Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Around the Yard!


I hope you had a delightful weekend!!

We did even though we didn't accomplish
all we had hoped to...it is still there waiting for
us...it will get done little by little this week!!

Upon returning from my morning bike ride, which was truly divine,
 I decided to take a walk around the yard with my camera.

Here are a few of the pretties I found.
First blooms on the Crepe Myrtle. 
Love the sun lighting up the leaves!

A fountain turned bird bath for my adorable winged visitors!
Oh what would the morning be without the bird songs??

This little fig tree loved the winter freezes!
It has more figs on it than ever!!
Yummy figgy goodness to come!!
And ... a little ant traveling the stem.

LOVE this little stepping stone...
Perfectly weathered and wonderful!
Truly God's creation is poetry to my soul!

Why not go play "I spy" around your yard!
I know you'll delight in the beauty that surrounds you!
Then share it with us!

Have a lovely week and share your smile
with someone today, ok?

Big Squishy Hugs!!


  1. BECKY!!!!!! Ooops, sorry I yelled at you. You know me...the one who walks into a crowded room and yells at her friend on the other side? LOL

    I've got some cool things going on in my back yard, Lord willing, I can post tomorrow. I marvel at God's creation and think...how did He know to do it that way...it's awesome and so humbling to watch a mud dauber working his heart away. Wow.

  2. Hi Becky, I love my backyard at all times of year, but spring is very special as there seems to be something new each day to find and enjoy. I loved seeing your backyard treasures.

    Have a great week!

  3. Love your pictures and how you see beauty in the simple things. Yes, there is so much to do here in our yard that it becomes overwhelming to me. Got on the tractor for the first time, well the lawn mower, yesterday and it was quite fun and relaxing.

    Hope all is well with you!!!

  4. Good morning sweetie, Love the photos-great job Becky! So glad you were able to get out on a bike ride today-I pray you are feeling well.
    Have a glorious day in Him!

  5. I love to go look around my yard to see what I can see - although this year we are drowing in rain and cold!!! My plants are struggling - but I still do find pretty little things and I love to visit my chickens - they always make me happy!!! Loved your Crepe Mytle - so pretty - I bet it's beautiful when it's in full bloom. It looks like it should smell lovely too!!
    Have a great day!!

  6. Beautiful thoughts Becky! God is good....and he blesses my life every day! I certainly found that out this weekend!

  7. Isn't walking around the yard fun! You always find something "new" to look at even though you haven't added anything. Here's to a great week ahead!


  8. ooh, i love crepe mrytle and i love figs! i want to come walk in your garden, too :). such beautiful, bright pictures of God's glorious bounty, you are richly blessed! love you!

  9. Beautiful pictures Becky! I love just going around my yard too and seeing what I can see! Blessings to you today!

  10. I enjoyed strolling around your yard with you!

  11. Becky I am sorry I have not been commenting like I usually do. I was sick last week with a rotten cold but am on the mend. I have been wondering how your appointment with the Cardiologist went. Hopefully well.

    I am glad your weekend was relaxing and not totally full of work. It seems no matter how much we get done there is always more. The nature of this earth life, I guess.

    I know tomorrow your daughter and family are leaving. Are you hanging in there? This can be a tough one, I'll pray for you. If your daughter has a blog it will help if she sends lots of photos and updates of their life away from home.

    Your yard is a beautiful reflection of you. Just lovely in every possible way! God bless you! I posted one on our garden tour a few weeks back.

    Love you, sweet friend,

  12. P.S. Becky, how do you do that highlighting on your posts? Love that!

  13. Lovely tour of your outdoors there in Florida. Thanks for sharing. Love the stepping stone.

  14. Hi sweet Becky, I soo enjoyed the stroll through your yard with you. What a neat stepping stone! I LOVED it. And I am with you...whatever would we do without the singing of the birds to enjoy?

    You will definitely be in my prayers sweet Becky as your daughter and her family move out of the area. You KNOW I KNOW just how that feels. I am not going to lie...it is DIFFICULT...and yet our God is ever faithful. He has seen me through many a sad moment and situation. And you know what? He KNOWS our mother's hearts. He made us this way! And it is OK...Believe it or not, you do eventually work in. And it makes the times you do get together just that much sweeter. I will pray for you as you begin this new season in your life, and I KNOW He will see you through. Lots of love and a BIG hug, Debbie

  15. Thank you for the wonderful, peaceful walk in the garden with you ... it is absolutely fabulous, Becky. Look forward to the next invitation.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  16. Your backyard is so much more interesting than mine...

    Love your photos - such a blessing.

  17. Beautiful pretties in your yard Becky!!

    Isn't it amazing to just walk around outdoors and "see" things?
    He thought of everything and so much more.

  18. Love your yard, girl! The simple things in life just tend to be the best things most of the time.


  19. Lovely yard, Becky! You are surrounded by beauty!

    Our front yard is grass and shrubs and flower pots, but our back yard unfortunately now is all deck and pool! But it's the gathering place of family, friends, and fun, so I don't mind so much anymore!

    Have a great week!
    Love to you,


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