Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Paper Crafting Thursday!!

Hope you'll visit our host for this event, Kelli , and see her beautiful paper crafts and some of the others who are participating, too!!

This is a pretty card made by my daughter Maddy (10 yo). She is so creative and comes up with all of her own designs. She may not be done with this one yet, but it already looks so pretty!

This is a smaller gift card and I just love what she did with it

When you open it, hearts pop up!! I've never made a card with pop-ups!!

She cut strips of paper, folded them accordian style, adhered little hearts, and then glued them to the card. So clever!!

There are all sorts of ready made embellishments available. I bought these in the Target $1 section for our Keepers club to make Valentines with.

Come on...give this a try!! You might just love it!! ;o)


  1. I whish I could have some of your talent. And your daughters' as well! In my family handy work skills must have skipped one generation, because my mom and my daughter are far better than me.
    Gracie at

  2. I love the pop ups! It must be so much fun to share something you both love and produce such beautiful cards! Love the themes your blog is developing! Have a blessed day!

  3. Wow your daughter did a great job...Wish I had a Target closer to me..maybe soon I will get a chance to get over there again to get some more great $1 deals.

  4. Your daughter's cards are so pretty and creative! She is very talented in crafting!

    I am considering and gathering ideas to make Valentine cards this year for my grown children and their families. Our second son was born on Valentines Day. So that has always been a top day at our house:)

    Thanks for sharing these lovely cards!

    Linda C

  5. That card is adorable. It made me smile the minute I saw it. I also have been meaning to tell you that I really like all the flower picrues on your header. They are beautiful!

  6. Really sweet cards and I love the pop-ups.
    Roberta Anne

  7. The pop ups are such a great idea. What a talented young lady.


  8. Hey sorry if you thought my post was suppose to be about a competition on the etsy...This was stating that a child was making things and selling them and this was never intended that anyone should buy from her and not anyone else. It was just a figure of speech. I thought it was neat that a child was making things and selling her stuff...I love the idea of a child doing this. So if this offended you I am sorry.

  9. Good I am so glad you were not upset...I just sometimes know it is hard to say aomething by typing...I am ok and hope we can continue our friendship cause I love your blog. I know sometimes it can be hard to convey something so no harm in anything...

    Friends Becky!
    Hugs Beth

  10. Sounds great to me! Would love to promote kids also...I actually have been looking for a few things for Lexi to try and create...She so loves making things...
    here is my email...might be easier to chat sometimes...we are so close...Georgia

  11. What a very clever, gifted girl - but then she has a very clever, gifted Mummy!!

    Blessings to your little star!!

    Fiona x

  12. Oh my goodness! Maddy is one very talented little girl! And she even made cute little pop-up super duper creative. Way to go, Maddy! :-)

  13. The pop-up card is so cute!


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