Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tweet Surprise!

Since I opened Junk to Joy for business, I have had the extreme
pleasure and encouragement of having several of my items featured in what Etsy calls “treasuries”.

Other sellers choose a theme and select items from different Etsy shops  that they like and feature them in their treasury.

Today these new little birdy tags got featured, and are available for


To view this “TWEET” treasury click here

Sophisticated Lady is the one who featured my item!
She makes beautiful jewelry!  Here is one of my faves that she designed:


The perfect colors for fall, huh?  Hope you’ll pay her shop a visit! 

Here are some other items I added today…IMG_3575



Hope your week is off to a great start!

Things here are hoppin for sure!!

Would you please join me in prayer for the Mom of a special blog friend?  She has experienced a health setback, and needs our prayers!  Thank you so much! 

May God richly bless you and all you put your hearts and hands to in His Name!!

Love ya!!



  1. Hello dear Becky, I love your previous post. I am going to be a nuisance to the devil. HA!

    Yes I have been gone for 4 days on a buying trip for my sister's antique business. We had fun but walked ourselves to exhaustion. Buying is a difficult task. I just went along for the ride.

    I am so happy things are happening for your Etsy. The tags are all so pretty. I also like your handmade items such as the pumpkins. They are so nice. It sounds like all is going well for you Becky. That makes me happy too.

    I will pray for your friends mother. Our mother's are so precious to us. I will always miss my mom.

    Keep up the good work.
    Love you bunches, Jeanne

  2. G'day Becky ~ What lovelies you create, congrats on your special feature.

    Prayers will be lifted for your friend & family.

    Wow! Will have to visit your friend ... her jewelry is gorgeous! I love amber colors.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Prayers going up right now for your friend's mom. May the Lord touch her and restore her to radiant good health.

    How exciting that your sweet little store has been featured in Etsy treasuries. Your items are all beautiful. I am totally in love with those vintage keys. LOVE the color!!!

    Hope all is well for you and yours. Love to the family from me, ok?


  4. I know they're not keys exactly, but I didn't know what else to call them. I didn't want to say vintage thingies.

  5. They are sweet little tags! I just love my note cards from your shop! They are beautiful and a joy to send to my friends!

  6. sounds like your shop is doing great! congrats! i'm so happy for you :)

  7. Love that your shop is doing well and of course your items would be selected! You do beautiful work!

    Praying for that mom. Seems so much sadness and sickness going around lately

    I like what you said on my blog about wearing our retainers. I've already told Olivia that if her teeth start shifting due to her not wearing her retainer, I am going to start making her reimburse us on the money we spent on her braces! But seriously, the payment plans these days are very affordable that I don't think anyone really should have to go through life with horrible teeth. I had braces as a teen and hated them, BUT I hated how my teeth were before and hated being teased by so many kids at awful and funny I looked with my teeth. Oh they teased me with the braces as well, but once they came off I was able to begin smiling for real! I thank my parents for sacrificing for my smile.

  8. Your tags are just lovely,and I saw so many adorable other little bird ideas on the Tweet treasury. I have a bird *thing* going on in my guest bath. I love bird things.

    I can and will lift your friend's mother in intercessory prayer. I am very deep in prayer for someone's mother right now too. I can pray with a daughter's heart!

  9. Congradulations on being included in the Treasury! Just visited you "shop" and added it as a favorite. Love your things!

  10. Good morning! Your creations are so very pretty, very nice work. Thank you so much for such wonderful words and prayers from you. Know too that prayers are being said for your friend's mom. That's what its all about isn't it, all coming together for each other. God bless.

  11. Hi Becky! I was just thinking about you yesterday, and poof...you come over for a visit!
    So glad to hear your shop is doing well. LOVE all of your tags...so sweet!

  12. I love your creative talent, Becky! All so beautiful! The tags are darling!
    I wish you all the best and I will pay your Esty shop a visit (I love Esty!).
    I read back here a little and I really enjoyed your boating stories and sweet memories, thanks so much for sharing them and for sharing your ever-positive attitude.
    I hope your health woes are far behind you. Mine are improving daily!
    Thanks for your visits and comments, your encouragement is always a pleasure!
    Love to you,

  13. Hi Becky,
    That is so fun you were featured! Your little birdy tags are so sweet.

  14. Hi Becky,
    I am so happy for you that your ETSY is doing so well!! its just wonderful..
    Your little birdie cards are really adorable.
    Have a sweet day,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  15. becky - you are just so talented and i pray that God blessed you richly!

  16. That is so cool about the Tweet! You do such beautiful work. I am so glad your Etsy shop is doing well. The Lord is so good!

  17. Blessings to your mom...beautiful items...blessings on your shop

  18. Your tags are beautiful! Praying for healing for your friend's mom.


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