Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They're Gone

Our oldest daughter, Sam, her hubby, and our
only grandy, Emily, just left here to move to Tennessee.

This is the first one of our 3 older daughters
to move out of state.  The other two still live with us.

Sam gave me these lovely mums for helping her out when
they got in a pinch yesterday and had to clear their house
for the landlord's inspection.

I will miss them so very much.  But we can I-chat, and
will take turns with the 12 hour drive for visits.

Right now I'm feeling at a loss, teary, and my heart,
like these lovely delicate petals,
is fragile.

I covet your prayers for their safe arrival tomorrow,
and for the aching hearts here at home.

Love you dear friends,


  1. aw... hard stuff for your hearts to adjust too! Praying for their safety and you guys too.

  2. Oh Becky I felt my eyes tear up the minute I read your title as I know just how your heart is feeling right now. It is hard. But PRAISE GOD we have soo many ways to keep in touch these days. Can you imagine how hard it was just a few years ago BEFORE cell phones, and the internet, and affordable long distance? And let's not even speak of MANY years ago when you said good-bye to a loved with the very real possibility of never seeing or speaking to them again. You will travel back and forth and so will they and before you know it everything will seem OK..if you are like me (and I think you are) you will talk to her everyday if only for a few minutes. In the meantime, know I am praying for you sweet friend, and feeling your sadness with you. HUGS AND BLESSINGS, Debbie

  3. Prayers for you girly. Been there! I know the feeling and the loneliness. It gets better but it will never be the same. You know that....Love to you~Rebecca

  4. Hello my know my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family always. I understand what it is to move away from is not easy but through the grace of God I get through it all. Love you!!

  5. I've been where you are Becky and it's a hard place to be--you've got a big hole in your life. It does take time to get used to the "new normal." Making these adjustments is, for me, one of the tough parts of this life stage as a mom.

  6. Ahh, it is so hard to be far from those you love. I will pray for your heart and their safety. Blesisngs and love, Elena

  7. Here's to a safe trip for them! It's hard being away from them but I'm sure you will find a reason to go visit. :)

    Big hugs for you!

  8. One day at a time, Beck! I know this pain well. There is one good thing about makes every moment with them in the future..more precious than gold.

    Maybe you can make a Grandma blog for Emily. I have done that for my grandies and they seem to like it. The truth is it is mostly for me. It helps me feel connected from a distance. You can peruse it from my sidebar it is called Gramma and You. I don't know of any other grandmothers that do this but I love it. Also has lots of fun ideas for staying connected.

    Love you and pray for all of you. This is not going to be easy for Sam either. Use all you can to stay connected. It is work but worth it.

    Love, B

  9. Oh, yes, you are all in my prayers!
    I'm sure you are feeling a great ache in your heart.

    But don't think they are gone, think they are just a phone call away, they are just an email away, they are less than a day's drive away.

    I know that's not going to really placate a Mom's heart though, we want to gather them close to us always, we want to know that we can reach out and they will be there.
    I'm sorry you have to feel this loss and I will keep you in my prayers.
    Love to you,

  10. Oh Becky, I know how hard this is for you. I am so sorry you are going to be seperated from your daughter but at least with web cams and Skype it is easy to still see each other and talk. I pray it is an easy transition for you all.

    God bless,


  11. Bless your sweet heart. My heart breaks for you. I didn't know you were old enough to have a married daughter. I feel your grief. When (or if) my daughter leaves me for another state, I'll curl up and die. OR, we'll probably just all move with her. LOL

    God bless you sweet heart. I hope you're ok. I know you must be grieving.

  12. So sad!!! Hoping they've arrived safely and get their computer up really quickly!!! What a wonderful age we live in when you can actually talk and see your daughter and her family on the computer!! No worries about "long distance bills" either! Remember those?

    Hoping you're doing okay with the change!

  13. I remember how I felt living 900 miles from "home". I also remember running up phone bills that were way too high!

    I know it will be hard having them so far away, and I hope that you will be able to make the trip to see them soon. So thankful that modern communication lets us stay in touch with our loved ones that have moved away!

    hugs and love,


  14. Becky, my heart is feeling for you, I have been where you are at, I am praying for you as well as your dear family..

  15. Morning Beck,
    How are you doing hon?? I know this is a hard first for you. Why do these things have to be so painful??
    Yet it is amazing how we adjust....
    it just takes time, but it still feels stinky at times!!
    Sometimes you just have to keep saying to yourself, she is only a phone call away!! but it helps!!
    Hope you get to the beach today,
    I know that is one of your all time favorite places to be, and it will cheer your heart up!!
    Know I am praying for you and for their safety on the road and beyond. Kids, Sometimes you can't live with em and you
    can't live without em!! lol
    Love ya, Nellie

  16. Hello, Becky, I have visited your blog a few times. I wanted to leave a comment and let you know I said a prayer for you all.(HUGS)
    I have a daughter grown-up and who has left home. You prepare them for this day, but when it heart understands, Becky.
    One mighty thing that I take my greatest comfort in (as I am sure you do) we have God who watches & protects over His precious lambs.
    Praying for you,

  17. Oh Becky,
    I haven't yet had to set free any of my little birdies but I did have to say goodbye to my mom and dad when they moved far away. I'm sure your daughter is feeling choked up and teary as well - it's hard to not have my mama close by!! Praying for both you and your daughter during this transition!!!


  18. Just stopping by via Lorrie, hope you don't mind.

    I'll certainly keep your daughter and her family in my thoughts and prayers today...and you too! It's tough being the mom to older, independent children. I too have grown children away from home and it breaks your heart. You know they are where they should be but it doesn't make it any easier does it!?

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Hi sweetie, Sending you big hugs today-may the Lord pour out special blessings on you as you adjust to this temporary change. Love you so much...praying for your girl and her loved ones as well.
    Hugs & love, Nor

  20. Hey Beck,
    Been so busy that this is the first minute I've had to catch up on blog reading. Though this is just one comment among many, please know that my prayers are with Sam and with you.
    Sending my love at this challenging time and so glad that you are choosing JOY.
    Love you Sweetie,

  21. Ahh so many have told you that they have gone through the same thing. It just doesn't make it any easier. It has been a year since I have seen my daughter and her 2 girls. But we talk almost every day. 1500 miles is a long way to visit often. I still remember the day we drove her and our then 3 year old (frist grandchild) to the airport. The song 26 cents came on the radio, I took out my coin purse and handed her 26 cents....we cried and cried, but we all knew she was making the right move. And she did! It still doesn't make it any easier...."The Wilkinsons" When you get lonely, call me
    Anytime at all and I'll be there with you, always
    Anywhere at all
    There's nothing I've got that I wouldn't give
    And money is never enough
    Here's a penny for your thoughts
    A quarter for the call
    And all of your momma's love
    (this is a great song, but grab a kleenex)

  22. Just sent a love note that didn't take.

    Sending you another.

    Love you, Becky, and I pray blessings on your family...



  23. I am SOOOO sorry to hear this! I know how much you love your family. I pray that they will be back home before you know it and with blessings besides. That they will be blessed in every way... spiritually, financially, physically, and in every way, and you right along with them!

    Sending you big hugs...




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