Monday, June 14, 2010

Bounty of the Sea!

Of course you know that I LOVE the
beach!  Well I am also enamoured with


They just speak to me of the incredible
creativity and artistry of God!!
Each piece it's own little masterpiece!!
{Just like you and me!!}

I love incorporating them into jewelry!
Nothing says "summer is here"
like some beach inspired jewelry and
home accessories!!

Tonight I will be making a shell
and freshwater pearl bracelet for
Jeanne for the giveaway.

Here are a couple of pieces I designed
for myself...this first one is my very
favorite necklace!

Sadly though, the larger shells used to 
be almost the same green as the freshwater
pearls next to them...some of the dyed shells
do fade after time...

Fortunately.. I can just take this apart and
put a different piece in.  I had to learn this
little lesson the hard way.

Here is a close-up of the Paua shell pendant.
They are so beautiful and iridescent.  They look
different from every angle.

I made this blister shell necklace to match a
beautiful turquoise and white blouse that is
embellished with little pearls and embroidery.

As usual, Martha , has some great
ideas on how to use these little
treasures of the sea!!  
She gives instructions on her site 
for creating all this stuff, too.

These little candles are one of my faves!!

Fave #2

Fave #3
I can just imagine how lovely the ambiance is
after the sun goes down with these shell candles!

Aaawww... Any of us could create this
adorable little t-shirt!
Bedside beauty...aahhh...
Can't you just smell the salt air???

Hope your week is simply



  1. Your necklaces are gorgeous Becky! Very nice job! Love all the pics of what to do with shells. Never would have thought of any of them.

    Here's to a great week dear! The weather is suppose to be FAB here.


  2. Hi girl, Love your creations and your heart of gratitude to our Lord for His creativity. The necklaces are so beautiful-just like a special bracelet 8-)
    Have a warm beautiful day dear friend.

  3. Martha has nothing on you, Becky, as far as those necklaces are concerned! WOW! GREAT job!


    Sheila :-)

  4. I am so loving your necklaces Becky! They are gorgeous!


  5. Hi Becky,

    No, the groom, Nathan, isn't the same Nathan as my nephew. The bride, Kara, is the daughter of one of my dearest friends. Kara has been the little girl in my life for many years.

    But, my nephew, Nathan, graduated this week-end with his Master's in Counseling. He's doing quite well.

    Now that all the celebrations are over, it is time to get along with the summer. :D


  6. Hi Beck,
    Love those necklaces, they are gorgeous! Liked all the candle shells Too! So cute!!

    Oh the beach sounds so delightful right now!!

    Have a great day, good to talk with you yesterday!
    Love ya, Nellie

  7. I love your necklace, Becky! What a talent and wonderful "eye" you have for this--just beautiful!!

    I don't know if I've told you before that we (all 8 of us:) vacationed in Venice, FL in 1994. It was so fun! I loved the shells too and couldn't believe they were just there on the beach! (I was my first time to see the ocean:) Anyway we brought home an ice cream bucket full of shells and unfortunately, the bucket disappeared from school the day Amanda (in Kindergarten) took them for show and tell. I've often wondered what the kid who took them said to his/her mom she asked where they came from...:)

    I do have just a few left, and you have inspired me to put them out into something and place them in my living room this summer. And I know I'll think of you each time I pass by and see them!:)

    Could you please email me info on cost, etc. for my having you make me a necklace similar to yours? I already have the outfit in mind to wear it with!:)

    Happy Monday sweet friend!

    Hugs and Smiles,

  8. Oh, Becky you are so creative!! Your jewlery is wonderful. I too, love seashore things!! I have a beautiful basket filled with shells, rocks and small pretty driftwood and a few glass ball floats that I put out for the summer. This year it's up higher than usual as Es thinks those floats are real balls to throw!! :0)!! The sea is an amazing place!! We spend a lot of time exploring tide pools when we go visit my parents. God is so creative to think up all those amazing creatures!


  9. Hi Becky ~
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I such love the natural beauty of these shells. The necklaces are stunning.
    Blessings, Ella

  10. Just beautiful! I love shells too. Your necklaces are just beautiful, good job! Blessings to you today dear friend. Hugs, Elena

  11. Those necklaces are absolutely stunning!! I love the design and the colors. I so much agree with others who have said that Martha has nothing on you.

  12. How beautiful, Becky! Love your necklaces! The Lord has blessed you with creativity :)
    I remembered when I lived on an island as a girl the women of the island made shell necklaces or headbands. I love seashells and I find myself still trying to hear the ocean in the large shells.
    Sweet blessings,

  13. Hi Becky!
    I love your necklaces! They are so beautiful. Like you, I love shells. They're all over my home...

    I have made (and taught how-to classes) the seashell candles. When you try it, just be sure there are no tiny holes in inconspicuous places in the shells...and that they balance...before pouring the wax. I am making some for this weekend's dinner party...we're having a shrimp boil and I will decorate with shells, sea glass, lanterns and favorite tools. Gotta get started tomorrow...

  14. Oh my goodness Becky! your necklaces are just beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing the other pics for inspiration. I love shells too, and use them all over the house.
    Thank you for the nice comment on the chandelier.

  15. the jewelry is just beautiful Becky! You are so talented.

    I absolutely love the beach and I am sad that we probably won't get to go this year to our regular spot.

    Your post made me feel like I was there, if I could only smell that amazing ocean fragrance....

  16. BECKY!!!!!!!!! Your jewelry is over the top BEEEE.U.TI.FUL! What an artist you are.... perfectly perfect cards and jewelry too? You kill me girl.... I love the colors....and love the the bit and pieces all put together... Can you tell I LOVE them? :-)

    God DOES make the most beautiful things, doesn't HE?.... From sunsets to shells.. from posies to babies...just amazin'! His creations are so precious.

    Huggies to you sweetest one...


  17. Hi Becky,
    Very pretty! Love your colors! Your photos of the beach, sand and seashells is making me think of Walt Disney World again. I love visiting that place. If we go again this year in the fall (before our annual pass expires) it will be the 5th time since we retired two and 1/2 yrs ago. LOL! I think hubby is a little tired of it but he goes for me. We're up in the Yukon (Canada) for a few days and we should be in Alaska by the end of this week. Have a wonderful day! PS - I love your "new?" banner!

  18. Oh my Becky they are gorgeous, all that beauty, I know you had fun getting them too, I do love my walks on the beach too, hugs Barbara

  19. Hey, Becky...I'm trying to put the oil button on my mom's blog (Nana's Nuggets)...where do I get it from?

  20. Got it!! Did it!! It's there!! Thank you!!

  21. Becky, I didn't know you didn't know about NOL. It's so neat and so pretty. You really ought to come one weekend and enjoy it. It starts about the 21st of November (or it did this year), and it runs through the 31st of January. Even if you don't ride the tour train or in a carriage, it is something wonderful to do that's free. They have programs going on in the Plaza sometimes, too. My favorite was going Christmas caroling from the Plaza to the fort with candles and with costumed reenactors. We sang carols of the period, but I can't remember what period they were interpreting. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  22. Those little seashell candles are beautiful and so easy to make with candle making supplies at the craft stores! The shell strung lights held a close second for me. I dream of a life near the shore... If it's OK I'll have to use your blog for inspiration for now.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting my giveaway!.


  23. Yes! we did make it with your help!! Thanks again! and I don't think I ever told you how pretty the jewelry was and all that "shell" stuff. Never would have thought of some of those decorations.Very Unique!:)(I am so excited to have this "Button"!).

  24. Becky, the shell pictures are inspiring.... Thanks for sharing. I love the beach too. I live right near one here in White Rock, B.C. I get seagulls on our lawn sometimes and it makes me laugh. I dream of having a cottage by the sea somewhere and spending summer days there with friends and family.

    I brought a bag of shells home with me from ST. Augustine too. So funny - they were actually pretty heavy and I bought a shell nightlight too. The sanddollar is pretty with the light passing through.

    This made me want to do a project.....
    And your jewelry is so well done. See all the great things I am learning about you!

    I knew I liked you the minute we met!
    You have a warm personality and a great smile.

    Nice visit.

  25. Such a pretty post! And I love your artistry! Really beautiful jewelry creations. Great job!
    And thanks for sharing all those wonderful beach/shell ideas!

    Love to you,

  26. Becky I am really loving your header...that little photo of Emily is adorable. How are you doing in the Emily department? Sam? Keeping connected electronically?

    Your jewelry is amazing Becky! I love it! My friend has done her home in the beach theme and it is so beautiful and relaxing. I gave her all my cool beachy stuff when I retired my inventory. She was in heaven over that!

    I am glad you live near the beach since you do enjoy it so much.

    Love you, Beck. Take care of you for me!

    Bon :-)


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