Thursday, December 25, 2008

Warning: Photo Heavy Christmas Decor...Finally!!!

So...Hubby got us a new computer, RIGHT!!?? Well, 3 yo granddaughter got to it today and started clicking away, and oops... no more internet!!! So here I am back on my crippled computer with access to my Christmas pics!! Always a silver lining!!

This is a little down time for me, since all the festivities were at our home. I will sleep in tomorrow, and maybe go shopping with my hubby for some new things for our home.
Hope your Christmas has been a joyful one. Ours was a bit chaotic, a little emotional, yet wonderful all at the same time!!

Well, here is my dining room table (minus the gator, LOL!!!) with a new color theme. I usually go red and green, but wanted a more subtle palette this year. Threw a few things together to surround my hurricane lamp from Southern Living Home, and the deer I got from Michael's this year.

I intentionally made it one-sided because most of it is taken away for our dinners. Next year, hopefully I won't get sick and will have a bit more time to work on it.

I fell in love with the deer as soon as I saw them, and bought them separately so I could get 40% off each one.

I got the votive holders at Target this year, and love how the light peeks through the areas without the leafing.
The magnolia is from Michael's also. I used them last year to decorate our church's Christmas tree and it looked so elegant.

My good friend, Jess, gave me this cute wall-hanging. She had bought one for her and one for her Mom, who went to be with the Lord this year. She gave me her Mom's. It's a family treasure now. Thanks, Jess. Love you!!

The stockings were hung by the gas fireplace with care...I got this stocking hanger from Kirklands last year and love it. I pack stockings so full that regular hangers just don't hold them!!

I usually have a wreath on a stand with birds over the fireplace, but gave the wreath away, and threw up the Santa and Frosty stuff real quick. Also pictured is the gingerbread house my daughter made to put in the fair, with a purchased gumdrop tree next to it. Needs some snow and lights, don't you think?

This is a hand print Christmas tree made by our 22 yo daughter when she was in kindergarten.
Still one of my favorite Christmas things!

This is a preschool picture ornament of her. Where has the time gone??

An ornament of our 27 yo daughter when she was in first grade. Priceless!
All the following are vintage ornaments/decor from my Mom. I have several of these intricately decorated egg-shells. They are beaded and glittered and are all different. This one amazes me because of the cut-outs around it.

This is a styrofoam star I decorated as a child. So fun that I can still enjoy it!! Below the star you can see my Mom's glass bead garland that she used since I was a toddler. You can certainly understand why my tree is so special to me!
My Mom was a master knitter. You should have seen those needles FLY!! She never even had to look at her hands!! A friend of hers gave her this ornament years and years ago; a little old lady happily knitting.

This was my favorite ornament as a child, and the only one that has survived through the years. These would be hung over the old large bulb lights and the heat from the lights would make the little cut aluminum disc in the middle turn around.

Funny thing. I use cool burning mini lights, but the disc has been spinning since I put it on the tree this year!! (I think it's the air from the AC vent, but it's still fun to see it spin without any heat!!

These are tiny Christmas mice that bring me so much joy!! I just love the expressions on their little faces!!

And last, but certainly not least, a happy little Santa Claus perched on the plant shelf over my front door. My Mom and her friends made these for church fundraisers and always sold out of them. They are made out of nothing more than toilet paper rolls, felt, and cotton balls!!! Mom used to have several perched around the house in the most unexpected places!! More warmth and joy!!

A very dark shot of our tree. Hopefully I can post a better one before the New Year. It's a 9 1/2 ft. real frasier fur, and is a delight to us all!!

Rejoicing in the birth of our Savior. What today is really all about.

Glad tidings to you and yours!
Today, give thanks, share your love, make some memories, forgive someone, lend a hand, smile, in other a blessing!!


  1. What great photos! I love your Christmas treasures. The tree looks so nostalgic and whimsical.
    May Christmas linger in our hearts all year!

  2. Thanks, Jess. Also celebrating another year of our joy-filled friendship!! :)

  3. What nice pictures! I love the handprint tree! Hope your Christmas was a good one!!

  4. Great photos! I hope the computer your granddaughter will be okay. Eek, you never know what kids will do. I love the handprint tree. That is a great idea. Love it. Also love the nativity scene. Just so serene and elegant and simple somehow. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. What beautiful Christmas decor! Your centerpiece is especially elegant and lovely.

    Yes, we got LOTS of snow this year. It was a white Christmas, for sure! Now I'm ready for it to 'go away' and 'come again another day'.

    :) LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

  6. I solved my bloggy issues! Yay! Boy I was getting frustrated with that. What a relief!

  7. Becky here is the address for the company that sales that particular bird art for me:

    Copy and paste the address into your search engine address bar. It is in the Paper Roses creatable. When you go through the preview of that product you will find it. And you are welcome to use it as you wish. Thanks for sharing this day with me. Keep joy in your heart and have a very Happy New Year! Debbie Crabtree


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