Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beach and BIG Waves!


A BIG thank you to all of you who promoted my giveaway and shop!

Nothing like a little help from your friends!  :o)

Having a shop has been a long time dream of mine, and I can hardly believe it has come true! 

Please check in often as I will be adding new items very regularly!


Last week, me and Maddy headed out for a brief trip to the beach!  Yes,I said brief.  We had to get back and do school, but we wanted to see the big waves that Hurricane Earl was creating for us!

They weren’t quite as big as I had hoped for, but they were still 8-10 feet!

The pics don’t really show you their size, but here they are:



You knew I had to get a bird in there, right? {smile}




Uh oh…this isn’t a big wave and oops…another little birdy!!  I just can’t resist snapping these little cuties!!


I think this man thought I was taking his pic!!  How funny!


You can see a good size wave along the back…oops and a precious little birdy!


The pier in the distance.  This is right by the boardwalk and the main beach
entrance for cars.  The gray pics were the ones taken almost facing the sun.
It was really a gorgeous morning!  And hardly anyone there!

The waves were making a rather loud…and might I say wonderful sound!
It was soooo hard to leave!  But we will go back on Thursday and STAY this time!

I can’t wait!!!!  I am just itching to have sand between my toes
and salt spray on my face! 

Oooohhh…LIFE IS GOOD! 

Hope you’re all having a great week!!
Love Ya Lots!

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  1. Just as your blog name says... you were having a holiday in the sun, even if it was brief! Lovely shots! Nice stopping by, Becky! I'm heading over to see your sweet etsy shop :)

  2. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing :)

  3. You're so blessed to live so close to the beach you enjoy!! I love your pictures, especially that man. I wonder if he was sucking in the stomach. Or maybe, we women just do that whenever we see a camera. Grin.

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous! I wanted to head down to the beach and see those big waves, but I'm working on a deadline and getting ready to move again. Thanks for sharing your pics though, I could hear those waves!

    Congrats on opening your Etsy store, that is so exciting. I love all of your pumpkins and I have an idea for you to consider. It's hard to find Fall decor to fit in with a coastal theme, so make a set with that uses that blue ticking fabric or other beachy fabric. You could even hang white starfish as the "leaves" to complete the look. I think it would be adorable. If you do, let me know and I'll promote it on my blog.

    Have a wonderful time at the beach! Btw, I'm moving back to Florida, the Jacksonville area this time, so the next time those waves are up, I'll be there for sure!

  5. Wow, that surf was rough!
    Next time call and see if I can join you...((HUGS))

  6. Good luck with the shop Becky! You've got some really cute things there. You will do great with it all. :)

    Sorry for not being a great bloggy friend lately. You know how things can sneak up on you and take time away from you. Especially when there is a little one who is making things difficult with lessons. Oh well, life goes on and sunny days are upon us. Have a great day at the beach Thursday!


  7. Hi sweetie, Just wanted you to know I did a post and link about you today-may our Lord richly and abundantly bless your socks off in this!!!!
    Love you.

  8. Hi! Becky, Just love these little gifts! hey, just wondering if one did not have a credit card, how can we order? I have a couple of things if not already sold that I would love to have. The bird w/song; and the count your blessings plaque. Love the beach pics! And May God Richly Bless your Shop!!

  9. Love the beautiful beach pictures. Those little birds have found there way in my pictures, too!
    I didn't get to see the beach or hear the wonderful sounds of the ocean this year
    {little sad face}, because life had us so busy.
    When you go back on Thurs. will you splash in the water and dig your toes in the sand for me and say "hi" to the cute little sandpipers & terns :)
    I posted about your Grand Opening, today! I am so excited for you (happy dance)! Praying God shower His blessings on you!
    Love & Hugs,

  10. Good Morning...What great pics...How wonderful you live close enough to pop over for quick visits like that. I have been soo busy these last few days that I haven't had time to check out the new shop. But I am going today. Sooo excited. May God soo richly bless your efforts. Love you, Debbie

  11. Wow! love the pics almost could hear the crashing wave sound. Will be praying blessings for the new shop.


  12. My son was just saying he wished we lived on the beach and your pictures make me agree! We are enjoying the rain that the storm brought in!
    Your shop looks great...I put it on my favorite!

  13. Hi there Becky!!
    Congrats on your new shop - I love all your cute items!! I just posted pictures of our trip to the beach on the other side of the continent!! WE LOVE the ocean and the sand between our toes too!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  14. It has been two years now since I've been to the beach...and that was the North Oregon coast...MUCH different from the Florida beaches I knew and loved for years. There is just something about the ocean that soothes and comforts me...yes, even those giant, roaring waves.

    Thanks for the photo trip to my beloved Atlantic.

    Much love, sweet friend,

  15. Congratulations on your new shop! I wish you much success.

    Your photos remind me that's it's been way too long since I've been out to the beach. Since I only live 30 minutes from the beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, that's just inexcusable!

  16. A couple of years ago I was visiting at Daytona Beach, sitting and watching the waves and the little sandpipers running back, it was wonderful. I could sit and watch the waves for hours.

  17. Love the pictures of the ocean! I love looking at the waves and the smell! Beautiful!

  18. I am so glad all is going well with your shop. So exciting! Those waves do look big. I loved all the shots of the birds. Have a wonderful day dear friend. Hugs, Elena

  19. Nothing as wonderful as sunshine, sand and BIG waves = )

  20. Becky, I missed your grand opening. Sighing big here. Last weekend was a lost weekend as far as blogging was concerned. My brother and SIL celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Tons of company converged on Franklin and filled our homes (my sister's and mine)with loved family. they gathered near and far for the special occasion. The party was about 60 miles from here in Waynesville, NC. My company left on Tuesday. Then the resting and the cleanup. Time on my computer just didn't happen.

    Congratulations on meeting your goals to open your shop. I love the name you chose. I will put your button on my side bar but I will have to wait for Beverly to help me. (my tech rep never lets me down) I am wishing you a huge success in this new endeavor. I am going to look as soon as I sign off today.

    Your ocean pics are awesome. Love the birds, I would do the same. Smile. Having grown up in So. Fl. I have seen oceans of waves and they never cease to thrill me. As long as I'm not in them. HA!

    I love you to pieces my dear friend.
    Jeanne xoxoxo

  21. Great pictures of the waves (and the bird - and the man, too!! ha ha ha). How fun that you got to go out and see such big waves and enjoy them with Maddy.
    I'm off to check out your giveaway AND your store.
    Patricia :o)

  22. My sweet Becky...

    Oh my.... Look at those waves! What an experience. I'm so glad the storm passed you by and you're safe and sound. :-)

    I'd better go check out the shoppin'.... :-)

    Huggies and lovies,

  23. Congratulations Becky on your new shop! So cool! I love those pretty shipping tags you embellished with your creativity. I'd enter your giveaway but I see I'm too late since there is not 24 hours left.

    Your photos look so heavenly! I too love little birdies and my post is all about my Sunshine Songbird.

    Again, way to go girl!
    Lee Ann

  24. Love you pictures -- I grew up on the gulf coast so this looks like home to me. Lovely post.

  25. Beautiful photos! I'm sure a beautiful time!

    Love and blessings!!!


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