Monday, May 31, 2010

Making a Turn...

...turning my eyes, mind, and heart away
from things that are not profitable to
me or glorifying to my Lord.
(a 24/7 minute by minute choice)

This neat graphic was created by Lori over at

Lori hosts Word Filled Wednesdays and has
a beautiful heart for the Lord!!

Each time I visit her blog I am encouraged, inspired,
and challenged in my walk with the Lord!

Hope you'll stop by and visit her!

If we wouldn't do it, speak it, listen to it, watch it,
BUY it, (ouch!) or
engage in it with Jesus right next to us...


Love you gals!!


  1. Oh, Becky! What a wonderful graphic your friend made and a good word from you! That is so true. I know I do want to live pleasing to my Lord.
    Bless you, Dear One and Happy Memorial Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Our pastor had said the same thing some time ago and it really stuck in my heart!! Thanks for the reminder!! I'm wishing to visit your lovely state right now - we've had nothing but lots of rain and temps in the 40's for a looonnnggg time here in our lovely (but soggy) Pacific Northwest - I would love some warm Florida sunshine!!! Happy Memorial Day my friend!!!


  3. Wow. Sobering thoughts for me to ponder. I appreciate you bringing this to mind for us.

  4. Very thought-provoking post.
    Lovely. Thank you!
    Love to you,

  5. My DEAR Becky...

    What words of wisdom....WOULD we do it with Jesus by our side? A while ago my dear Mrs. Magpie sent me a note about having Jesus as my REALLY impacted me....not in the way I had before, but in a more intimate kind of way....she said like chatting with Him about what you would make for dinner and having Him riding along in the car with me....BIG STUFF! I loved it........and HER....Isn't she a sweetie?

    I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day....I just finished painting a little cabinet for my bedroom.....I just want to get to the fun stuff... !!!....and get things all set up. I'm soooo excited.

    Huge huggies dear one...


  6. That is a beatiful graphic. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  7. Beautiful , inspiring, not to mention challenging Becky.Much food for thought.
    I will visit Lori. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are wonderful words Becky and the graphic is beautiful. Thank you for encouraging and challenging us with your posts.

    Love to you this week.

  9. Hi Beck,
    what a beautiful and truthful post.
    That is such a good measuring rod
    to follow!! It is truly the lil foxes that spoil the vines and when we think we can compromise even on the small things it only bring trouble to our soul!!
    Thanks for such a God honoring post.
    Love ya, Nellie
    Will be praying for you I am sure today is gonna be a hard day for you. Give Sam my love and best wishes if she hasn't left already.


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