Thursday, January 1, 2009


WOW!!! 2009!!! How can it be?? Where has the time gone??

I am looking forward to what this new year holds with great anticipation, and hope that this little blog of mine might be a bit of sunshine and encouragement to all who visit. To that end, I am going to share happy thoughts, quotes, humor etc. at the beginning of each week. I'll let you know when I have it all together in my head!!

As for me, this year I am making a conscious, deliberate choice...I CHOOSE JOY!! I mean, after all, why do we choose anything else? It just brings us down, and takes away any zeal or motivation we have!! I can't stand feeling like that!! Will you choose joy with me?? Life is really to short to live it any other way. I know things can get yucky, but the attitudes of our hearts can make it so much worse than it needs to be.

I hope you'll choose joy also!! Let me know if you will!! These times we live in are turbulent to say the least. Let's lock arms and each ROCK our own sphere of influence by choosing to love, forgive, laugh, smile, help someone, and be the best we can be!

Here's a quote I love to help get us started in the right direction:

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.
William Arthur Ward

Blessings for a Happy New Year! Know that I so appreciate each of my bloggy friends!!


  1. Hi i comment random blogs luck you i came upon yours woo! lol its good your so up beat about the new year not many very people are. I like that quote!

  2. Happy New Year, Becky! I hope 2009 is an awesome year for you and yours!


  3. New look, new year.! I love the cheerful feel your blog evokes. When it first came up I felt like it made my eyes smile ( if there is such a thing). Anyway, I love the idea of choosing JOY. A few times I ended my post with "Joys" for the day. Then I forgot to do that. I should get back to that. Have a joyful day/weekend/month. Even a joyful hour!

  4. "Count it all joy" my friend.
    May our hearts be nourished and our spirits soar above the sadness and uncertainty that aim to drag us down.
    Praising the Name of the ONE who is the source of our Joy.

    Love always!

  5. Becky, just a little post note. We are the creators of our own destination, and you are right we can create our own sphere. The fascinating thing about that is this, it is expandable, because when you have it, you naturally pass it on.

  6. You've got that right, Jess!! Thanks for the encouragement!


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