Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Waiting...Yes I'm Waiting...Waaaa-aiting!

Well, my sweet friends, still waiting for those results!!
I'll talk to one of my Drs. tomorrow to see if they got
the report from the MRI people yet.

I'll let you know as soon as I know!
If there aren't any lesions in my neck, the MS thing
would probably be a stretch at best, unless this is the
initial onset of the disease.

Just a waitin' and a trustin' that God is tending to it all!
Pray along with me, won't you?



You all know by now that I love jumping in the car,
putting down the windows, and driving around
some of the more scenic spots in our area.

I just love this pic I snapped 10-12 days ago while on a
drive around Lake Monroe. 

My favorite time of day for my drives is
before 10:00 a.m. and after 4:00.
I enjoy seeing the sun dance on the water,
back lighting the trees, and making
the dew sparkle!  Add to that the chirping of birds,
or in the evenings the sounds
of crickets, and I am in one of my happy places!

What is one of your favorite happy places?



  1. Praying every day my sweet friend. Lifting you up to the Giver of Life and trusting Him along with you for good news.

    He is able.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  2. Beautiful picture!! Praying for you sweetie!!

    Jeremiah 29:11
    Hugs~ Tami

  3. Well it sounds like we are both learning more about waiting and trusting Him. I am holding you up in prayer everytime the Lord brings you to my mind (which is often sweet friend) I too LOVE to take drives (why doesn't that surprise me when we are soo obviously kindred spirits?) I just find them soo calming and love to view the wonder of His creationn which makes all seem right with the world. My favorite time of the day is 4 to 5 in the evening, though I do love the early morning too. I love to drive up Mr. Baldy (right by our house)...I can't even count how many times I have taken that drive (I know every curve by heart) and viewed all the flowers in bloom and the smell of the trees is heavy in the air. Mel & I used to take the drive ALL THE TIME and talk and talk and talk. We actually saw a bear once! Oh Becky, no matter what is in store for us one thing will never change. We are daughters of the King of King and sisters in Him and He holds us in the palm of His hands. Praying for good news tomorrow...and anxiously awaiting your report. Love you lots, Debbie

  4. Oh Becky...prayers every day...all day long. We all love you and are holding good thoughts. Please let us know as soon as you can. Hugs...lots of them

    Blessings for you now and always...Bonnie

  5. Thinking of you and praying for you sweet Becky!
    Keep looking UP

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted, you are on my mind so much lately, and I'm praying for good results.
    And you have a beautiful relationship with God, so natural to wrap yourself in trust then. Really an inspiration.

    And thanks for sharing that wonderful picture of God's beauty in this world! Perfection!

    Love and Prayers,

  7. Hi Becky,
    Praying and believing with you. Beautiful photo. My happy place is 75 degree weather, with no humidity, listening to the birds and soakin up some "SON-SHINE"!!!!

  8. Lovely photo Becky - just like you!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. Glad to hear from you this morning!! So sorry you have no news yet. Maybe today, and I am believing for good news my friend.
    A happy place for me is on my back porch when it is cool and breezy and their are birds or critters around. Fun and Relaxing!!
    Have a delightfully wonderful day my friend,
    Love ya, Nellie

  10. A happy day for me is a day with no plans! Praying for you sweet friend.

  11. You're continuing to be in my thoughts and prayers, Becky.


  12. Thinking about you Becky and praying for good news!

  13. Around here in dairy country, I love to get out our small city and get into the countryside- so peaceful and calming. I grew up in the country, so memories come flooding back with all the familiar things about farms and fields.:)

    Still praying and waiting with you friend.
    Hang in there- God knows all about it!:)


  14. Hugs to you too, Becky, as you wait for the test results!

  15. What a beautiful photo you took! Right now one of my happy places is the waterfowl refuge here in Fairbanks, very peaceful.

    You had asked if you could mention my blog in one of your blogs and that would be very sweet Becky.

    Hoping the news is good today!

  16. Keeping you in my prayers and praying nothingness! (that is to show up ; ) I love that shot and really like that area myself. We ate dinner at the place there on the lake one night as the sun went down! Loved it.
    You know I love nature, so anywhere in nature is my happy place...well, that and a nice porch with a cuppa tea!

  17. Know that you are lifted in prayer for good results, Becky.

    Your picture is breathtaking! I love these kinds of pics ... such beauty ..

    Have a blessed Mother's Day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  18. Hello dear Becky, I agree with all the comments listed above concerning prayers going up for you. The Lord is able to give grace and health when asked and He delights in you so!
    Sending you hyber-hugs today my friend. We are all so blessed by your love and friendship.

  19. P.S. Forgot to say I love your photos but they are always spectacular.

  20. special prayer for ALL my blogger friends who are in need right now! Waiting is the hardest part. OH...I actually found my MRI report by logging into my IHC and reading the MRI report myself last week when I had one, 3 days before the doctor actually called me! The reports are actually entered into a system within 24 hours by the technician that reads them! Well that's the way it is with my insurance...check into it! GOOD luck and God speed! hugs...

  21. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love the picture. Being outside is my most favorite place. I love sitting outside in my yard in the nice weather and watch Mary play. Being outside is so refreshing to my soul.

  22. Continuing to pray Becky. I am so thankful that God has granted you such peace! You are a fabulous testimony of faith my friend.

  23. Beautiful pictures. Praying that today will be filled with good news!!

  24. Lifting you up to our great Father above who knows all and sees all and takes care of us oh so carefully. One of my happy places is in my back yard sitting in the shade of my umbrella with the sweet company of my mom and all the kiddos splashing in the pool. They giggle and play while we talk and relax. And I get to go to my happy place today because mom is on her way here soon! Love you Aunt Becky!


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