Friday, January 16, 2009


It's show and tell Friday over at Kelli's!! Hope you'll check it out and all the neat things others are showing as well!

Today I'm sharing with you a very special pillow.

When I was 23, we had our first child. The year was 1981. My Mom came up to North Carolina and stayed with me for 2 weeks. I had delivered Samantha via emergency c-section.(the section I was sure I didn't have to read in my pregnancy book!!)

As my journey into motherhood continued, I began to realize just how wonderful a mother I had been blessed with. I came across this counted-cross stitch pattern and cried in the store after reading it. I knew I had to make it for my Mom.
Her favorite colors were blue and white, so I found this fabric, and was so delighted to make her my first double ruffle pillow! I was very tickled with how it came out...and so was she! She cried when I gave it to her, and absolutely loved it. She always had it displayed in a place of prominence in her home, and that was such a blessing to me.

You know, I never even gave it a thought back then that one day she wouldn't be with me any longer, (sigh...) and that my gift would have a place in my home !

So now it is "my" special treasure and is my little love note to all of you loving, caring, devoted Moms out there. Know that your commitment to shaping the lives you have been entrusted with is of the utmost importance to this world we live in and to God.

If you still have your Mom with you, hug her once for you, and once for me, OK?

Sweet blessings, friends,


  1. What a touching memory! Thanks for sharing it with us. I still have mom, living in the flat under mine (I lost dad one year ago) and I can't think about the day when I will forced to say her goodbye!
    Gracie at

  2. That is so pretty! I am lucky to still have my mom. I make sure I hug my parents everytime I see them now. Your daughter I guess is several months younger than my son. I think you told me that already though. right? Anyway, I love the pillow. My mom decorates mostly in blue and white also.

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  4. That is beautiful! My mom went home to be with Jesus when I was 28 years old. I did have a beautiful dream of her when I was 7 months pregnant. She was holding my baby girl and combing her curly hair. I know the dream was from the Lord to comfort my heart and my baby girl does have curly hair! The Lord is so good. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us!

  5. I love the little saying and your story. My mom is also passed, but I think of her many times when seeing things of hers around my home.

  6. Wow... how wonderful!!! I am so touched I am speechless!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely story of your Mom!

    Hugs and Have a Blessed Day!
    Just A Gal...

    PS: thanks for visiting my blog

  7. What a beautful pllow and touching story.
    My Mom was my best friend and I am sad to say I lost her when I was 29

    I miss her every single day

  8. How Beautiful! I love homemade gifts. I can't imagine how much it would mean to me if my daughter made something like this for me after she grows up! Thank you for sharing!

  9. What a sweet pillow! So sorry for your loss, it's something I don't think we ever really come to terms with. Now every time you look at the pillow you can think of your wonderful mom!

  10. What a lovely reminiscing. My Mom died four years ago yesterday and I thought all my crying yesterday had got it out of my system but I loved the poem and have to say it made me cry.
    Roberta Anne

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  12. What a touching story and a very special pillow.I'm sorry for your loss. My mum is still with us but is in the end stages of alzheimer's so every minute I spend with her is precious. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post and for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    Have a great week.

  13. Hi fellow coffee drinker!
    That is beautiful! Simply gorgeous! Your Mom was lucky to have a daughter like you.

  14. What a lovely story. I identify with so much of's sort of eerie. My first (and only) was in 1982, emergency c-section (toxemia)...and I have cross-stitched numerous items for my mother. She passed away last July and I can't even describe the loss. Thank you for sharing your story!

  15. Oh, this is so special! My Mother died when she was 58 years old. I do miss her so.

    Please stop by my blog, I have an award waiting for you.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing that special pillow with us. I bet your mom had never received a more heartfelt gift! She probably loved it. Now you have a very special memory of her in your home.

    Thanks so much for your sweet congratulations on my recent wedding! Happy 30 years to you and your husband!


  17. What a sweet pillow and sweet memories of your mom. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  18. What a special treasure and a sweet story!

  19. What a lovely pillow !! I understand that she cried !

  20. Such a touching tribute to your mother. I know you miss her.

    I still have my mother- she will be 81 next month. We talk alot on the phone.

    Your gentle reminder inspires me to send her more letters and little gifts. I live 6 hrs. away so winter trips are not likely.

    This pillow is just lovely.

    Linda C

  21. How absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful piece of needlework, but also what a breathtaking sentiment! Thank you so much for showing!

  22. Such a lovely and meaningful gift. Mothers are everything all our lives.

  23. What a lovely gift! I made my mother a similar x-stitch gift for my Mother's Christmas gift. It's framed in her dinning room. She shows it to everyone! I think that such a gift is so much more special than a store bought gift. How nice of you to share!

  24. Beautiful! Wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing!


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