Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Gulf Oil Catastrophe

I read an article today that was asking the question,
"Why on earth are we still calling this an oil spill?"

It summons to mind a manageable situation, something not
quite so significant.  Not a DISASTER of
unprecedented proportions.

No! This should indeed be called a

Over 100,000 barrels of oil a day are gushing into the
pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sometimes visuals help us to really get it.
This one made me cry.

This diver decided to give us a different perspective than
one from a helicopter, or smallish blobs on the shorelines of
coastal beaches.


He and his mask, needless to say, were immediately coated with oil and 
it was difficult to see...very eerie according to him.
He shot the next photo from under the water.

It took him 30 minutes of clean up
before he could go inside the boat.

The oil floats on top of the water and in columns
reaching into the ocean depths.

He said he couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I don't know about you, but this really chokes me up.
This is where all of the oil  is headed, and yes the water is
really this gorgeous...I've been there many times!

To truly some of the most beautiful beaches in the world,
and wetlands that are home to hundreds of species of wildlife,
including this little beauty...

and these gentle wonders...

Please keep praying for all the people
whose livelihoods have already
been snatched away by closed beaches,
and for all the wildlife species that normally
thrive in these coastal areas.

May God pour out His mercy and bring an end to this soon!

{photos from USA Today and}


  1. Becky, there are no words. In addition to prayer, call Senator Nelson's office and keep calling. Do you know when I asked how many miles of that protective barrier have been laid I didn't get an answer. They should know that because it is already on Pensacola Beach! I also called the White House and urged them to do MORE.

    Thank the good Lord for the Dutch and other countries who are stepping up to the plate to help!



  2. I just can't imagine the devastation of this great oil catastrophe. An oil *spill* is when you spill a bit of olive oil on the counter, not weeks of millions upon millions of barrels ruining so much.

    I feel so sorry for the self-employed people who depend upon the ocean and aquatic life to put food on the table. It would be like the farmers having a seven year drought in these parts.

    Thank you for the pictures--that diver had guts!

  3. Becky..
    well said..
    I am heartbroken..
    as are many who have lost their livelihoods..
    continue to pray for mercy..
    and to find a way to stop this catastrophe..
    20 billion dollars is but a drop in the bucket ..
    the damage will not be reversible in our lifetimes..
    sad, sad hugs..

  4. It is such a mess! Thank you for the post....

  5. Becky, It is an astronomical disaster and there's no foreseeing the end. We will be paying for this accident for generations to come. I agree with you that the diver gave a very graphic depiction of the problem. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The pictures with the diver make me physically ill. I would say more, but I have an uncommon lack of words to describe how I feel. I continue to pray along with you.

  7. BEcky,

    Thank you for your post...

    I can only wonder...what are we leaving for our children???


  8. Hi sweet Becky! there is an award for you at my site. Check it out!

  9. I get physically sick everytime I think about the heart breaks for all the people who are losing their life long jobs. ....and for the beautiful creation which suffers.

  10. My heart sinks anytime I see or hear about this disaster. I have never been to a Florida Beach but I have always wanted to...I guess I better put a rush on that dream. I feel so sorry for the kiddo's...there is a good chance they will never see the beauty of the wildlife and beaches....except for in books. Keep snapping those pictures Becky!!!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  11. Such a sad, heart-wrenching situation. It boggles the mind.
    And your pictures show the striking contrast. Thanks for sharing this, Becky.
    I know we are all affected so negatively by this, but I especially feel bad for those whose very livelihoods are affected, and they are in my prayers.
    Love to you,

  12. Becky, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    I stopped by and got a well needed reminder about the need to pray for so many things in our country!

    God is so good and He can turn this around if we turn to Him!

    I need to double my prayer efforts and think of Him first.
    I am heart sick about our Gulf Coast.
    Thanks for the reminder to pray.

  13. Yes it is such a tragic event, I am heart sick about all the animals being effected by this oil spill, and all the workers that are unable to fish, and the dock workers, oh me, it is a devastating time in the Gulf, and all of us will suffer for what is happening now, It just seems like sabotage to me, hope not.

  14. That is so very sad. Thank you so much for this update.

  15. Becky, I am praying with you, my sun-loving friend. It makes me sad of how this is being mishandled by the gov't. People's lives are greatly impacted and so are the beautiful beaches.
    When leaders refuse to do what is right, its affects are felt for many years. Generations have to pay for the leaders not willing to be humble or seek God's wisdom
    in their decisions.
    Alright, I'm stepping down from the soapbox...who's next?
    More prayers for America to be lifted up.
    Hope you have a great weekend!


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