Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm very excited about this new event!!
And it will be beginning next Wednesday!!

What do you think about the logo?? Edie, a wonderfully warm new friend at Rich Gifts Graphics and Blog Design created this custom design!! I use her free scripture tags in my sidebar, too! Thanks again, Edie...just LOVE it!!

WDIW's are something God put on my heart and are designed to promote and encourage quality one-on-one time with our children and grandchildren; thus building into our family's future and rich heritage!

It is a way to share ideas, inspiration, treasured moments, and to motivate us to regularly carve out time for these special people God has blessed us with.

You can post about pretty much anything you have done together, and of course, photos always make for a better post! Be creative!!

Even if you are an empty-nester you can contribute photos from your past or things done with adult children!!

There is no age limit at all!! I will be sharing things done with my married daughter, too!!
I will post Mr. Linky Tuesday night and you can sign up then or Wednesday.

I hope you will all join in!

Please feel free to take the smaller button for your sidebar and begin to spread the word. Just link it back to here. The more the merrier!!

Now to just get this Mr. Linky thing figured out!!

Have a joyful day!!


  1. the logo Edie created...sounds like a fun event!

  2. Hey Beck -
    Any ideas for "long distance" grandmas?
    I send postcards and call. Reception on the webcam is dismal. Sure wish the kids and grandbaby lived close!

  3. Hi Becky!

    This sounds great. I will join in when I have my grandaughters here. I often post about things we have done. I may join in with some of those already posted. :)

    I'm so glad you're pleased with the logo. Hope the meme goes well!

  4. I like this and will think about what I can share. It is so nice that there are bloggers like you willing to do the meme's that give bloggers like me ideas on what to blog about... thank you.
    Have a smiley day!
    Roberta Anne

  5. You know I'm in!!! Looking forward to reading your first one so I can know exactly what to post.

  6. This sounds fun. I am a long distance mom and grandma so may be difficult. I will have to be creative I guess.


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