Saturday, December 6, 2008

Serene Sunday

Hi girls! Wishing you a serene and joyful Sunday!!

Some of you who live in the more extreme climate zones may really appreciate this pic. This is what's blooming in my back yard here in sunny Florida. I know, I know...I am definitely spoiled!! I truly love walking outside and seeing what has happened while I was downing that delicious first cup of coffee!! This is a Hibiscus for those who may not know and this one is out of control. It is located in it's happy place and we can barely keep up with managing the growth. All we have had is a slight frost so far and the frosts seem to only make more abundant blooms next year!!

I have a thing for sunsets, and this is the sun setting over the house across the street from mine. Palm trees, lovely sunsets and sunrises, blue skies and the beach. It just doesn't get any better than that...or does it????

What do you like best about where you live?? Please share!!
Oh...I almost forgot to tell you... We're getting our Christmas tree today!!! I'll have some pics of our trip to Santa's Christmas Tree Forest on Monday!! It's such a fun place!! YAY!!!


  1. I have visited Florida several times to see my son. He and his family live in Ft. Myers. My daughter-in-love has a family blog and a doggie blog and others too. She is the one who got me started blogging.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your tree! Enjoy your day!


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