Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Far...So Good!!

Hi Sweeties!! 

Hope you are planning some fun stuff for
this upcoming holiday weekend!  We have some
things we need to do around here so our fun will be
mixed with some good, hard WORK!!


Thank you for your prayers for my tests!!
The shocky/pokey one on Monday showed


And I made it through the stress test yesterday!!
I meet with the cardiologist tomorrow!
I'll let you know what he says!!


Can I just share from my heart for a minute?

All of these medical things I have been dealing
with, including starting out my year with the
appendectomy, have made me MUCH more
aware of trials people are facing and
how that plays out in their lives.

I came across this quote and have made it my
quote of the year:

Be kinder than necessary because everyone
you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

We cannot expect those we know or have contact with
to handle things the way we think we would, or impose
expectations on them during times of difficulty. 

Everyone has different ways of coping with trials, and
just as most don't know all we're dealing with at any given
time, we don't know the same of them either!!

Soooo...with that in mind...I'm making it my goal to
expect less, be kinder, and do a better job of just
loving and interacting with everyone as Christ would.

May each of our lives
bear the fruit of kindness and love to all
we come in contact with...

Thanks for letting me you gals!


  1. So happy for your good news Becky! I totally agree with you--every one of us is fighting some kind of battle. Kindness costs us so little yet often means more than we will ever know to the person who receives it.

    Have a good weekend at both work and play!

  2. I rejoice with you in the result of your tests. Let that word of healing and grace sink deep into your spirit and take root there.

    Your challenge at the end of your post is just for me, today. I have copied the last 4 lines to place in a prominent place.

  3. So glad for your good news!! I am so very happy for you and am praying prayers of thanksgiving!!! What a good challenge - I sometimes don't think that others may be cranky or difficult for a reason - honestly I'm more likely thinking of how that person is hurting or irritating ME - how awful, really, to be stuck in my own bubble called self!! Thank you for that reminder. I so want to be a woman that reflect God ALL the time - even when it is difficult!!!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful - I am hoping to plant my veggie garden - it's been so very cold (only in the 40's here) and wet that it is getting late to plant - but I must dig - my hands NEED to get into the soil!!!

    Hugs and blessings!!!

  4. Hi Becky,
    What a great post and so very true.
    Course, I already know your good news, but am so thankful all has
    gone well.
    You are so right about people not knowing the extenuating circumstances of a situation we are going thru and we also don't know the extenuating circumstances of all they are going thru either!
    So I so agree with what you said.

    Kindness and Love don't cost us anything accept to give up our own selfishness!!

    Have a great day sweet friend,
    That is a good premise to adopt,
    I think I am gonna adopt that too!!
    Love ya, Nellie

  5. You must be sooooooooo happy to have those test behind you! And I just know that the cardiologist will have good news for you.
    Such an encouraging post my friend.
    Blessings always ~

  6. love you too, becky! i hope your weekend is great - not too much hard work - lol! find some time for something fun, also.

    i always enjoy reading your posts. they are uplifting and normally exactly what i need to hear. ♥

  7. Love the quote! May need to use it myself.

  8. You couldn't be any kinder if you tried! You are already the sweetest person ever!

    Speaking of which, thanks for helping to make Mr. Magpie's birthday such a happy one! :-)

    I'm so happy about your tests, and I know that other one is perfect, too.

    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Love you much...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Oh Becky, this is a beautiful post. first you haven't devastating news with all theses tests. Thanks to our Lord for keeping you in his protective arms. And the quote is awesome. We should take a lesson from your post today. I am adopting that quote too. It is something like this..."Hang your problems on the would keep yours and I would keep mine."

    Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend.

    Love you LOADS back, Jeanne

    PS: We are taking a course offered from Southwestern Junior college. That is where Bill teaches math part time. I think I will enjoy the challenge. Without the professor's help preferably. HA!

  10. Oh Becky I am just soo happy for you that you are receiving such good news! I can soo relate to what you are saying. As I have had to sit in MANY a waiting room this week with all my various apppointments etc., the Lord impressed upon my heart to look around at the others in the room waiting as well and focus and pray for what they were suffering and feeling. How it changed my prospective some and kept me from stessing over myself as much. Your right...EVERYBODY has their burdens. Not all physical of course, but burdens nonetheless visit us all. What wonderful words of wisdom and advice you give us, though I agree with Sheila, you are ALREADY just the nicest person ever! Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS, Debbie

  11. Hi sweetie, So glad the stress test went easily-I kept thinking of you yesterday but didn't have a chance to call. I'm praying for you today my friend. Becky, I think-actually know-that you are one of the kindest people I've ever known and I know it shows to everyone you come in contact with.
    Hugs, love and prayers.

  12. So glad the news is good!!!! And you're right about being kind to people. I've been so sick this week and am feeling so discouraged about it. I feel since hubby left it's been one thing after another attacking my body.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  13. I'm so glad to hear your good news!! This is such an insightful post, Becky, and something we need to hear often. It is so true that we have no idea what those around us are going through. Just a smile in the grocery store can lift someone up!
    Just a great post- thank you, sweet friend!:)
    Be careful this weekend and have fun!


  14. Hi Becky,
    I am so glad all your tests are giving good results so far. Hope everything went well today too. Thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. It is good news about your tests.Whatever direction your health takes you , God is with you all the way.

    Thankyou again for my daily blog smile .
    Your blog just beams happiness and contentment in the Lord.

  16. I'm so glad the tests came out normal and I am praying for all your health issues that the Lord will keep to safe and healthy:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend and don't work to hard:)

  17. Hi Dear Becky,
    I am so glad for the great reports you are getting, and I know the cardiologist report will be good news too. I was totally blessed by the girl talk, Becky you have such a heart for God and your desire to share with others really blesses and inspires me to reach for higher heights. I love your quote and all of the words of encouragement today.
    We have been gone this past week visiting family in Ga. but you have been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love,


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