Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Started Off Innocently...

... I just woke up and did the same thing
I do every weekday morning...
iron my dear hubby's work clothes!

Today, for some reason, I started
sneezing and sneezed 8x in a row. Hard sneezes.
I thought...

Surely I must be...

Yes! That's it!  

Well, not wanting to leave my friends out of this exciting news,
I came to the computer to find a photo of a lady ironing,
to accompany this astounding declaration and post it here.

Never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought
I would discover...

yes, this is real!!
My dear friends, we no longer are constrained to
boredom while ironing...

Fellow ironers, we can travel the world and iron in strange,
unusual and exotic places; banish the hum-drums of daily ironing


Don't believe me?  Don't Believe  that
we can infuse ironing with excitement 
and adventure???

Well scroll down, my friends and witness
for yourself...

Now she is my kinda gal!!

Wonder what ol' Bessie is thinkin'!!

Oh My!!

Extreme ironing actually has an official website!
Click on the gallery link in their sidebar 
to see more fun photos!!

Who thinks of this stuff anyway? 
I think I'd like to think like them for a
few days...sounds like fun!!

Well, I am off for my idea of extreme ironing!!
You know what I'd do, don't you???
Extreme Beach Ironing!!!
You guessed right!!

Love you bunches...
Really Do!!


  1. Becky!
    thanks for the first laugh of my day!
    Love you back..bunches!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  2. Ha! I'm thinking with the ocean breeze you would get a natural "mist" on your clothes for some great ironing!:) Before permanent press- when I was growing up mom had a sprinkler lid on a Coke bottle to sprinkle water on the clothes before ironing.

    I like ironing-- not in large bunches- I love seeing wrinkled mess become smooth and beautiful again! Growing up, I disliked washing dishes -by hand of course- and my mom disliked ironing- so I would "bargain" with her sometimes that I would do the ironing if she would do the dishes for me:)
    The ironing took longer (with a large family), but I still liked it...I would turn on the radio or tv and iron away!

    Hope you are at the beach today!;)


  3. That is just hilarious! Who would of thunk! Well you have inspired me as I have some ironing to do today (just in my spare bedroom though). I have it set up in there so Mary won't be tempted to touch the iron in her endeavors to help mommy! Have a great day and thanks for the laughs.

  4. Loved!! loved !!!loved!!! this post Becky, now why am I not surprised you would choose the beach ironer, lol. Well, honey I bet you can guess my favorite, Yep, Ole Bessie. Thanks for the smile today.
    Love ya!

  5. Can't tell you how I enjoyed this post! hahaha I have always LOVED to iron for some weird reason. I guess you can SEE something accomplished right away...I have turned a couple of my kids into fanatics though too, haha...oh well..Have a wonderful day. LOVE YOU...Deb

  6. Okay, who thinks of these things? I have never been that bored to think of taking a picture of myself ironing while at the beach or under water in a pool. But then again you would never, ever see me doing my ironing hanging from a wire over the Grand Canyon.

    Hysterical!!! Thanks for the laughs!!

    Did you get your license???

  7. Terrific post Becky? Who thinks of this stuff--too funny! I can't decide which is my favorite, they're all so good. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  8. Thank you so much for the belly laugh Becky! It never ceases to amaze me what you can find on the WWW...

    Have a great day,

  9. You have completely made me laugh this evening! My favorite has to be surfer woman!

    Um... "congratulations" on the ironing allergy. If there really were such a thing, I sure would love to have it. I'd take that excuse.

    I hate to iron. Don't ask me how I know this, but SOMETIMES, left handed blondes get tangled in ironing board cords.

  10. Oh! my gosh, never in my life have seen pics on ironing like this! What a creative way to introduce ironing! Well to think of it , I'm not sure I would even think about these crazy ways to iron!! Very fun post today!!:)

  11. You got me! Can you see me smiling!

    Delighted to meet you. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit. This looks likes a great place to slip off my shoes and dip my toes.


  12. This is hilarious! It would add some interest to an otherwise mundane activity! Very clever, post young lady!

    Love and hugs, B

  13. where did you find all those craaaazy pictures?? Me? I still vote for the dry cleaners...

  14. Oh, Becky! This is a hoot!!! Now I'm a bit worried about all that water and the plugged in irons! :)
    Thanks for popping in. Hope your sneezing has stopped.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Oh how nice it would be to iron at the beach! :o)

  16. I don't mind ironing too much to begin with but you have made it more fun now. Every time I take out the iron I will think of this. Actually, I think I have to hop over and check out this site. Thanks for the smiles (and laughs)!

  17. Hey Becky!
    Wish I had seen this before ironing today. I HATE to iron...but I love linen. (Something must be wrong with my brain!) Out of all those interesting photos, I can relate...and thoroughly enjoy "surfing the ironing board"...but I doubt the legs could support me.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  18. Dear Becky, This post was so funny and it lifted my soul!
    Glad I got to see it,


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