Thursday, September 23, 2010

Delicious Autumn!!


Do you know what today is?

I can hardly believe that it’s true.

Today is…

the first day of Autumn!!!


OH, "Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns."
-   George Eliot

What does this season hold for you?

For me it is a sweet change…although the change

down here in Florida takes a little longer.


It means…

~~Cooler evenings

~~Invigorating morning walks

~~Warm, wonderful mugs of homemade soup

~~Weekends at the hunting camp

~~Beginning preparations for the holiday season

~~Decking my halls with rich earthy colors and decor
      {pumpkins and acorns of course!}

~~Being especially mindful of our abundant blessings

~~Creating  some seasonal items for Junk to Joy Shop

~~delightful harvest aroma hand soaps and candles

~~New precious memories made with family and special friends


Oh I just really LOVE this time of year even though the warm sand
and water of the beach I love isn’t quite as warm!!

There is just something about this season that turns our hearts
towards home and toward each other that truly blesses me.

May God be glorified in your heart and home through this
season of thanks-giving!

What is Autumn to you?

Love ya bunches!


  1. Turning the air conditioning off for a little while...
    Opening windows and doors filling my home with fresh crisp air.
    Watching the leaves turn orange and red...
    Helping the sweet little birds fatten up for winter...
    Chasing Gianna through the fallen leaves...
    Snuggling with my hubby at football games...
    Watching my beautiful daughter march with the band...
    Homecoming parade and game!
    Fall festivals..
    The only downside of Autumn doesn't last long enough. :)

  2. Hi! Becky, this was a delightful post! sure reflected some refreshment! and to get our minds ready for the Holiday Season! I can't believe it is alredy here! But every where you go it is surey reflecting the Holidays! but I so love them!! Have a great day!

  3. I'm glad it's finally here too! Now I just have to get my tail moving and get the decorations out. I'm so behind!

    Have a wonderful, glorious day Becky!!


  4. Hi Sweet Friend..
    Here in Colorado..
    Autumn means CLOSING the windows at night..
    Putting a blanket on the bed.
    sleeping in flannel jammies..
    watching the changing leaves outdoors..
    raking those falling leaves..
    cleaning up the falling apples from my neighbors tree before raking..
    So much indoor and outdoor readying to be done..
    and finally.. enjoying the outdoors..knowing soon the cold and the snow will come..
    and then I'll be hibernating indoors.. savoring my photos from those wonderful excursions out with my cameras.. quieter times to read..and reflect.. while planning my next trip home to Florida in January!!
    in the meantime..
    I'm headed outdoors..
    just too beautiful to stay inside..
    warm sandy hugs..

  5. most favorite birthday..OUR anniversay (39th this year)....Thanksgiving..colors that are hard to describe..but can be felt...and the crispness to the air...can the list ever stop???...and yes indeed...planning for Christmas...

  6. It's true, Autumn is a cozy up time!! For me - the smell of new crayons, A new start with routine, planting bulbs (or at least intending too :0)!!), fireplace fires, spicy candles and cinnamony desserts!! And last, my birthday - although since a nice man asked me if I was out with my GRANDKIDS earlier this week - I'm not so much looking forward to my Autumn birthday hahahaha. Happy Autumn Dear Becky - and thank you for you sweet note of encouragement the other day - I must admit I really needed it!!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. oh Becky! that pic is so beautiful! I do miss the autumn up North. The desert autumn is just not the same as in the mountains up North in Salt Lake City and Wasatch Front. We are still experiencing temps in the high 90's. It has been sooo hot here and no color changes at all. AHHH I would love a nice cool breeze and crisp morning. Soon I hope. Soon.

  8. Hi sweetie, Abundant life; shorter days with less sunshine, football and time spent quilting, reading, hot cider and tea, time in the mountains watching elk and changing colors.
    Heard you are going to meet a special new family friend(how come I didn't hear about it?)...such joy! Love you my friend. Hugs to you and yours.

  9. I love it too!!! And it was a little cooler this morning up at our house so I opened my kitchen window for just a bit. :) That to me is the best part: being able to open all the windows in my house and let the outdoors in!! Oh and I found a gorgeous fall quilt today at an amazing price and can't wait to crawl into it. Also a sweet friend of mine and I are getting together next week to make some of those sweet stuffed pumpkins like you sell. We did it last year too and LOVE them! Happy Fall sweet aunt of mine!!!

  10. Oh Becky it is my favorite time of year for sure. The cooler evenings and crisp mornings are such a welcome relief after the summer heat (though I have heard a heat wave is on the horizon for So. Cal.) shorter days, new beginnings, the colors, the smells, the holidays just around the corner with lots of family time, anything pumpkin...bread, pie, coffee, muffins etc., it all. I did FINALLY get my fall decs out today and get them all up. It's a good feeling and I enjoyed finding new places in my new house for all my old familiar things. I LOVE your shop btw. SUCH darling things. I will join you in prayer for your daughter's boyfriend, and other family issues... = )
    Remember, I am always here for you if you need an ear Becky..



  11. i love fall! i can't wait until that first crisp breath of air hits us in Louisiana. of course, we can have one day of fall and then several more of summer again...

  12. I love the beach during autumn. I can't wait for the leaves to change and the nights to get cooler, and to try new recipes!! Might have to wait a bit, though. I heard it was supposed to warm up to 104 this week!!!

  13. Becky, you hit the nail on the head. I think I *just* realized why I love fall so much. (Yes... I'm slow) It reminds me of home. Everything about it is home homey.

    And what a gorgeous picture!!!!

  14. I'll adopt YOUR list! So well said - I feel invigorated and refreshed just reading it!

    Oh, I'd HAVE to add "pumpkin"--ANYTHING pumpkin! And apple dumplings, too. Don't know why I can go 11 months w/o thinking about pumpkins and then ALL OF A SUDDEN......!

  15. Hi Sweet Becky~~~Fall here in Michigan means frost on the pumpkins, candles glowing, pies in the oven, turkey and stuffing, quilts on the beds, and a fire in the wood stove.
    As much as I love summer, Autumn is such a blessed time of year.
    Enjoy your day!

  16. Oh I love Autumn too! The weather is just best here. Warm, clear days and cool nights. All the garden flowers are just in full bloom and love the cooler weather. There are so many beautiful trees here that turn the most beautiful colors. It is a season of expectation and change for me and I love it!

  17. Hi Miss Becky,
    Loved your Autumn post, I love all those things too. Love all your new tags you have made, they are all so pretty. Hope you are doing well chickie.
    Have a super duper great weekend,
    Love ya, Nellie


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