Monday, June 21, 2010


As you hear me say all the time...

It's another sunny, blue sky, gorgeous day here
in Central Florida!!
{that is until the afternoon thunderstorms begin}

Thank you all for your prayers!  I am feeling MUCH better!
{just knowing you're praying for me lifts my spirits!}
{you really are the best, you know?}
{big smile}

A fresh new day...Thank You Lord!!
Our Crepe Myrtle is bustin out with gorgeous blooms!
I love the little buds almost as much as the blooms!

My lovely Sago Palm is back after a bout with Asian Scale!!
My dear friend Nellie told me I could get rid of it by putting coffee grounds
on it and she was right!!  YAY!!! Sagos are slow growing, but absolutely 
beautiful when they get really mature!!

Don't you love how the leaves on our fig tree cascade down?
They are hiding a sweet, delicious treat!  And the freezes have proven
to be a blessing!  Our tree has more fruit on it than ever!!

Each one of those little round thingies are figs!  It is loaded this year!  
Maybe I can actually make some jars of preserves for my darling hubby!!
It's one of his favorite things!!

What is it about dew-kissed plants? 
I never get tired of looking at
how the morning dew makes everything sparkle!!

Hopefully... today is the day I will walk to the mailbox to find
a certified copy of my MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!!!
Then I can finally go get my driver's license!!!!
It has been almost 1/2 a month since I've driven!!

Love you bunches!
Asking God to reveal Himself to you
in delightful ways today!!


  1. OH! yeah!! the beauty that you displayed this morning is simply beautiful!! that tree, and that fig tree is so pretty! My dad loved this tree, and he had a big fig bush that he stayed in all the time, picking and eating!! I had to stay on him about those "spiders" that seemed to be lurking!! in that fig bush! he always said "don't worry about those little spiders"!! ha-ha!But anyway so happy you're feeling better!!:)

  2. Yes sunny Florida, my heart is in Florida, for so many reasons, but your flowers are so pretty, the Crepe Myrtle does not do good here, not sure why being so close to FL but it just does not bloom I have two, and neither bloom. I do have the Sago Palms two one on each side of front porch, they are doing great and growing big each year. Hope you feel better sweetie, I know I have been sick on my stomach, but better today, Praise God and those praying for me. Hugs my friend, and have a good day, hope your back gets better QUICKLY!! love ya, ♥

  3. ok, your sago palm looks a whole lot better than ours! ours is yellowing real bad. could be the lovely 103 degree louisiana heat!

  4. Becky, I'm so glad that your palm is better. Please write and let me know exactly what you did. We've battled scale with ours from time to time, and we washed it with Murphy's Soap which helped but is MESSY! I hadn't heard about coffee grounds, but it is definitely worth trying. Maybe I can borrow some from the restaurants around! :-) Do the grounds need to be steeped?

    I hope you get that license and soon! I still can't believe they want everything but the kitchen sink. Unbelievable!

    Have a happy day. I'm tired and trying to recuperate from a bout with something. Not sure what.


    Sheila :-)

  5. So glad to hear that you are better Becky. Nothing worse than being sick. Here's to a much better week and to getting that marriage certificate.

    Love the crepe myrtle! They are so pretty with their bright colors.


  6. Glad that you are feeling better! Your pictures are beautiful. Makes me feel like I'm right there. Have a blessed day.

  7. Oh I am glad you feel better. I so enjoyed your pictures.
    I am catching up on all my favorite blogs. I am looking forward to encouragement today~this Grammy is a little sad today.
    You have a great week.

  8. I agree about the dew kissed leaves! I noticed the drops on your fig trees right away and thought how lovely it looked.

    Your photos are simply LOVELY.

    I hope you get that marriage certificate today. What a pain that has turned out to be. I still think it odd that you had to provide it!

  9. Oh, it is beautiful there. I loved your post on painting and stenciling the pots too. I have those little Michaels name posts, and I never thought about using the chalkboard paint on them. What a great idea!

  10. Hi sweetie, Love your Crepe Mrytal, we don't get them here and I miss the beauty of this tree.
    Glad you are feeling better and praying your marriage license comes today.
    Love you oodles!

  11. Stopped over from The Way We Are...the pictures are great.
    I see you have celebrated 30 years...we just did, and you are also a home school mom.
    Nice to meet you and will come and stay longer,

  12. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  13. Wow! Still can't believe you don't have your license. I can't believe that I have completely forgotten to take care of getting my hubby's license renewed!!!! His expires on his birthday on 7/14 and neither of us have any idea what to do with him in Afghanistan so I, ever so nicely, told him I would take care of it and have completely forgotten!!! Need to get there tomorrow and see what they do for servicemen in other countries when their licenses expire!

    Love your plants, very pretty!

  14. Thanks so much for coming by Blueskies for the blogger party. I enjoyed your comment so much!
    I look forward to coming back and seeing what is up with your blog. It is so enjoyable!!

  15. Hey Cutie,
    Glad you're feeling better. What's the scoop with your TN family? Hopefully they are thriving.
    Give me a call if you're still housebound! Would love you to meet Derby Dog.

  16. Becky! So happy you are better!!! The power of prayer is a beautiful thing!!! Love your trees! And your Dad in his bush...too funny.


  17. Hi Becky, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for stopping by. I'll come back later to visit more.

  18. Good Morning Becky! Your Crepe Myrtle is gorgeous! I love it...I have 4 saga palms in big pots by my pool. They have taken FOREVER to get big. Soo pretty. I don't know if I have anywhere to put them at the new house, but they will have to come so I can try. Glad your feeling better...Have a wonderful day. Love you! Debbie

    OH! I think you should do a tutorial post on the coffee grind cure. I am soo curious how you did that... = )

  19. Dear Becky, I am so glad you are feeling better! The plants in your yard are just beautiful! Now, I know what a crep myrtle looks like. I had heard the name but didn't know what it looks like. I love figs too. My mom had a fig tree when I was young and the fresh figs from that tree was so yummy!

  20. Oh Becky, I enjoyed this little tour through your yard so much. We love our crepe myrtles here too! I'm so glad you're better and able to enjoy your day.

    I cannot believe the driver's license saga is still going on. I'm glad you're able to maintain your cool about it and not let it ruin each day.

  21. Hi there. Glad you're feeling better. My hubby is dealing with something. Crazy to be sick in the summer?! Is that normal for Florida?

    Yes, marriage cert to get DL...I did that not very long ago!

    I have a crete myrtle the same color in the front pretty.

  22. Hi Becky~~~so glad you are feeling better! Your pics today are so pretty. I love when the plants have dew drops on them too. So refreshing.
    Thank you for coming over for a visit.

  23. Hi Becky, the grands are all in bed and I'm next but I wanted to thank you for stopping by with happy wishes for my grands. They are wonderful fun loving kids and we do adore them.

    I do hope you are feeling better Becky. I pray for healing NOW, please God.

    Your plants are beautiful and if you have a fig recipe for a spread, Let me know. My daughter Christina In JAX has a neighbor with a fig tree and they are available to her.

    I will say goodnight dear Becky.
    Love and hugs, Jeanne xoxo

  24. Happy you are feeling better, Becky! The photo's of your plants are beautiful ~ things that just don't grow here in the north! It's pretty hot here though ~ high 90's for the next 8 days with 100 degree heat index. Threat of afternoon thunderstorms just like in Florida.

    This weather makes me long for autumn and it is just the third day of summer :) sheesh!

    Fun stopping by to visit with you!

  25. Thanks for sharing Becky! I enjoyed looking at your sunny Florida plants... I haven't visited for many years, since my Dad passed who lived there. We're getting thunderstorms too, and had the power out a day last week. I guess I'm not the frontier woman I'd like to think I am!

    Blessings to you sister!


  26. Hi Becky, I have been off line and didn't know you were sick, but I am so glad you are feeling better, and enjoying that beautiful Florida sunshine.
    Your plants are beautiful don't you just love Crepe Myrtle? And those figs, one of my favorite too.
    Enjoy your week, and stay cool.


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