Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flower Pot Frenzy!

Well, leave it to Martha!!!

I absolutely love this idea!
Who knew that painted pots could be so much fun,
AND so very eyecatching?? 
I have got to get some flowers out, and am so glad I checked
out Martha's site for some ideas!!  I will be painting some pots
FOR SURE!  I'll show you when I'm done!

I have never seen rocks used this way before think it
looks so cool!!  Don't you love the patina on these pots??
I aged two clay pots a couple of years ago just by rubbing
some potting soil on them, but you can even spread moss on
them to take it a step further.

I have seen lots of stacked pots...the possibilities are endless.
This one is lovely, but needs some FLOWER POWER!!

Serving lunch on just screams
al fresco to me!!

I know my herb plants very well, but really like the idea
of labeling them anyway!

Picket Fence pots!!  Very cute, but would love to see some
daisies in one of these babies!!  I like the shorter pot best!

Is there anything you can't paint with chalkboard paint??
I think not!  I am going to do this, too, and write things
like FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and of course
JOY on them!!  Maybe even some scripture.

This is a plastic pot that was given an aged patina with some
glaze I think.  So very pretty filled with these lovely impatiens.

Don't these look great?  This was done with masking tape
and some kind of spray protectant!!!  LOVE IT!!!

You can find out all the details on how to do these pots

I am going to gather up some pots, and head to the local nursery!!

Hope you have a lovely day, sweet friends!!
Please know how you bless my soul!!

Love Ya Bunches!!


  1. What wonderful ideas Becky! I really do need to win the lottery so that I can do everything I want in my backyard. The torture! :) I'm so going to have to do a few of these ideas this year!

    Hope all is well for you dear. You are in my thoughts always.


  2. Thinking I need to get some paint and glaze and do up the plastic pot that I have on my patio...cute ideas!!

    Have a super sunshiny day!!

  3. What GOOD ideas Becky. I LOVE the way it all looks with lots of different flowers and pots and all. I wish I loved the work involved getting it that way too, haha...Have a wonderful day my sweet friend. HUGS

  4. Hi Becky! Oh, I love these ideas too. I really need to go and dig in my tiny little back yard! You're helping to inspire me.
    I'll continue to pray Becky that there will be a solution to your ailments!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Becky, what a great post. I have been on the exact same quest lately just trying to figure out what to do in the backyard to fancy it up a little for Jim's retirement party. Thanks for the terrific ideas. Gotta love that Martha!

    Hope all is better for you. You're always on my mind!

    Love, Bon

  6. Hi Becky, Can I come play with you today? Let's walk, ride, swim,sun and plant-oh the fun we'd have. I sure would love your cheery personality around me-kwim! Hugs to you today.

  7. So you've got pots on the mind!
    Hope you get to the nursery and find all the lovely flowers you're dreaming of.
    How was your Mother's Day?
    Thinking about you with love,

  8. Love all the ideas!

    Well hello there!!!!! I'm soooooooo happy you are there! I have missed your sweet self! I pray all is well... I know one thing; you have a very brave daughter! Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. Fish and hushpuppies are one of our families favorites! yummy!!!!

    Thank you for the kind comments you leave on Life By always make my day.

    Keep smiling and shinin!


  9. Martha is so smart!:) I love terra cotta pots-- old looking or painted. And I love that idea of serving food in the trays- so cute!

    Well, my little seedlings didn't survive- yeah somebody forgot to water tham and/or they didn't get enough light- only 3 little plants are living out of two trays- so I'm starting over by golly!:)

    We are anxiously waiting for the sun to reappear this weekend! It's been gone almost all week--pretty dreary.

    Have a great weekend, Becky - and thanks for all the pretty pictures and ideas!


  10. What beautiful ideas! I love container gardening too. I did a stacked pot a few years ago and it was so pretty. Have a blessed day dear friend! Elena

  11. Great ideas! I love unique ways to make flower pots look good!

  12. Wow, can you imagine asking hubby to hang all those pots on the wall? I think mine would be patient for about an hour,then lose it! I love the thought of painting the pots! Cute ideas! Glad you're doing okay and have the doctor's appointments behind you. I shared your testimony with my girl's group last night and they were all very happy.

  13. Love those ideas! Thanks for sharing. Just love to play in the dirt. Can't wait until things slow down so that I can.

  14. Ok, seeing THIS post really makes me miss my gardens at my old home in Michigan! I do however, have a few pots here and there now, but it is sooo not the same.

    I'd love to tag along at the nursery...

  15. So nice to see you again Becky! Thanks for coming "over". I used to love to get creative with pots, paintings, etc. Even painted rocks for awhile.. endless opportunities in the garden this time of year, for expanding our horizons and learning new things! Don't know if you've ever visited our garden website, where my husband and I design and build iron garden structures, and I do garden sketches and have a little blog with recipes. I don't get at it as much as I'd like, but check it out.
    My husband is Marvin, so it works!

  16. Hey Becky! We're coming to Florida today :)
    I don't know if I am going to Disney. I may stay at the beach while everyone else goes over to Disney. I wanted to let you know. If I do come up there I'll call you. Or I'll call you either way and maybe we can figure something else out. I can't check blogs but I can check comments because it will get emailed to me. You can send me a message if you want. Or call me. Wish me luck! I hate flying :)

  17. I like all of the idea's. I just love terra cotta pots...decorated or natural.

    I love this website and thought you and your readers might enjoy it as well.

  18. Hi Becky,
    Loved all the ideas, but my favorite one is ucing chalkboard paint, I think I might just try this as I have lots of clay pots.
    I have been away and am trying to catchup, I have been praying for great news and i thank the Lord, that your MRI didn't show what they were expecting. You are in my thoughts and I will continue to pray.
    Much love Sue


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