Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Journey Back to Joy

This is a pretty little angel of "Faith, Hope & Love" with a pocketful of dreams, and was a gift from a special friend. Isn't she darling? I am a woman with a strong faith, boundless hope, and a heart full of love. I also have a pocketful of dreams, or more aptly put, "visions", of the woman God is shaping me into and His desires for my life. Four years ago both of my parents went to be with the Lord just a few short months apart. I had always been a joyful, fun-loving person, and experiencing this loss caused me sadness at a level that is totally indescribable. Since then, my journey back to joy has been a bit uphill, BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! This year He put a new song in my heart, has begun to restore my joy, and helped me to appreciate the goodness, beauty and joy in each day of life He blesses me with, no matter what the day holds.

I hope and pray that in this new day, which is a gift from God, you will bless those you love with a big hug, and tell them how much you love them...that you will embrace today, and everything in it, good, bad, easy, difficult as a day you don't get a chance to do over, and make it count for the Lord. Tell Him your dreams (He knows them anyway :) , your fears, your concerns, and don't let your circumstances steal the opportunity to experience all of His goodness and blessings. Remember, He is in all, through all, and over all.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!

P.S. Remember to sprinkle your JOY around!!


  1. Wishing you a happy month of Christmas plans! Thanks for visiting knitting kat, please come back again..who wishes she could get a little knitting going on. My little settee in the bedroom has its footstool layered with knitting patterns waiting for me...=) But I've been on a de-cluttering lady would be proud of me ;)!

  2. Yes, it's very hard to lose people we love, but even harder to go on sometimes. But we need to realize that God can comfort us and give us joy again! Just knowing He was born in order to die for us should fill our hearts with joy regardless of our situations. Great post, enjoy your day!!!

  3. Becky, I get the flylady emails. Another thing we have common.:-) You have a way of making me feel like a special friend. I want to thank you for that. You leave such cheery comments for me, that I have to smile. Your post reminds me that I am grateful to have my parents. Both are 78 now. I try to give them a hug everytime I see them which is usually once a week. Sometimes more. I was a good girl, I gave them both hugs before leaving their house on Sunday. Now your friend Maggie Ann needs to get me in the mood for decluttering. I need to do that and can't seem to get in gear for that part. Oh well. Except for the kitchen things still look pretty good from Thanksgiving. Thank you again so much for your visit. Hugs, Nea

  4. Beautiful post, Becky. I still have my parents with me but I'll remember your words every day. Thank you.
    And thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  5. This IS a Sunny Thought! AND I see you have a Flylady reminder-hhhmmmmm, think I need me one of these:)
    Love your blog!


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