Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok...Can I Fuss... Just a Little?

Girls, you know me...

I'm a happy gal that views
the cup as half full!!

But the Department of Motor Vehicles
of the state of Florida has been tampering
with my typically joyful attitude!!

See this...


If you live in the state of Florida and need
to renew your driver's license, or just get one,
this is the amount of documentation that is now required!!
(ok...maybe a slight exaggeration!)

Which would have been fine with me.

Ya know...
  I'm just a God fearing, law abiding, patriotic,
person who would have been ok with that if I
had been told prior to my arrival at the
office that they ALSO had to have a copy of my


  In order to get my license this is what I have to produce:

Certified copy of Birth Certificate
Certified copy of Marriage Certificate
Social Security Card
2 pieces of mail addressed to me at the
address I say I live.


 What makes this a bit more
complicated is that I,  somehow,
between my Jan 6th appendectomy,
recovery, bunches of doctor and
lab appointments,and having not had to
visit the license office in several years,
 completely FORGOT about my renewal
notice, and my license expired! ACK!!!
Thankfully, a sharp little bank teller caught it!
Otherwise I would still be driving around

On top of that, we misplaced our marriage
certificate 20 years ago when we were in the
military, and I now have to snail mail
a request along with $3 for a copy to Alabama Probate!!

It's a very small I'd dearly love to move
back to...just hearing Jane's sweet southern accent
and kind, patient ways just made my heart ache for 
L.A.~~~Lower Alabama... I digress....

So here I sit...unable to go


 {probably until Monday}

{and did I mention...I had to wait
three days for an appointment?}

knowing full well that this is not
without it's purpose in my life...
(and a wee bit of frustration!!)


I'm  choosing  to



Thanks for listening!
Writing it helps for sure!

Love ya!!  Becky


  1. Whew! Oh my gosh.... I just got my little notice, in the mail, that my license needs to be renewed too... I'd better do some checking before I head down there to "take a number and sit for two hours".. :-) Gosh, that's a fun day.

    I didn't know you're from Alabama... No wonder you're sooo sweet. The Hubbs and I went to LA several years ago.. We were SO impressed by the people who are sooo very friendly. I could do without the hurricanes but it would be a wonderful place to live.

    Have a great day sweet chickie!


  2. Yes, the DMV is just a place that venting is almost a must, haha...Soo draining...Hope you get it all taken care of without too much frustration. Have a wonderful day my sweet Becky! Hugs, Debbie

  3. Oh wow!!! That is really goofy - seems like they could see that you've had a valid drivers license for some time - you must be okay?!!! Washington State must have very lax rules - I got my notice and just renewed over the internet!!! They didn't even require a new picture!! But - we do have a budget issue in WA so the govenor closed MANY DMV's and now we have to plan on a 4 hour wait to get our son his permit!!(A bit of a fuss on my part - they are still using tons of money to install art at the Waste Management sites - the dump!!! - Crazy!!!)

    Enjoy your time at home - maybe you'll come up with a new jewlery design - or a new bouquet for your front door!!! :0)!!

  4. WOW they have sent mine in the mail since 1997, lol Georgia peach loves it. But I bet Florida is doing this to comply with not giving illegal aliens license, I would assume. It never used to be so much trouble. Hugs Barbara

  5. Oh Becky, I can't believe they are now asking for marriage has gotten very complicated. I remember being in banking and having to jump through hoops when opening accounts.
    Love you oodles and praying the Lord blesses your flip-flops off!!
    Hugs, Nor

  6. it's getting a bit ridiculous isn't it? did they want to know what you eat for breakfast that morning as well :)

  7. A marriage license? You've got to be kidding me! This is unreal. I hope mine doesn't have to be renewed this year. Yikes!

    I didn't know you were from LA, and please don't move back there! We would miss you here! But I have to say that the last time I was in LA (Mobile, to be exact), I was so impressed by everyone's good manners. They were genuinely nice as in the way Southerners used to always be.


    Sheila :-)

  8. Oh, my, Becky! I'm frustrated just reading all that you have to do!
    I have lived in FL(love the beaches) before and it is a very transitional state. Just driving down the roads and having the street name change and you didn't even make a turn made it hard to locate businesses or shopping areas. Then throw the dmv and dhs in it...well, Becky, I completely understand {Hugs again}
    Glad you are choosing joy in the midst of this waiting.
    p.s.-- Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you :)

  9. Oh! my gosh that made me tired! Well mine comes up in Dec., but the office here in Texas, is not a pleasant one to visit either. there is this person that has been there forever and she is just so "mean"!! Everybody dreads dealing with her! and mind you I think you have to be "mean" to work there! and I haven't had to go in 10 yrs. I think! so thanks for the update, on the "stuff"! I will take it all just in case., and already preparing for that "mean one"! Lord please for give my attitude!(in advance)!

  10. You're kidding! I can't for the life of me figure out why they need a marriage certificate for a driver's license.

    I'm just floored!!

    I need to do some checking around here to see what Georgia requires.

    You poor thing!

  11. Wow wee what a hassel! I hope Oregon is not like that, but I will take you advice and find out what I have to do before I get there! Blessings to you dear sister as you wait at home:) Hugs, Elena

  12. Whoa- now that is serious paperwork! I've never heard of needing to supply your marriage license before. I'm so sorry you are not able to drive til then.

    Sounds like they are being ultra careful that you are who you say you are-- which when you think about it, is more careful than alot of states are now. And with fake IDs rampant now- somebody decieded to lay down the law.

    I know you Becky-:) You already have your FULL glass of lemonade and are enjoying something beautiful-:)

    Love your heart dear friend!


  13. oh, wow.. that is just crazy! we have a DMV office in our little bitty town, which is probably a little odd considering the population is about 2000. But we certainly don't have to wait very long and since everyone knows everyone.... it kinda cuts out some redtape.

    Hope you get your license renewed soon!

  14. Oh, wow! I'm glad I renewed mine before all that started! I do know where my marriage license is, but not some of the other stuff!

  15. You are such a breath of fresh air! LOVE your sweet spirit, and happy disposition.
    I always appreciate your kind words on my blog too.
    Enjoy your day sweetie.

  16. Now, that's just a lot of nonsense! Why in the world do they need your marriage certificate????

  17. I so feel your pain on this one! Things can be such a headache! It could be worse: when our house burned 7 yrs ago, we had to start from scratch with EVERYTHING. I couldn't get my DL without my birth cert; but I couldn't get my BC w/o a DL & my SS card, and I couldn't get that get the picture! Hoping you manage to get it all together! And thanks for stopping my my blog this week! :)


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