popcorn around here!) and am looking forward to your Tuesdays.

  4. You are exactly right, Blessings and Joy!! And you have just hit on the very first thing I will talk about next Tuesday!! More on Tuesday!! Thanks for stopping by and your good words!!

  5. great post! Now to actually do it!!

  6. Girl, you really know how to post a great post! Your timing is always impeccable, your wisdom and spirit always full of joy and positivity - I will be here every Tuesday, you can count on that!

    Hope you are feeling better Becky, and that rotten cold is shifting.

    Fiona x

  7. Love the homeschooling dream room. I was just visitng my brother-in-law's new home and they used a tiny guest room as a classroom. I could only dream of all the ways I would decorate and organize one if I had one. Right now we use the dining room table. One day.....

  8. This is fun! I can use the ideas. I get the Flylady emails, but not doing a very good job of staying on top of them. But I did do a quick swish and swipe of the bathroom last night.

  9. I am so excited about HOTHT!!!

    Thanks for all the help you are giving!

    Just A Gal...

  10. What a great post! You could come here and write many a post! lol

    I love Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

  11. I'm always eager to see how others get things in order and organized! I will visit often to get tips.
    Gracie at http://mylittleplace.blog.com

  12. Great post! Can't wait to see your before & after pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.


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