Monday, January 19, 2009

Beautiful Blue Springs!

Florida is loaded with freshwater springs, and this is one of two in our local area. Manatees, very large mammals, also referred to as Sea Cows, migrate to this spring to warmer water during the winter months. The spring is 73 degrees year round. The day we were there last week, they counted 145 Manatees in the spring run! Quite a sight to see!

This is a picture of the "run" or the waterway the spring spills into. The run feeds the St Johns River, which oddly flows south to north.

The water is crystal clear as you can see. The turtle is swimming in a large school of gar that just sit in the run waiting for food to come by

A smaller manatee comes up for air

They look like gray logs, but these are resting manatees. They are all through the run. The water is beautiful, isn't it?

Here is a look at a mother and her baby. The baby is riding on her back. Sooo cute! We saw a baby nursing up close last year!

Can you see the bird in this picture? Click the photo and you will! Most of those dark shadows are manatees!

The walkway that goes from the spring head to the river. It's a beautiful walk!

If you take a picture underneath these palms it looks like a huge asterisk or flower!

Another bird! Do you see this one?
A little fun for daughter and granddaughter!

Hope you enjoyed Blue Springs!
Have a sunshiney day!!
Becky :o)


  1. The pictures are wonderful. You must have had a great trip!! Lovely weather too. Check my craft blog for more of Helmi's antics.

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a manatee before. Thank you for sharing.
    Roberta Anne

  3. Hi there!
    Just found your blog by way of Sharon of The Old Oak Swing.
    I really enjoyed reading it!!!
    Hope to visit again very soon!!
    Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

  4. I envy your warm weather! go to my place to see what we have right now....
    Gracie at

  5. Just beautiful. So lush and green and warm! It looked like a lot of fun to go and see.

  6. I loved the tour of Blue Springs. It reminds me of the Springs, in Old Towne, Florida. They are so lovely, at first I thought that was where your pic. were taken, but the Swannee River is around the Springs, I have been to. We even went swimming in April. I flew in a sea plane and floated on the Swannee River.

  7. What a wonder to see creation up close!!! Glory to God!

    Don't worry if you missed the RR Show...just go to my original blog of "I Was On Her Show" and I post a link. Enjoy!

    Blessings to you!

  8. Wow, the scenery is gorgeous! I love to see nature like that and I LOVE turtles! Thanks for coming and visiting me and Lacee!

  9. Those photos are so refreshing in our brown winter here. Thanks!

  10. The water is so clear... and the moss on the tree's are a wonder, aren't they...
    Looks like a wonderful, peaceful time.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Just A Gal...

  11. Such a different world from here! I love it! And it warms my heart as well as my toes to enjoy your beautiful photos! be blessed!!!

  12. I got to see the manatees once on a trip in the truck with my husband.They were such a wonderful site to watch. Wish I could visit your Blue Springs and see them there,it looks so beautiful.

  13. What wonderful photos, it must be amazing to be able to go and visit things like that so close by! The sky looks so clean and clear and fresh - so glad you posted these pictures!


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