Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birdie turns 20!! And is PINK all over!!

In the midst of all of our illnesses was a birthday to be celebrated for our 3rd born!! (her 20th birthday) She only wanted money toward the purchase of a laptop, but we had to do something fun!! So... while she was at dinner with friends...sick as I was, I concocted the notion of a gift wrapped door and a balloon-filled room to welcome her and her friends when they came home to change!! Off to Dollar Tree we went!! Our oldest came over to pitch in with the inflation task, and 4 of us, in 1 1/2 hrs., blew up 220 balloons (PINK OF COURSE!) Now that's a lot of hot air, HUH??!!

"Mom, what did you do to my door?" "You wrapped my door?" (giggle, giggle, giggle...)
She opened the door to find the real surprise, and was "blown away"!!! Of course she loved it!! There are a lot more balloons than it looks like here!!!
Our 10 yo knew that her keyboard played songs and had it playing the Happy Birthday song in the background! Birdie (her nickname) and her friends loved it and commenced to do a photo shoot of their own. I hope to post a couple of those pics but may not be able to because the two middle girls are flying to Los Angeles today to attend a friend's funeral.
Please pray for them (and me!!) They are going with a group of friends, but ours have never been this far from home, and LA is a big place for these small town girls of ours!!
Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed day!!
Give the gift of your smile to someone who needs it today!!


  1. We use to do the same thing here for Christmas...wrap the kid's doors and put Christmas lights all around them, but sadly, they said no this year. But what a great idea for birthdays! My oldest will be 16 in 3 weeks. I think I'm going to do that to her room while she's at school. What a great idea, thanks!!

  2. Oh my! I LOVE this idea and may have to "borrow" it for my girls!


  3. What fun that was! I would not been able to blow up the balloons. Makes me gag when I try to do that. I definitely would need help for something like that.


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