Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sailing Takes Me Away


Our lives are but a series of moments.

Have any you would love to relive?

I sure do! 

You know, something that was so just basically good,

and makes you smile without even realizing you’re


Sailing as a child is one of mine.

I saw this first photo this morning and just got
whisked away by it…


…whisked back to the wonderful tropical balmy
weekends we enjoyed cruising around Miami’s
Biscayne Bay as a family.

My Dad’s interest in sailing began with this model-
a 14 ft. Scorpion …


We would take our boat and put in at Matheson
Hammock Park.  Since there were six of us kids, we’d
take turns swimming and sailing, and Mom would
have a nice lunch waiting for us.  These little boats
are great fun.  Wish I had some pics of those adventures!

{Sidenote:  Believe me when I say that we didn’t have much money.  My Mom and Dad were masters at stretching every dollar,
and that is why they were able to get these boats.  They never
wasted money or food, and only bought us what we needed.
We lived in a 1200 sq ft. , 3 bedroom home with my 4 brothers
in one room, and me and my sis in another.}

Back to my story…

Eventually, the sailing bug really bit Dad.
He wanted a bigger boat, so we graduated to this
model; a 25 ft. Coronado.


As you can see, this boat has a cabin…one that was big enough
for us all to sleep in!  And that we did.

Spending the night out on the bay was wonderful!  Can’t you
just imagine it?  My sis and I would lay on the bow and get a tan.  I wasn’t very interested in learning the how-to’s of it all, so I just enjoyed! Sis and the boys all learned.  Kinda wish I had, too!

And let me tell you… FOOD has never tasted better
than it did out on the bay-except maybe when me and Maddy go
camping with my sis and her hubby!!

After a while, Dad wanted to start participating in races.  He had done some crewing for a friend, and got hooked.  So he needed a racing boat…


And he got one.  This is like the last model boat he owned.
A Bristol  racing boat.  He did some racing, but most
of his sailing was still for pleasure once the kids started to grow
up and move.

I can almost smell the interior of the cabin, feel the salt spray on my face,  taste my Mom’s yummy egg salad sandwiches, giggle at the silly jokes my brothers would tell, see my Father’s sense of pride and joy as he commanded the helm,

and get lost…

…in those moments.

fun memories…

Good times with family.  Does it get any better?

Thanks for daydreamin’ with me!


  1. Love reading about your memories of sailing with your Dad. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with him. Gotta love it. Nothing better than a Dad who includes his children in on his passions. Awesome Becky.

    Hugs dear!

  2. Love those memories that take us back to fun, special times with our family! Blessings to you....

  3. Hi Becky..
    I too tend to lose my self in cherished memories of childhood..
    especially those shared with my my family..
    but then the phone will ring..
    or the siren of an emergency vehicle will jolt me back to reality..
    thanks for sharing yours..
    wish you lived closer!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  4. Morning Beck,
    What lovely memories. My dad had a boat too, not a sailboat, he used his for fishing, and outings.
    We used to go to a place called Christmas Island in KeyWest, and picnic and swim. At least they swam, it was too deep for me, as I didn't know how to swim yet!! But they were fun times!!
    There is something about the fall that seems to make me nostalgic too, don't know what it is,
    but just love love love this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories, it has jogged mine too!!
    Have a Sweet day,
    Love ya, Nellie

  5. What wonderful memories! What a wonderful place to live and experience what us desert lizards never do! While desert rock climbing and 4-wheeling are the sport to do here I just think boating is the ultimate. It just takes you away and takes your breath away! Especially the ocean! hugs and smiles..

  6. My sweet BECKY...

    Oh my goodness... What wonderful childhood memories. I agree..... sometimes the smells come back with the remembrances, don't they??

    Huggies to you dear chickie!


  7. Nothin better than going back down memory lane.
    The older I get the more I love to do that. I bet that was some fun ole times with the family.

  8. Hey Cutie,
    I never knew you grew up sailing!
    I have a funny story about learning to sail up in the Adirondacks in upper NY State. Will have to share it with you some time.
    Thanks for sharing such precious memories.

    Love you...((HUGS))

  9. I think I would have LOVED it. Believe it or not, I have never been sailing. I have ridden on all kinds of boats because I love being on the open water, but never a sailboat. I never even realized that until reading this.

    You make me really, really want to go.

  10. Wow, that was so neat. I loved sharing in your memory. I had a really good friend that learned to sail in the bay at San Diego. We had a lot of fun sailing adventures during that time. We had so much fun. One of Rich and I's first dates was sailing and we had so much fun sitting up on the bow and talking and getting to know each other:)

  11. Thankyou for sharing your memories with us Becky! Gosh it must have been a wonderful childhood. I think sailboats are so beautiful and would love to go sailing someday.

  12. oh you just took me away right along with you!!! Some of my best memories are going out on Danny's sail boat. How I love that Poppop and Dan could share that same love and they actually got quite a few sailing times together in too!!

  13. I have never been around boats of any kind...sounds fun. My Dad was a hunter! He bought me a gun!

    I hope you are enjoying your shop...here is mine

    I am still learning...your pumpkins are great...blessing and my your abundance over flow and set you debt free

  14. Oh wow Becky! I can so relate to your sailing memories! We had sailboats when I was growing up and I swear there is absolutely nothing better! Every few years my parents would upgrade but I did not care what size the boat was as long as I could still be Princess of the Bow! I learned the basics but not enough to sail on my own. Then one day when I was in my mid 20's they did the unthinkable - they went to the dark side... They traded sailboats for power boats. They did the same with the power boats as the sailboats. Started small and then every few years kept upgrading. I am still Princess of the Bow and although I love the speed of the powerboats, my true boating love is for sailing. I have so many wonderful memories of sailing with my family. I willingly gave up weekends with friends because I would rather go sailing! Of course, 9 out of 10 times my best friend went with us. We took day trips as well as long weekends. More often than not, family and friends would join us with their boats. You are so correct about the taste of food out on the boats – nothing better!

    Thanks for all the wonderful memories you brought back!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Becky, what wonderful memories!
    I can remember my parents taking us kids on boating trips on waterski boats. We all learned to waterski. Being out on a boat is so refreshing, especially smelling the sea breeze and the waves. I was always more relaxed. In fact, my parents have a picture of me when I was little asleep on one of the boat cushions, lol.

    Thank you for taking us sailing through memories!
    Hugs & blessings,

  16. Hi Becky! Oh, I love your story and what a wonderful time it must have been for you growing up on the water! I've never been around any kind of boats so I'm clueless, but it seems like it would be fun.
    Thank you for popping in to see me and I would love it if you could pop in 'in person'. We'd have a lovely chat and I just might bake some cookies! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Thanks, Becky, for stopping by the Simple Pleasures party. I look forward to seeing you next week.

  18. Hi Becky, I am actually writing this comment in Ohio. My sister is on a buying trip for her antique business and she wanted me to come and keep her company.

    You wonderful sailing story with your family is so nice to read. I am one of six kids too. You brought back memories about our family fun and trips to Biscayne Bay to go on our boat too. Not a sailboat but so much fun. We barely fit when we were all together. Smile. This is thr best post. I loved it.

    We have been driving all day and we pretty much are ready for bed. We will be up at 5:30 am to get to the big antique extravaganza. Fun in the Ohio sun. We hope!

    I hope you Etsy is going well.
    Love you, Jeanne

  19. My sweeet Becky.... Yep, that little handmade cup will be in a place of honor for.ever. I love that little guy SO much!

    I don't have an e-mail address for you.. I'm so excited to see your little handmade pumpkins! Oh yes, they're going to be so happy living at my house! :-)

    Could you zip that e-mail address to me so I can send my address??? That would just be so swell.

    Huge huggies!


  20. Oh my precious friend, I could almost smell the sea, I do love the sea and we always wanted to go sailing, one of those never got around to it things, we have been in big boats, and on cruise lines but never a sail boat, I would dearly love to sail away in the peacefulness of the ocean breeze, what a wonderful picture you painted here, and I love the sound of it, does your dad still sail? Hugs my sweet friend, it was a joy coming here today and visiting your memories, great ones for sure. Hugs and blessings, Barbara

  21. What sweet memories. Sounds like you had fabulous growing-up years. Thanks so much for sharing a few of your precious memories with us.

    Would you believe I have never been sailing!! Hubby was all about water skiing in the early years of our marriage, so we had a ski boat for many years. I get a huge kick out of that now, as he has become a fisherman...and those wild, loud skiiers are a nuisance to fishermen!!

    Daughter and I are planning on taking a cruise in January (monumental birthdays for both of us), so I'll be on a boat then.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and sharing your simple pleasure of scented hand soap. I love that too. I just got some "creamy pumpkin" from Bath & Body Works...smells good enough to eat!!! I also love scented candles (fruit, spice, and baked good scents).

    Hope all is well and that you're settling into your store.

    Say hello to hubby for me.


  22. Hi Becky!
    Finally, I'm getting around to my favorite bloggy friends...You brought back some wonderful memories. We had motor boats throughout my childhood. But Marty and I started sailing during our first year of marriage...we bought a boat BEFORE a house! We had a Victoria 18...with a fixed keel Boy, could that little boat take punishment! We could heel so far over that my hair would drag in the water...and we would not turn over!We're beginning to look again...it's time! You are so right...food always tastes better on the water...or maybe it's when you are having a lot of fun!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  23. What wonderful memories for you to re live and to share with all of your bloggy friends! When I read the title, I immediately thought of the song by that title and how relaxing the song is. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to experience the real thing.

    I've missed visiting with you!

    Hugs from Heidi!!

    ps I decided that I would listen to Sailing on my ipod since I have it on there ;-)

  24. I always like to travel down memory lane every now and then. It can so much fun. I really enjoy strolling down memory lane with you. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings to you!!!

  25. Hi becky, Hope all is well, I bet you are so busy creating wonderful treasures for your shop.
    I really enjoyed this memory of you sailing with your family.I have never gone sailing and have always wanted to. Maybe some day.

  26. I enjoyed reading about your sailing memories. We were right near a harbor on our trip to the beach and saw some wonderful sailboats there.

  27. Becky, it's always so nice to have precious memories and this certainly is for you. Thanks for sharing. I don't think braving the waters in a boat I could ever do but it sure looks exciting!

    Love and blessings!!


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